Let’s Make A Textured Vase

Textured Vase DIYI’m a big time fan of Jonathan Adler, especially for his incredible pottery. In the future I hope to own some of his beautiful pieces. Lately, I couldn’t get these vases out of my mind. I thought it would be fun to make some vases inspired by his design. So I made one and then I got addicted! The whole time I just kept saying, “Oh my gosh, this is SO fun!” I love it when that happens.

Textured vase steps1. All you need to get started is a plain vase, some white spray paint, some very fine sand paper, a sheet of self adhesive foam and some scissors. 2. Cut small geometric pieces of foam to create your design. Lightly sand your vase and wipe it clean. 3. Adhere the foam shapes to the vase. 4. Use several coats of spray paint, allowing dry time between each coat, until the vase is completely white. Optional: use a coat of triple thick glaze on top to give your vase a glossy finish.Textured Vase Project- so easy + cute!I had so much fun making this quirky vase set! Next I’m thinking of trying a set of planters with a geometric pattern instead of a face. This technique is so easy, but the possibilities are endless!

Textured Vase DIY : A Beautiful MessTextured Vase DIY : A Beautiful MessTextured Vase DIY : A Beautiful Messxo. Elsie

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