Let’s Get Organized Wishlist + Tips

Organization round upWhile I am still eagerly waiting for spring, I find myself looking to tackle as many indoor activities as I can. This has led me to a massive cleaning, purging, and organizing season, and I am loving it! In case the organizing bug has bitten you as well, I thought it could be fun to share an organizing wish list as well as some of the top organizational posts we’ve shared in the past—for some extra inspiration to get those drawers, counters, cabinets, etc. in order!

1. I own a couple of these file cabinets that I use daily in my home office—makes tax season and finding documents a breeze.

2. Don’t let your necklaces or other jewelry get all tangled again—add a pop of color AND keep them separated.

3. Say goodbye to that insanely packed junk drawer (we all have this right, it’s not just me?), and get all the drawers in your house in order!

4. Got a lot of delicate sweaters you can’t hang, or just too many items with no more space? Try one of these guys in your closet.

5. This might be TMI, but I am dying to buy one of these for my underwear and sock drawer so I can finally find things!

6. Ditch your mismatched, ugly hangers for something durable and pretty that doesn’t take up too much space.

7. I bought one of these originally to organize my makeup, but I ended up using it to organize papers, pens, and envelopes on my office desk.

8. Got too many hair and showering products? Nah, that’s not a thing. You just need a pretty place to hang them.

9. I am just itching to get a better looking hamper for our dry cleaning items! This one totally caught my eye.

10. Pretty office supplies make working that much more fun, right?

And here are five of my favorite organizational posts from over the years:

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Happy organizing to you! xo. Emma

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