Laura’s Favorite Makeup Picks

Laura's makeup favorites! (click through for links)Each morning I wake uuuuuup, before I put on my makeuuuuuup…anyone else picturing the dinner karaoke scene from My Best Friend’s Wedding? Love that part. Anyway, today I’m going to share with you a few of my favorite makeup products! There are a few that I have been using for years and others that are relatively new, but I think that’s a good sign that hopefully means I’m not stuck in the same routine and my face is so “2000 and late” if you get my drift. Ready for all the deets?

Laura's makeup favorites! (click through for links) First things first—foundation! I have a two pronged approach that I do with foundation depending on how much time I have. If I’m in a rush, I’ll dab this liquid concealer under my eyes and on my chin and blend in with my fingers. Once it’s dry, I use a large bronzer brush and do a few quick strokes of this bronzer (in Laguna) to contour and fight off looking ill in the winter. I’m not one of those lovely alabaster pale-skinned people… I just look like I have the flu.

If I’m doing photos or going out for the night, I’ll spend a little more time and use my bareMinerals foundation kit on top of the liquid concealer. It has a foundation shade and a bronzer, and it provides a lot more coverage to even out my skin tone without looking heavy or cakey.

Laura's makeup favorites! (click through for links) Mmmm kay. Let’s talk eyebrows. If you look at a photo of me that is taken before 2012, you’ll notice something very obvious about my face—I have no eyebrows. It’s not the tale of high school over plucking mistakes like some of my friends have, they are just so light in color (and rather patchy) that they just don’t make much of a statement. Once I realized that eyebrow pencils and fillers are not just for old ladies, I’ve been hooked ever since. In fact, If I could only do one thing to my face in the morning, it would be my brows because it really does make that big of a difference. I use the brown side of this double-sided brow pencil to outline the general brow shape, and then use an angled brush to fill in the shape with the lighter shade of this brow kit. The brow kit also has a brow wax you can put down first before the color to help it stay better, but the shadow seems to stay well enough on its own, so I skip that part.

Once I have the shape and color filled in, I take a clean mascara wand and comb through the brows in short strokes. I find that doing this helps the brows to look a little more natural and soft and less perfectly outlined. Once all that is done, I use the light beige side of the double-sided pencil and outline the bottom edge of the eyebrow. This really defines your eyebrow and highlights your brow bone. It’s amazing!!

Laura's makeup favorites! (click through for links) Eye know what we should talk about next! So, I have a few time-tested favorites here like my go-to pencil liner and liquid liner that I’ve used for years, but I’ve also started using this volumizing mascara recently, and I like it a lot. Since I have small hooded eyes, I’ve been doing a darker color just in the crease to make my eyes look more open, but I wanted to find a way to keep that dark shade in the crease and not have it spread out as the day progresses. I found out that what I needed was an eyeshadow primer before I used this darker loose pigment shade in the crease, and it works like a charm!

Laura's makeup favorites! (click through for links) Last but not least, it’s lipstick! I used to be a lip gloss only girl into my mid-twenties, but eventually I got tired of the goopy feeling (and my hair always blowing into my sticky lip gloss) and switched to lipstick. Not a gloss in sight these days! My favorite lipstick for any occasion, day or night, is this lipstick (in Pout). I saw the color in the store and thought that it looked exactly like the color that Audrey Hepburn applies in the back of the taxi at the end of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. You know, the part where she says, “A girl can’t read that sort of thing without her lipstick.” Thankfully I actually loved the shade and it’s always in my purse. I also have been getting into more mauve shades lately, and this lipstick (in Fly High) is a great everyday one too. If you are a girl that has to have a matching liner, then I would suggest trying a few colors at ColourPop. I like to use those when I do a brighter shade so I can line the lips as well to reduce color bleed.

Laura's makeup favorites! (click through for links) (From top to bottom: Smashbox Pout, ColourPop Heart On, ColourPop Pony, ColourPop Bossy, Colour Pop Scandy, bareMinerals Fly High). I guess all my lipsticks are in the “cool” family, huh? That explains why all those orangey shades look so terrible on me…

You may have noticed that there are a few more natural makeup choices in the mix (like the Mineral Fusion liquid concealer and mascara). I have been trying to get more and more products that I like that are free of a lot of the toxins added to most makeup, but it’s a slow process to find replacements that you really like for everything you use (and expensive to do it all at once!). So far I’ve switched out my skin cleaning routine and nail polish with better choices, but I’m still working on my makeup options. Let me know if you have a recommendation for any clean makeup items you like!

I actually don’t wear much makeup (if any) a lot of days, especially if I’m just working around the house, but I really do enjoy putting on some tunes and taking my time getting beautified when I have the option. Just don’t put on “Hotline Bling” when trying to apply liquid liner. You will dance. It will not be a straight line. Hope my list gave you some new favorites to try! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

  • Sod the makeup! those beautiful display trays are amazing :)) Can you list them for me?

  • It looks like it’s discontinued so I could’t link to it, bummer!


  • I couldn’t find the link to it so I think they stopped selling it, sorry!


  • Those pink lipstick shades are stunning! Im a big colourpop fan even tho we don’t get it in South Africa I find a Way to get my hands on some now and then.
    Xx Mel

  • Thanks for the info! What nail polish are you wearing in the last pic?

  • My mom loves using Bare Minerals! Also love the brushes!
    Abbie E.//

  • I love getting ready to music and do yes Must Hold Still when applying eye liner!!

  • This is such a great post! I’ve been trying to get better about how I apply makeup, so this gave me some fun ideas.



  • Those lips colors are beautiful! I use bare minerals every day-I like the natural look. Thanks for sharing, sharing make up is always a good thing!


  • These products look amazing, especially the eye shadows! And those swatches of the lip products are so so pretty! 😀

  • Hi! Great post! What Urban Decay eyeshadow is that? Is it your go-to all over eyelid color? Thanks!

  • All of these looks lovely. My question is where did you get those trays from?

  • All of these sounds great.My question is where did you get those trays from?? 🙂

  • The Smashbox lipstick looks so pretty!

    xo, Liz

  • I LOVE Ella + Mila nail polish! I, too, recently switched out all of my nail polishes for 5-free versions. I have both the Ella + Mila black (lights out) and white (pure love) and find them to be pretty awesome.
    Here’s the link:

  • I am a eyebrow filler convert! I love my e.l.f eyebrow kit which has a cream and a powder filler. I use both lightly and it makes such a big impact!

  • I’ve been using the products I mention in the last paragraph above and also these as my skin care routine:

    Laura 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing your routine! I love seeing what other ladies use. I might have to try your brand of concealer. Plus, those polka dot brushes are super cute!

    Lifestyle by Joules

  • I like mineral fusion because it dries really fast but they don’t have a black or white which I wear all the time so I’m looking for good options for those…

    Laura 🙂

  • I love the Laguna bronzer! It’s a classic!


  • I’ve been phasing out my toxic stuff too and I love Alima Pure for clean/cruelty free makeup! Their mascara is a little weak for my taste, but everything else is SO GOOD. Plus, they have great mineral foundation shades for those of us with hard to match skin tones (pale olive girls, it’s the best!)

  • I love Smashbox products. Their eyeshadow stays on all day!

  • Love the Audrey reference! The lipsticks are stunning x

    The Modern Audrey

  • Love the Audrey reference! The lipsticks are stunning

    The Modern Audrey

  • I appreciated the review of products, but this would have been a lot more helpful if we could see your actual face! I would have appreciated a picture of you with your on-the-go look and one with the fully made-up look. Also a before and after of your eyebrows would have been nice to be able to understand the difference those products make.

  • All of these sound great! I have also been trying to switch out my products for more natural options, but it has definitely been a chore. What nail polish have you found that you like? Thanks!

  • Definitely gonna try out the lipstick shades, they look wonderful! Thanks for sharing this!

  • I had to click on that link for the Audrey Hepburn shade of lipstick and save to my favorites in Sephora immediately! I’ve always wanted that shade, but browsing through lipstick colors kinda overwhelms me out (so many choices).

    Anyway I was super excited when I got to that part of this post. So thank you!

  • 100% Pure is a great all natural makeup/product company if you’re looking for new options!

  • I have hooded eyes as well and it really is a struggle to find eyeshadow that doesn’t crease, so a great eyeshadow primer is essential. But I agree that you only need some darker shade in the crease of your lid and some eyeliner and you’re good to go. Great post!

    Sweet Horizon

  • Oh ColourPop looks FUN! I am one of those people who buys lipstick and never wears it. I love it but I’m so timid to use it! I really like red and I feel like people will be like “Um excuse me who do you think you are with that color…” and then there’s all the reapplying…

  • All these products sound really lovely, I especially like the lipsticks, the shades are so pretty. Great post <3

    Valentina from

  • Could you share what natural face care products you use? I’ve also been trying to clean up the toxins in my skin care and make-up arsenal. It’s hard to find information online!

    I just started using Luminance face wash and have been using Arbonne moisturizer. I’m looking for a less expensive moisturizer right now, though. I’ve also been loving my Arbonne mineral foundation and find that it covers better than Bare Minerals and leaves me with a “glowing” complexion. It’s an investment up front but lasts a long time!

    Love my daily ABM reading – keep it up! Thanks!

  • I use the Bareminerals Matte Foundation and the NYX brow pencil for years now. I will try some of the other items too! Good picks!

  • I use the same brow kit from Ulta and had no idea the was supposed to go on FIRST. Whoops. Good tip 🙂

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