Laura’s Pink Star Bedroom (Before + After!)

This is such a happy day for me!! Usually, when moving into a new house, I choose to renovate the main bedroom first so that I have a place of clean tranquility in which to lay my head during the long process of whole house renovation.

This time around, that was more difficult, as the main bedroom needed some renovations that we couldn’t get to for many months (so hard to find good contractors with availability during covid). So our bedroom ended being one of the last spaces we completed in this house.

I’m excited to share some of the “quirks” of this room with you and show you how cozy this bedroom is now!

velvet bedframe with pillows and star wallpaper

I really wanted to make a space that felt happy and one that matched the rest of the color scheme of the house (you can see my home mood board here). My daughter’s room right next to us has a really cheery daisy painted wallpaper, so the goal was also to keep up with the good vibes that her room puts off as well.

before and after image of bedroom

We also did some repair to the vintage combed plywood ceiling tiles in the room (you can read more about them here) and the ceiling repair really helped to give the room a fresh face as well. You can also see that there was a super old school wooden valance built above the bed wall that had florescent lighting mounted up in there so you know Immediately …

Technically, there were three different wall materials that were meeting the ceiling and the crown molding they had up (which is necessary with those type of ceiling tiles) was pretty poorly installed. So we took all of that off and reinstalled new crown molding, which made such a big difference in helping it all look finished.

yellow velvet bed with covers pulled back

This is also the first time in over 10 years that I’ve had new bedroom furniture, if you can believe it. We bought our main bedroom pieces when we were engaged and used them up until moving to this house. We’ve been married 11 years now, so that’s a full decade of using and giving those pieces multiple makeovers, so it was really fun to pick out something new for this room.

Can we talk about how beautiful that velvet marigold bed frame is?? The velvet looks so lush and the color is such a happy pop of mustard yellow that it really sings in the room. The padded headboard is also great for hanging out in bed and reading or watching a show snuggled in with Lola on a Saturday morning.

I really love that pink alligator print above the bed as well. It’s so whimsical and quirky (similar arched throw pillows here).

yellow velvet bed with throw pillows and alligator print above it

I also love that our nightstands are nice and low next to our platform bed (really easy to reach things from bed) and I love the gold and white details that are classic with a mid-century nod. Those globe table lamps are one of my fave lamps ever. Such a fun ’70s vibe, for sure!

close up of throw blanket on bed with large tassels

I love these blankets with huge tassels (this one is cute too). So fun!

Also, can we talk closets for a minute? The previous closet was in desperate need of a full makeover, as the closet system it had installed was rickety and super annoying. And, it had a dropped acoustic paneled ceiling (yep, like in an office) with a light switch in the closet that was really hard to reach.

We put in a drywall ceiling, repaired a lot of plaster damage to the walls, added another interior light, moved the switch to the outside, and built a divided closet system that made the space not only work better for us overall, but makes it looks like a demo closet at a store (which I love!).

The old closet also had two giant sliding doors that were only attached at the top (no track on the bottom) so that they operated like two giant loose teeth when trying to use them. So I found two slabs at a salvage yard and had our contractor fit them to open like French doors instead. I painted them and added that circle design to make them more custom.

dresser with family photo above it

The nightstands are from the same collection as our dresser, which is so pretty and has that same gold and white upscale vibe. It’s also a great size in that it’s not too big for the room but gives us a lot of storage (so we don’t have to keep everything in our closet).

mirror with reflection of bedframe and hanging plant next to it

It was a little awkward trying to figure out the best place for a full length mirror in this room, but I realized that a larger floor mirror would fit perfectly in this corner, so I got this beauty, and I love how it looks in the space.

I added a gold hanging planter next to it to give the zone some greenery without taking up floor space.

Our friend Ryan took that photo of Todd and I in Palm Springs during our Babymoon almost five years ago and I just got around to printing it out (even though it’s been on my to-do list for years). Isn’t it so dreamy!?

I love that tall white vase, arch candle holder, and that wooden ball photo holder is a super easy DIY (similar brass tray here).

plant, standing globe lamp, and dresser

Another huge change for the room was removing the grey wood-look tile that was on the whole top floor and switching it out for white oak flooring instead.

Besides the upgrade in functionality with the new floor (the old one had a ton of problems because it wasn’t installed correctly), it also looks lighter, fresher, and just more luxe in general. It’s one of the best things we’ve done in the house overall.

The doors on the main floor also needed some help and a makeover, and I love the doorknobs that we chose for the space (a little more pricey but comes with a five-year finish warranty) and adding the arched trim to the doors really gives it a little of that Parisian vibe I’m always drawn to.

before and after versions of room

OK, can you spot the partial brick wall in the photo above? That area is the back of the firebox for the fireplace in the living room on the other side of the wall, but for some reason just a rectangular section of the wall is exposed (rather than a whole wall like you might see in a NY loft or something). Then that odd area had a makeshift frame around it like it was a piece of art or something??

There was also quite a gap between the wall and the frame so that the crumbling edges of the plaster and the brick mortar would just fall down onto any furniture underneath it. So you would constantly have a grey sandy dust all over the top of our dresser.

Again, I know that exposed brick is a “thing” in places, but this just felt really odd and like an accident rather on purpose—like someone wanted to take off all the plaster to have a partial brick wall but then got tired and stopped after a few hours.

And then they added a frame. Huh?? Anyway, we ended up having our contractor build a new wall on top of the textured plaster/brick area to make the wall look smooth and match the rest of the walls in the room, and it feels so much better to have that closed up.

brass light fixture in front of pink alligator print

For lighting, we added a classic brass sputnik chandelier and a vintage-inspired globe floor lamp to the room. I’m a bit of a nut for lighting and have to have everything on a dimmer which I think gives you the best light layering options to fit your mood.

view of hallway from the bedroom

Can you believe the “wallpaper” in here is just removable decals? I made a similar star print for the den in our last home and kind of missed it here at this house, so I changed the pattern a bit, rounded the edges to match with more of the arches, and cut it out in four different colors. It’s such a fun and happy vibe.

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I love that rounded brass shelf—it’s the perfect size for a little planter and cute print to add something special to that corner. And I love a fluffy wall hanging to add a little coziness to a wall as well.

plant in white ribbed planter
velvet bedframe with throw blanket and star wallpaper on walls

I brought that arched rug from our last home, and I love how it brightens the space, makes it feel extra cozy, and adds to the arch theme in the space as well (this is a thinner more budget-friendly option).

collage of different items in the room

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12

This is definitely one of the rooms that felt like it would never be finished, so I’m thrilled that it finally is!! It really is amazing to sit up in bed and face a finished room rather than a visual to-do list (when it’s clean anyway, haha) and I’m so glad to be on the other side of all the mess and work it took to get to this spot.

Hope it looks as happy as it feels to be in here! xo. Laura

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Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman.

  • Thanks for sharing such an original design! I love to see a room that obviously reflects it’s owner. You inspire me to be unapologetically myself and not be afraid to let that show in my house! ?? ?? ??

  • It’s so beautiful Laura! Whenever you post a makeover from your home I have to click for both your awesome style but also to see what quirky thing you had to fix from the previous owner LOL! What is with the framed exposed brick?! So weird!

  • Wow, looks great! Definitely shows your personal style throughout. That framed piece of brick wall was so bizarre! The ceiling turned out beautifully & I love the new wood floors! Congrats & enjoy relaxing in there!

  • Beautiful Laura! I love your style, pretty, cozy, and just colorful enough. Well done again.

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