Lavender Iced Coffee

Lavender Iced Coffee RecipeLavender simple syrup is one of my favorite syrups to make. It's delicious in coffee and cocktails alike (hello, Lavender Basil Mojito… omg) Emma and I had our first lavender latte at Milk And Honey in LA last year and more recently our favorite ice cream shop, Elle's, has started making them. The lavender latte is definitely the "cool girl" at school this year. So, of course, we had to learn to make it at home! 

This is one of those recipes that took a long time (and a lot of failed attempts), because it's very important to get the perfect proportions for floral flavors. You don't want it to taste like perfume, and at the same time you want to be able to taste the lavender. After many tries, this is my favorite recipe for lavender simple syrup:Lavender Iced Coffee Recipe Lavender Simple Syrup, makes one jar

1/2 teaspoon dried (or fresh) lavender buds (Literally just a pinch! It takes less than you think) 
2 cups sugar
1 cup water 

Combine the water, sugar and lavender buds in a small pot on the stove top. Simmer on medium heat for about 10 minutes, or until the sugar has completely dissolved. Use a fine mesh strainer to remove the buds from the syrup.

This recipe is slightly thicker and more concentrated than the regular 1 part sugar/1 part water method. I like it better. You can keep this syrup at room temperature in a sealed jar or container for several weeks. Use it to sweeten coffee, lemonade homemade sodas and cocktails. 🙂Lavender Iced Coffee Recipe  To make a cold brew iced coffee put your coffee grounds in the french press with water (1 tablespoon coffee per 1 cup water). Let the grounds sit in the water at room temperature or in the fridge for 10 hours (overnight is cool) and do not press it until the very end. It's that easy! 

Color brewed coffee is naturally sweeter, but also very strong. We like to add cream and, of course, a little bit of homemade simple syrup. 

Oh, and coffee ice cubes are always a plus!Lavender Iced Coffee Recipe    Lavender Iced Coffee Recipe    Hope you enjoy this delicious little lavender treat! I will warn you that homemade simple syrups are a total game changer. Once you start making them you will never buy them at the store again—mostly because it's so easy and fun to make more unique flavors! xo. Elsie 

  • Hey,

    Thank you for coffee recipe, I really really like the way you explained it, Me and my family this coffee so i’m going to try this one in upcoming weekend where we set together once in a week so this will be amazing can you please tell me if i use persian saffron in it ? Because i have purchased saffron in good saffron price that is why thinking to make a twist in it, this will be perfect or not give me some suggestion


  • Hello Elsie! I wanted to let you know that I’ve linked to this wonderful post in my monthly round-up of the best things I’ve found on the web. You can view the post here: I hope you have a lovely day!

  • We love the passion for cold brew coffee here…love seeing the coffee iced cubes. Have you considered skipping the simply syrup and putting the lavender directly into the cold brew instead? Recommended for drinkers who love a bit of flavor but aren’t big on the sweet stuff.

    – Cold Brewed Co.

  • This sounds SO tasty! I just quit drinking coffee, but I’ll have to give this recipe a go!

  • What a fantastic idea, I wonder what it would be like with my Provencal Lavender Honey? Its so great, many thanks Celia

  • Oh, I need to make this syrup! It looks so easy, and I’d LOVE to have a little lavender sweetener to add to things!

  • i’ve got a lavender plant in my new herb garden. I can’t wait until it flowers and I can make delicious things like this 🙂 great ideas girls!!!

  • Iced coffee a good option to hangout to beat the chilling heat of summers.

    Finn Felton

    Kopi Luwak

  • love the idea for coffee ice cubes! brilliant!


  • Iced coffee is slightly different here in Chile. You guys might want to try it out before it’s too cold over there.

    It goes like this: take a big glass and pour coffee in it (powdered or made in a pot), add sugar and milk up to about 3/4 of the glass. THEN add a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream. Let it float and melt and be delicious in the milk. Top it all with chantilly cream if you want (I personally leave this one out because creams makes my tummy hurt but ohmygod it is delicious). 😀

  • how interesting! we have dried a bunch of lavender from our CSA this year and my fiance is addicted to the smell of lavender and coffee… i just might blow his mind when i try this recipe and surprise him with this coffee. ha!!

  • This recipe sounds delicious and I can’t wait to try it! Do you have a recipe for a pumpkin spice latte? Or a pumpkin spice syrup?

  • Looks Yummy, I’m going to give it a try. I just had one in a coffee shop where they made their own lavender simple syrup. Please look for culinary lavender when using lavender in recipes, it will make a world of difference in the flavor. If you use an English variety, also known as Angustifolia, you’ll be much happier with the flavor.

  • I love experimenting with ways to spice up my coffee. Thank you for this wonderful recipe.

  • milk+honey is one of my favorite coffee shops! i used to go to school really close so i would spend hours there everyday! their lavender green tea latte is pretty amazing too

  • Mm this sounds really amazing! I’m going to go and pick some lavender from the garden now so I can make my own!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  • A match made in coffee heaven for me! Yum! Can’t wait to test this out! 😀

    Lulu xx

  • want! It’s so hard to find Lavender in Puerto Rico! The plants exist, but they don’t come by cheap, I’ve tried seeding with no success. I did some awesome lavender shortbread cookies in Condado.

  • This sounds absolutely delicious. I bet that syrup would be delicious in teas too! I’ve never tried Lavender Flavored anything. I actually didn’t know you could eat Lavender things until recently.


  • i have tried all sorts of teas but never a lavender coffee. it definitely sounds intriguing and is worthy of a try.

  • What an interesting addition to a latte. This sounds amazing! I hope this starts cropping up at coffee shops around Winnipeg soon.

  • I have been WAITING for this. I’ve been attempting this over and over again so now I’m gonna have to attempt it once more with these new instructions. Thank you!

  • yum! i have been loving this combo lately. i made lavender simple syrup back in july for this lavender vodka lemonade recipe:

    i started using it in tea and coffee and couldn’t stop!

  • I’ve always thought that lavender is meant to make the lingerie drawer or the body lotion smell good, never as a flavour in food – let alone coffe. Lavender ice cream + lavender ice coffee? Must try it out! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    PS. I took your blogdesign course and I loved it! I had some technical issues that Elise Cripe was kind enough to help me out with. The course opened up a brand new world for me. Please keep the courses coming!!

  • Okay I’m not a coffee person, but this looks too amazing not to try. Hello Saturday morning recipe!


  • This sounds so good. Going to try it this weekend!

  • LOVE this idea – especially since I have a lot of lavender lying around my place for some reason. Trying this ASAP.

  • Just a note: your proportions will be different if you use fresh vs. dried lavender buds. I much prefer the flavor of fresh but you have to use sparingly because it gets an astringent taste quite easily.

  • I love food and drinks with lavender. Even sparkling water with the syrup sounds delicious <3

    Visit my shop:

  • A local shop in Portland makes the most divine lavender lattes. Definitely would love to try making my own lavender syrup.

  • I’ve always wanted to try this after I started seeing things like lavender hot chocolate. Thanks for the beautiful recipe <3!

  • Love lavender lattes! And lavender frosting! And lavender! Where do you get your lavender? I looked on Amazon, and there are a million options. If you have a recommendation, I’d love to hear it. PS. Blackberry lattes are also to die for!

  • Wow this sounds and looks amazing!!

  • Oh my! What a great recipe! This sounds {and looks} so refreshing! Cannot wait to try! Love me some coffee. 🙂

  • Looks deliiiicious! I’m drinking coffee already right as I’m typing this, and I’m STILL salivating a little bit!

  • I’ll definitely have to try this! I just had a coconut lavender latte a few days ago, and it was killer… Here’s to making things at home! =)

  • I love iced coffee!!! 🙂
    But I never drank lavender iced coffee… 😉

  • I have a lavender plant that’s about to start earning its keep. Thanks for the idea

  • This looks amazing! I love trying new coffee drinks out at home. I always use a french press, but I’ve never tried it for cold brewing before – I definitely will now!

    xo, Michelle

  • This is a great idea. I must try this. I’m sure this works with other dried flowers too? I also like a dash of rose water in my tea (learned this from Istanbul). The coffee ice cubes are genius! I love that it won’t dilute the flavor as it melts. Great tip!

  • I LOVE lavender syrup- and anything that tastes like lavender or flowers in general. I am a fan of making straight up lavender tea (4 tbsp dried culinary lavender and 2 cups water) and then using it with lemonade or whiskey drinks. I don’t know why I never thought of adding it to coffee… delicious worlds collide!!!!

  • I made lavender simple syrup last year and fell in love with it, but I never actually found that many uses for it, this sounds perfect!

  • This looks amazing! I cannot wait to give this a try. I am obsessed with ice coffee and the fact that it has lavander make it even more perfect. Thanks!

  • how simple and classy! i’ve never tried lavender simple syrup in anything — sounds really special!

  • Total yumminess!!! Can’t wait to try this one when I get back from the ole honeymoon!!!!

    You guys are awesome as usual!!!


  • I love lavender. I made a honey lavender chicken from Rachel Khoo’s cook book and is was divine. My family loved it. Makes me want to explore lavender in other things. Must try this.

  • I’ll have to give this a try. I haven’t had any lavender flavored drinks, so I must admit I’m a bit nervous!

  • Oh god Lavender Basil Mojito sounds AMAZING!!

    Danielle xx

  • Ooh that sounds really tasty! Definitely going to have to give that a try. I bet that lavender simple syrup would taste good in some cocktails too 🙂

  • This sounds so gooood! I’ve recently taken to iced coffee..still can’t get on board with the hot stuff….but this lavender sounds delightful!

  • This looks lovely! I can’t wait to try making chilled coffee with my French press. Thanks for the wonderful ideas!

  • I have been waiting for you ladies to post this recipe!! A little bummed about the 2 cups of sugar (I can’t have much) but still really excited to play around with the recipe. Mmm!

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