Sunflowers-autumn-decorlast night Jeremy’s parents came over for dinner. it was so much fun and i took a few photos to share of the cute little centerpiece that i made. i love milk glass and sunflowers. 🙂 

IMG_3388and i’ve done a few projects over the past year for a cute local bridal magazine. Here’s the ring pillow i made this time…

Ring-pillow-elsieand here are the boutineers i made for the last issue…


just a fun little side project. i think i will make a ton of handmade stuff for my wedding someday. :))

tonight mr. larson and i are going on one more date and tomorrow i am driving him to Chicago to say goodbye for a month. i’ll post his tour dates soon so that hopefully some of you can catch a show! 

XOXO. elsie


  • The ring pillow is quite wonderful. 🙂

    Have fun on your tiny road trip! I can’t wait to take one.

  • thought at first you were announcing something with that ring picture! you two are so cute! smitten kittens!

  • Aw, the milk glass made me a little teary. My grandma collected milk glass, and I think my Dad sold it all in the estate sale when she passed away. I see milk glass and am instantly transported to her little house in a small town in Ohio. Thanks for the memory, and I think she’d love your centerpieces!

  • I LOVE MILK GLASS! but i never thought of it with sunflowers. great combination. <3

    p.s. i look forward to reading your blog EVERY SINGLE DAY. =D

  • Hi Elsie, my name’s Maris and I absolutely love your blog! I also love RedVelvetArt, and just adored two items today which I am really excited to receive! I share your love of fall but I live in Tempe, Arizona where it’s taking a while to cool off lately–I can’t wait for beautiful fall though! Thanks for the inspiration, <3 Maris

  • I look forward to seeing those handmade wedding things too. 😉

    Milk glass and sunflowers are a great combination. That gives me a wonderful idea for my own table.

  • love the wedding stuff! i cant even imagine what cute ideas you would come up with for your own wedding.

  • I am totally feeling you in the whole separation thing! My husband and I are looking at having to live apart for about a month while he starts a new job and I finish up my last semester of college. I guess the good news is that goodbyes only make it that much sweeter when you can spend time together again!


  • I adore Sunflowers. Unfortunately they hardly ever live for very long or at all where I live. Wrong climate! 🙁

    And i love your ring pillow. You are so talented!


  • Love the ring pillow. I will definitely check your site out more for things I want in the future.


  • Everything is so cute! My husband was on tour for TWO MONTHS last summer, ugh! It was too long! I hope the month goes by quickly for you!

  • Absence makes the heart grow fonder 🙂

    My boyfriend went all the way to Australia with work for six weeks. It was the longest six weeks of my life but thank God for Internet, right?

    Love Sofia

  • So this morning my cute husband comes to wake me up and he asks “what were you dreaming about last night?” I thought I had slept like a rock, but he said that I shook him awake and asked “Can you buy me some cute heart shaped sunglasses made of felt?” I have no recollection of what I dreamt, but I’m guessing it was cute! Lol! I do remember that before I went to bed I was thinking about the nerd glasses in your store and I’ve been working a lot lately making cute things out of felt! Lol! Just had to share that! haha!

  • Elsie, I love those!! 🙂 🙂

    *almost* makes me wish I could get re-married so you could help me decorate! (kidding) 🙂

    Miss you tons and tons!


  • So thinking that the ring pillow is just completely adorable!!!!

    Hmmmm … thinking of making stuff of your wedding some day? Is that a clue? Hmmmm :o)

  • Never thought about sunflowers in milk glass, SO pretty! I like to keep white gerbera daisies in mine 🙂

  • Oh my, adorable.
    Ha I was working on a school project and some girls were in a box of magazines we had and cut out a picture of some super cute boutineers. I didn’t think to ask where they were from, But the first thing I thought of is Elsie would love these.Then I saw you blog and they were totally yours!

    XOXO -Paris

  • while your boyfriend is away, i recommend listening to the iron & wine cover of ‘such great heights.’ such a perfect song for when you’re missing someone and i think you’d find the lyrics especially fitting.

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