Leather stamped tags

Let's make leather stamped tagsI recently picked up a leather stamping kit and I'm pretty pumped about the possibilities! Wallets, purses, journals, bracelets—I want to stamp everything (!!!).

So, it's a set of metal stamps with a metal setter tool that you use to hammer each stamp into the leather to leave a permanent impression. Basically, it's just short of magic (really, really loud magic!).SuppliesSupplies:
-leather stamping kit (letter stamps, setter, hammer)
-leather or faux leather
Crop-A-Dile tool (or any heavy duty hole punch)
-scissors (and/or an X-Acto/ruler depending on how thick your leather is)
-twine Stamped leather tags stepsTo make a stamped leather tag: 

Step One: Measure and trim rectangles of leather. I made mine all different sizes!

Step Two: Trim two corners off the top of the leather to create a tag shape.

Step Three: Punch a hole in the top of the leather, creating a tag! I like the Crop-A-Dile tool because it can punch though almost anything (plastic, metal, leather, or a small stack of paper!).

Step Four: Use your stamps, setter, and hammer to stamp phrases on each tag! 

Tips for stamping leather: Test how many hammer strikes you need to make a good impression on a scratch piece before you begin. I find that stiff leather only needs about 10 strikes per stamp, while softer leather needs about 20. This is loud, so put on some headphones and listen to your favorite song so you can tune it out! 🙂

Tips for sourcing leather (and faux leather): I like to collect lots of small pieces of colorful leather. The sources that I stalk include our local leather store (they have a remnants' bin and will also sometimes cut me smaller pieces), our local Michael's and Hobby Lobby (they sell small pieces and some leather stamping tools—this alphabet set actually came from HL), and thrifted finds (look for damaged pieces that you can salvage leather from). Add StringStep Five: Add a piece of twine to each tag. You can make a bunch to use on your own gifts or a set to gift to a friend. 

If you make a To: + From: tag like I've done here, use a fine Sharpie or a set of rubber stamps with permanent ink to add the names! It's a fun way to mix it up! Let's make leather stamped tags Let's make leather stamped tags Let's make leather stamped tags Have fun stamping! I'll definitely share more projects with this tool in the future. xo! Elsie 

Credits// Author: Elsie Larson, Photography: Sarah Rhodes. Photos edited with Lila from The Fresh Collection.

  • I love this idea and I’m officially convinced that I should get a stamping set!

    Erin, beingerin.com

  • Very cute! I love all the possibilities that this project holds! I can just picture my Christmas presents this year wrapped with leather tags!

  • Where do you find leather? I’ve been wanting to buy some, or faux leather, but in a small size. Any ideas?

    Love the project!!

  • This looks like fun! And like the perfect project to lose yourself in while you listen to some good music and hammer away. I love that you also included ways to find leather pieces, because I was thisclose to asking before I got to that part of the post! haha.


  • what a cool idea! love the colors!



  • These are great. I am still searching for a good local leather source for my daughters Easter dress. I am really hoping to put brown leather sleeves on the rose print dress. Once I find some good (or faux) leather I like I can use the scraps on this!

  • oh i love love love this, what a great idea, and they are super colorful!

  • super cute and soooo easy, love them.


  • these are lovely – I’d fill the indented letters on the leather with black ink and wipe off so it is easier to read… just a thought, use it or don’t use it 🙂 its up to you 🙂

    Betty Bake

  • Hi Kathy,
    Nope- I just “eyeball it” 😀

    Thanks so much for your encouragement! 😀


  • Hey there!
    I buy it locally at our leather store (on Glenstone if you live here!) and also little packs at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby sometimes. 😀

    Thanks! Elsie

  • This is such a fun way to personalize a gift tag and i’m sure it would impress the receiver. Good Job! <3


  • It’s so cool how they look store bought!


  • YOU COULD take a long strip of leather (probably 4-8 inches in length or longer depending on your tag), the leather strip should about 1″ to 1.5″ more or less thick depending on the type of leather you’re using, and slice it down the middle leaving about a 1/4″ between the slit and the end of the leather and make your own tabs from the same leather. Just make sure your hole will fit the excess leather when you create your slip knot to your tag and then to your luggage!!

    That way the leather will be sturdy and still look lovely at the same time. Or you could use large hair ties!

    Just a thought!

  • Cute Idea, I actually just saw this on Sugarandcloth.com with a slightly different aesthetic and purpose if your interested.

  • I had the same question! Where does one procure leather? I’m pretty creative, but that one stumped me!

  • This is great and so stylish!


  • Like some of the other commenters said, it is so much easier if the leather is a little wet, not soaking, that will ruin the leather, but at least a little damp. Put it on a joy ride under the tap. Love your blog btw, you´ve given me so many ideas (that i´ll probably never give life, but it is the thought that count, right?).

  • I love little leather projects! They remind me of arts and crafts at summer camp.

  • These are adorable!


  • These are wonderful, I can’t wait to give it a try! Super cute!


  • so adorable, how creative!!
    ill have to try this!

    Click here to see Fiona Brooks Personal Fashion Posts!

  • What a great idea! Your text is so straight. Did you use painters tape or any kind of guide to keep the letters from varying off course? (Assuming you must have a method since these look so nice 🙂 )

    Love what you guys do – thanks for sharing your inspirations and creative lives with so many!

  • Again, these would make great gifts. Or leather tags for everyone going on a trip together or something together.

  • That’s awesome! I love the idea of just To: From: without any names, I don’t know why. Where did you get your kit?

  • Perfect…I shall look forward to trying this out..


  • Oh, this is so cute!! I love decorating my gifts, so this is perfect 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing!


  • Oh I love these! How cute. I’ll definitely have to make some.
    Thanks for the tutorial!


  • These are perfect and would also be great for traveling and marking luggage. Probably with a thicker strap/string so it doesn’t break! Love the different colors.

  • super special and lovely addition to any gift.
    ps, i loved reading your survey results. and elsie, as far as the JT albums go, i’m all for ALL OF THEM!! 🙂

  • Those look so great!!! Thanks for sharing!

    Greetings from Germany and a peek into life lately…




  • Do a little research about casing leather (getting it wet)—you’re supposed to stamp it while it’s wet, which helps to hold the impression. You also wont have to strike the stamp 20 times. You should just give it one swift whack while the leather is cased.

    Also, striking on a firm surface, like a wood cutting board, rather than a foam cutting mat, helps with the impression even more.

  • These are beautiful! I definitely have to make some 🙂

    // Nadja

  • What a great idea 🙂
    You can put them on anything – I love the colours 🙂
    Anisa – The Macadame. xx

  • They are so pretty!! I love the little messages on them 🙂
    Thank you for sharing
    Androbel Insider

  • leather stamping is such a neat idea. i love the ‘to’ and ‘from’ tags! great ideas 🙂

  • thanks for sharing 🙂 they would make really cute drink tags for party cocktails too!

  • Amazing!! I love leather, these are so cute! Definitely something a bit different and unique

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