Lavender Citrus Martini

Lavender Citrus Martini Recipe abeautifulmess.comI had to think of at least one more way to use the lavender simple syrup that I just made. This is my favorite martini I've ever made, so if you made the lavender syrup last week, I highly recommend this recipe! It's tart, sweet and lightly floral.  

Lavender Citrus Martini Recipe   Lavender Citrus Martini, serves one 

1 Lemon 
1 Orange
Lavender Simple Syrup (recipe here

In a shaker, combine 2 ounces Gin, 2 ounces St-Germain, 1 ounce simple syrup and the juice of one lemon and one orange. Rim a glass with lavender simple syrup and sugar. Use the peel of an orange for a curly garnish. Shake, pour and serve.

Lavender Citrus Martini Recipe    Lavender Citrus Martini Recipe     Lavender Citrus Martini Recipe Cheers! Elsie 

  • Hi Nadia,
    I’ve never had that problem. Sorry I can’t help with that one.
    xoxo- elsie

  • Hi!
    Just wondering if you ever have problems with your cocktail shaker not opening. I have a metal one that gets stuck after I shake it and looking on the web I found that a lot of people have that problem


  • I always want to try to make cocktails but I always end up just having simple g&ts!

  • I made the syrup and love it with espresso & almond milk 😉 but now I have a wonderful cocktail to make tonight! Thanks for the recipe 🙂

  • Beautiful photos! This sounds absolutely wonderful!

    xo, Juliette Laura

  • This looks like an amazing cocktail. I can’t wait to put together a bar in my place and try this drink out!

  • Yum! That sounds amazing. Going to have to try that while it’s still moderately summery outside. 🙂

  • A gin martini is definitely my favorite! Thanks for a great way to start the weekend. I’ll need it. It will be hot here in Los Angeles.

  • I’m always amazed at how you guys come up with refreshing ideas to feature

  • I love these lavender recipes! So refreshing. And great pictures!

  • I’ll definitely be trying! I want to become more of an adult and slowly collect liquors. I’m bookmarking all of these mixed drinks for when that time comes!

  • I love it when mixed with something stronger (like Gin or Whiskey) but if you like sweeter drinks a lot of people enjoy it with Champagne.
    Enjoy!!! elsie

  • Love these lavender recipes! So refreshing! And I love your recipe pictures!

  • I cant wait to finish work and start my happy hour!! Love this recipe thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Ok, that St-Germain alcohol sounds like a miracle liquid. You’ve finally convinced me to go out and buy some today. 🙂 – Leith

  • It makes me want to have one right now. It’s Friday night already here in Ireland 🙂

  • It makes me want to have one right now. It’s Friday night already in Ireland 😉

  • I’m not the biggest fan of lavender, but I love citrus and martinis, so I may have to try this. Well, it would be a vodka version 🙂

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