Let’s Talk About Hobbies

Let's Talk About Hobbies 1I’ve been passionate about hobbies my whole life. I love learning, collecting, researching and developing new skills. Some of these skills have proven useful in my career, and some are just for me to enjoy. Today we’re gonna talk about the private ones. The ones that make life better and help us decompress at the end of a long day.

Growing up together Emma and I had a LOT of hobbies including: horse back riding, gymnastics, basketball (yes really), writing children’s books, knitting, line dancing, cooking, reading, acting, painting, drawing, singing, dying our hair (every color!), collecting vintage, cheerleading, photography, running, scrapbooking, wood working, beer making, sewing, baking, collecting and everything in between. It’s fun to stay busy with stuff that makes you happy. Hobbies come and go over the years. I love the idea of always having a “current obsession”.

If you’re in the market for a new hobby, here are a few tips to help you choose the right one for you…Let's Talk About Hobbies 21. Find something that helps you forget your day and unwind.

Running is my perfect “alone time” hobby. I like to run with headphones and listen to my favorite guilty pleasure music. I have time to think. I forget about work. When I’m done I feel renewed. I love all of these things. It’s also a good hobby for my personality type, because I can make and achieve small goals, which is a huge source of motivation for me. Right now I’m working my way up to a 10 mile run and it feels amazing to get closer and closer to my goal. In the end the goals are secondary, though. What I get out of my hobby is that it sets aside time just for me. Some people may feel exactly the opposite, needing a social hobby instead.

2. Take inventory.

Literally, look around your home and see if there are any neglected hobbies that you started but haven’t completed. Last week our brother reminded Emma how she had been writing a children’s book (this was four or five years ago), and she had totally forgotten about it! She never finished that project, and now she’s thinking she might pick it up again, just for fun.

You also need to take inventory of your life and think about what kind of time you have to devote to a hobby. We are all busy, especially during certain seasons of life. So be honest with yourself about what kind of time you have to devote to a hobby and don’t over-commit or try something that you just realistically can’t accomplish. A hobby is something you should do for you and should make you feel good about yourself, not constantly sad that you aren’t achieving as much as you think you should or are unable to really enjoy it.Paint3. Explore things first.

If you’re feeling stuck, try going to a hobby store and just walking around. You don’t have to buy anything. Just look around and dream about what you might like to try. Talk to your friends and see what they are doing. Maybe you can join them? Or maybe they will give you an idea for a project you might like to try. And if possible, try things out before you commit (financially or otherwise). For example, if you’re thinking you might like to try rock climbing, go with a friend and use their equipment before you dive in and commit to joining a gym or buying supplies. Use your mom’s sewing machine and see if you like sewing before you buy your own. This may seem like a no-brainer, but I’ve definitely been guilty of making those impulse buys only to watch it later collect dust. Giving yourself freedom to explore different options is a great way to feel like you don’t have to stick with something you end up not loving. Go ahead and dip your toes in the water!Let's Talk About Hobbies 3What about you? What hobbies are you in love with right now? What helps you relax? For more inspiration, check out our podcast episode on the importance of hobbies as an adult! xo- Elsie (& Emma too)

  • Hi All..Nice post. Really if you do not know what gives you positivity in life and how to get the spirit in life then provide sometime to yourself. Hobby wipes out monotony from life and gives you the ray of hope you are looking for. Your brain will get a break as hobby is a positive activity to boost your confident and self-consciousness. To know more about this topic checkout my blog https://aelady.com/6-easy-diy-methods-to-pick-right-hobby/

  • Reading was always a passion, but it wasn’t until the last couple years that I started to collect more books, building my library and expanding my mind in the process! Thank you so much

  • In summer ilove do hobbies
    I like travel
    Reeding book
    Watch the series
    Walking and talking with freinds

  • Interesting article, thank you.
    My hobby is playing computer games. Both grown-ups and children are fond of it now. It has become one of the most popular hobbies nowadays. I think that playing with a computer is very interesting. It is not only “wasting time” as some people say. Computer games, we make and mind our mind and imagination. I have a good collection of different games and when I have some free time. My favorite game is “Overwatch” Some of my friends have the same hobby and we like to play together.

  • Thank you for this post.Really My friend and I do lots of jigsaw puzzles.I also adore to make a mess anywhere , but this make me happy and relaxed:)

  • Love this post. I think hobbies are very important to have! They give you goals to work towards and also make you happy! After I had my son, I discovered belly dance, and it has honestly been the best thing that happened to me!

  • i have no hobby .. i love to do new and interesting work from i learn something and tried to compleate that work with fully joy and happiness ………..@thats my hobby

  • Great post! So inspiring. Right now I don’t really have any hobbies except blogging. I’ve been meaning to learn how to sew for years now…maybe I will test out my mom’s sewing machine and get my best friend to join along should be fun and a challenge for me.


  • I love watering my garden at twilight. It is the most relaxing thing ever and all of the delicious garden smells are so strong and heady.
    I’m a dance teacher so time alone in the studio is bliss. Yoga, running, hiking and sea swimming. I really enjoy your blog. x

  • Like you, some of my hobbies are deeply entwined with work, but I have others that definitely fit the bill of being something I do just for myself. I study French because I find it to be beautiful and because setting goals and achieving them gives me a sense of pride. I also get pride from running and I feel the same way about it giving you time to think. As for something that helps me unwind, nothing beats curling up with a good book. Though, sometimes I listen to audiobooks while I run because I can’t fight the tendency to kill two birds with one stone.

  • I have way too many! I love to sew, to make jewelry, and to run! I often have trouble deciding what to do, because when I do something I throw myself into it.



  • Very nice entry. I love making stuff generally. I am not very good at it but whenever I finish something, I feel very good about myself. That even though it is not something for school at least I made something for myself 😉

  • It is really hard to walk around a hobby store and NOT buy anything!

    I am currently trying out a kind of journaling designed to help me get some clarity and enhance creativity.

    I do tend to get a bit obsessed with a new hobby at first, ignoring all other things. Eventually I get a more balanced relationship with it.

  • Love this post. I have a endless amount of hobbies and I believe you should put them to good use!

  • Really enjoyed this post! I love writing and reading books, so lately I have been trying to read more and write reviews for the books I read. Also blogging is something new for me, but I think it’s becoming a hobby! 😀 I love seeing what you all are up to and what your hobbies are! I would like to try more new and different things, and it is so fun seeing all that you both are trying and doing! 🙂


  • Great aricle! It also reminded me that it sometimes takes some planned action to include the things you love into your daily live.
    By the way, I linked to this post in my blog.

  • I love blogging, it is a hobby I enjoy and helps me unwind~ recapping our adventures and realizing how great a week, an experience, a moment was when I pause to recap and relive it. I also love ZUMBA and just working out with my headphones on at the gym, being alone with sweat and thoughts;)

  • Thank you for this post! I’ve been in sort of a rut lately with my hobbies and I’ve been so depressed thinking about deadlines and finishing and never being happy with the end result. Stopping to take inventory of my life and my hobbies is just what I need to do. Since I started blogging, this site has been a constant source of inspiration to me and hopefully one day I’ll be as fab as the ABM gals!

  • Puzzles. The harder and more time consuming the better. They let me unwind after a long day. All I have to do is put on whatever music I’m in the mood for and relax in front of all those loose pieces 🙂 Love this post!

  • My absolute obsession hobby has to be cricket. I seem to play, coach, organise all the time. However sometimes that can just be a little too stressful so I like to read, bake, craft and knit to wind down a bit more.

    Kate xx


  • I love people with interesting hobbies, they are always fascinating to talk to! My hobbies are shopping, blogging, baking and travelling!

    You girls are who inspired me to create a blog of my own, so thank you!


  • Being thats it spring, gardening is my current ‘obsession’ 😉

    Thanks for sharing yours.

  • I’ve been really into photography since I got my nifty new DSLR camera for my last birthday. My computer has Photoshop loaded on it and just got Photoshop for Dummies, so hoping to see i that will add to my photo hobby 🙂

    Bev @ Linkouture

  • My favorite hobby (turned career) is baking! It’s been the one thing I’ve loved since a small child. And my newest (and second fav) is bloggin! I’m loving it! Besides that I shop a lot (an awful hobby), collect vintage things, just random things. 🙂

    xo Sara from tinysugarbee.blogspot.com

  • Currently my hobby is running too. A new years resolution of mine is to run a half marathon this spring and a full this fall. I love listening to a whole album on my iPod when I run, even the slow jams have a place in my running meditation. Good luck reaching your 10 mile goal- I’m currently up to 6 myself!

  • This is an awesome post! I tend to cycle through lots of hobbies like a lot of others have mentioned too. Pretty much anything creative and crafty, I’ve tried it at some stage!

    At the moment, my hobbies are photography, working on Project Life, and I’m trying my hand at knitting some blankets and making some cushions. Anything home decor is right up there too, since I’m in the process of building a place. I’ve been really trying to focus more on spending time on hobbies lately, rather than sitting in front of the computer so much.

  • I’ve been getting back into painting, especially on surfaces other than paper and canvas. I’m also trying to get more into film photography, since I used to take plenty of film and have several rolls of undeveloped film. Trying to get back on the bandwagon!

  • I love the feeling of achievement when I learn a new skill and can make something useful or beautiful out of raw materials like a ball of wool or scraps of fabric. I wish I could stay on one thing for long enough to really excel at it though, I’m always to restless to start the next thing that’s caught my eye!

  • Hi everybody!) My current obsession is knitting. My long lasting true love is orchid growing. I am obsessed with orchids! 😉 + drawing, baking, reading in English (I’m from Ukraine), crafts.. Loved your post!

  • Photography, drawing, sewing (or more like giving a makeover to second hand/old clothes), going to museums, discovering new cafes and cute shops, blogging, listening to music, art journaling. Some hobbies on hold: biking (too cold) and jewelry making. Oh and I always love traveling, it’s a hobby for sure. Hah, never knew I have so many hobbies. So, thanks for asking. 🙂

    xx Kaisa


  • Loved this post! I have tons of hobbies and reading this post made me want to go and start doing those forgotten hobbies.

  • It’s not really the appropriate place but I wanted to tell you that your blog is totally amazing, your crafts are so great (I’ll try very soon a few DIY fashion), I will also try one or two DIY for my mother’s birthday. I discovered your blog last saturday and I already consider it like one of my favorite ever. It’s so inspiring and motivating!!

  • I love your blog, but I love you even more now that I know you listen to Joanna Newsom!

  • My hobbies right now are embroidery, painting, and reading. I’m hoping to start running soon though!

  • I consider my hobbies are a lot and some of them that I enjoy right now are music, collage making, writing, blogging, crafting and my all time favourite since I was 6, photography.
    I recently sent a package of disposable cameras for printing, and I really hope they’re at least decent!

  • I posted a comment last night but stopped back by and have been reading through all the comments. Your readers are as inspiring as you are! My favorite is the nail polish hobby by Michal Lynn. It kind of makes me want to make my nails a hobby, since I too have encountered the same issues when it comes to doing my own. Great ideas from everyone 🙂


  • Great post! My fiance and I just bought a house, so currently my time has been spent making and fixing things to improve our home – reupholstering chairs, rug hooking, building book shelves, making ottomans out of empty juice cans. Only problem is, I have too many ideas and not enough time!

  • great post…i love reading this blog for thoughtful, reflective posts such as this. hmm, my hobbies are yoga…it definately helps me to de stess, opp shopping and floristry which I am now turning into my profession by doing a one year Cert III in floristry. It’s so exciting!! Yes, I have had many hobbies over the years and I think it is great advice to intentionally choose ones that really suit you and your how much time you actually have…for instance I used to paint large abstract paintings…i loved it, but it just doesn’t suit my life right now…I have two littlies and a mortage…so I have decided to turn that creative urge that I have into a profession that will earn us a steady income…voila floristry! I imagine that I will one day get back to those paintings…when I have the time and space! Oh, and I’m just about to start running again. Literally like right now… 🙂

  • a nice reminder for me to look at crochet and drawing a comic again! my hobbies sort of cycle thru like at the moment im making clothes but i found a map at the weekend that would be very helpful with the comic idea so i might look at that soon! i also need to take up yoga but it is a little bit difficult to do lots of things with an 18 month old all my energy goes to her so recently the easiest thing to do hobby wise is make clothes because it’s just cutting out patterns and sewing! phewwwww what a ramble!

  • I run and write in my nearly non-existent downtime. I have also been writing down all of the projects I’m hoping to complete once grad school is over in t minus 2 months! Your blog has given me some awesome DIY ideas that I can’t wait to dig into over the summer. I love seeing what you gals are up to!

  • Great post! Right now, my hobbies have taken a back seat due to my demanding class/work schedule. When I do have downtime, I read, walk make fun beaded necklaces and little sculptures out of FIMO clay.

  • My main hobby is sport…i just loveto run in the park… i feel so good after that …al the problems or issues are gone after that…i thing we neglect us too much… we need to live for ourselves more…

  • My life long hobby is photography. My new obsession (at least for the last 3 years) is baking… specifically cupcakes!

  • My husband and I are taking a dance class!! I am stoked!! I have been looking forward to learning more about salsa dancing and my sweet man agreed, totally up for taking a class. Start tomorrow!! Hoping this will be a new hobby that sticks around for awhile. We’ll see 🙂

  • This is a great post. I too have so many hobbies that make feel like it very easy to switch from one to other.

  • It’s always nice to surround yourself with things and activities you really do like and be aware of them! It’s even nicer when your hobby becomes your dream job :)! Thanks for the inspiration, a runner, baker and writer :)!

  • I love running, by now it is the only hobbie i practice but i wanna organize my time for my other hobbies, painting, collage, recicling furnitures and diy… i know, too much if you work out of home and a kid of 3….

  • I have also been thinking about my hobbies. I turn 30 in 2 weeks and have decided that I’m going to quit facebook and use the time I waste on it to focus on stuff that makes me feel good! My current hobbies are yoga, tennis, cooking and photography but I want to learn the ukulele and I also want to try snowboarding and climbing!

  • This is great! I love the idea of taking an inventory. I’ve let a lot of projects gather dust… Last year I took up running and I love it! I’m training for a 10 miler too, which is something I never thought I’d do. But the thing I need to turn my full attention to after work is a children’s story I’m polishing up. A little nervous to send it out, but… I’ve just plain got to!

  • Although I wouldn’t say it’s much of a “hobby”, I just have a passion and drive to make my home more unique. Having a 2 1/2 year old makes this difficult…our house is always in shambles! But I have plans and ideas for when she’s older and there’s less likely of a chance for her to color on walls/tables (perfect opportunity for chalkboard paint…!), or to take down pictures from their hangings!

    But I really should pick up running again…


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  • love the take inventory idea- i have started so many things and sometimes get so busy i forget about hobbies i love!

  • My hobby is definitely working out/running. I agree that it is such a great escape. I am so much more productive when I am able to clear my head. This post is wonderful!

  • I’m diving into my knitting right now, and am getting back into yoga. I love having multiple hobbies!

  • I’m discovering photography! Each day I learn something but it takes time and patience!
    I just love it. Unfortunately, I’ve discovered it too late, but luckily there are blogs like yours that help me a lot 🙂
    Thanks girls!!!

    A Fashion & DIY Blog…

  • I always love to bake, no matter what time of year it is. Creating something new and delicious is a favorite pastime of mine, and now my fiancé joins in so it can be romantic as well. I also love gardening, I love planting a seed and watching it sprout and grow into something beautiful or delicious!

  • i absolutely love cooking, painting, volunteering {at animal shelters an our local art museum}, reading, decorating, and traveling. i have been trying to keep a journal but with that and my blog i just can’t seem to remember to write in it! but i agree with you, i love having hobbies and am always up for trying something new!

  • Reading, photography, and writing… I love being creative. I really need to switch to a more creative career.

  • I have a few…crocheting, gardening, photography, and i love to cook! I like to show off my creative side via my blog and my facebook. 🙂

  • Thanks for this post. We all have hobbies (I’m an avid sewer and blogger), but this has made me think a bit more about how different hobbies do different things for us.

    I’ve been in a mini funk since yesterday and this has completely identified the problem. I realise now that I definitely need to devote some more time to hobbies that help me unwind (like running, yoga, and meditation).

    Elena @ Randomly Happy

  • I think hobbies are so necessary. Even if you’re working 40+ hours a week it is important to also invest time in something you genuinely love doing. I consider my blog (www.whenwewander.blogspot.com)a hobby. I also enjoy baking and although I may not 100% enjoy running, it’s something I do often and it’s great to clear my head.

  • I really like the idea of approaching running or any exercise as a hobby rather than an obligation. For some reason it just made me want to buy a new pair of sneakers more than anything else could.
    I might just have to get on that.

  • i love seeing that jane birkin record there! really sounds best on vinyl. viva hobbies!

  • Love the post!

    I’ve been getting back into reading and blogging. I’m also starting to do more gardening (planting herbs and stuff)



  • I’d have to say writing was my hobby, though it’s also my career so perhaps it doesnt count. I’m definitely going to take up running – I always enjoy it when I go but its been so long that i can only do short bursts now because I lose my breath so quickly! x

  • fashion and traveling are my two biggest passions 🙂
    Kiss from Paris

  • training. i’m a group fitness voulunteer at the YMCA. LOVE IT! had 40 people in my cardio class last night. how awesome is that!

  • You´re so right! Last month I tried with running, but I found out that´s just not for me. Going back to the swimming pool today… be water, my friend 🙂

  • Right now, I enjoy knitting, painting, cooking and making yoga. It’s sometimes hard to find some time to do all this, but I try because I fell it is important for me !

  • My hobbies now boil down to:

    1. yoga
    2. writing two entries (at least) on my blog each week
    3. whipping something up in the kitchen
    4. improving my level of Spanish (not sure if that counts as a hobby because I think I would love to speak and write in it perfectly and I do live in Madrid).

    Really great post 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  • Stitching and sewing at the moment! Its all I think about day in day out. It’s weird, I spend a lot of time as a kid all the way up until about 18 being pretty bored! And the whole reason was I didnt have anything I loved to spend my time on.

  • I’m really enjoying getting back to the gym – and like you I like to have small, achievable goals. At the moment, it’s beating my best mile run time.
    I’m also enjoying experimenting with cooking, especially baking – mojito cupcakes this week!
    Rosie x

  • Sewing is mine. I am now getting into different types ie hand sewing, embroidery, making my own lingerie (bras and knickers).

    It is my complete me time. Oh and my blog.



  • Nice post and my new hobby is blogging :p I love doing it, it is so much fun.

  • Mahalo for your post! I have been working on my fashion/lifestyle blog for the last two weeks that I totally forgot to practice the ukulele and sewing pillows on my sewing machine… Thanks for the reminder!


  • I do a lot of things, but I wouldn´t call any of these a hobby. Like knitting for example. I knit to relax and to make things, but but does this make it a hobby?

  • I have too many hobbies. For example I always create myself some new dresses and after I sew it, than I like painting, travelling, learning languages atc. Have a nice day.


  • We love crafting, gardening, snowboarding and generally re-using items, Loving the blogs! 🙂

  • I fell in love with gardening now. In the past you couldn’t give a plant next to me since it would die of no specific reasons. But now I got luck with growing plants and cannot wait to get the real spring finally – I live in Czech Republic and we still got snow here – and replanting mine grapefruit, lemon, ginger, tea tree, nutmeg, peppercorns, stone pine and clover (spice one) seedlings :))

  • Very nice post 🙂 I myself like to try various hobbies. When I was little I tried Origami, singing, dancing, having a pop band, carpentry, gardening. Right now I am making textile bags and small jewelry, accessories. Also, it’s becoming quite a hobby to wrap gifts in the most prettiest ways. As for other activities, I am looking forward for the nice weather in order to ride my bicycle 🙂

  • Eeek! I love this! I’ve started taking up running, and it’s taking a bit to get used to since I cannot do it as often as I’d like. But I refuse to give up on it, because it feels really great afterwards!

  • I love having hobbies! Right now, I’m loving Yoga. It makes me feel so good to move my body in different ways. It’s such a good relief from studying and day-to-day stresses!

  • Whether you are building or remodelling your home, having the right house designers can make all the difference in the world. You need to take the time to find qualified professionals who can give you the exact look that you want, regardless of what you might be interested in.

  • my current hobbies are baking, earring making and painting empty glass bottles and I am enjoying playing with all these during my weekend break 🙂

    Love your blog, it;s nice and interesting.

  • I’m not even sure if it’s considered a hobby, but ever since I was 11, I’ve been obsessed with collecting my favorite actors/singers/actresses autographs. I’m all about authentic autographs and creating a collection of my own. =)

    Chelsea @ howidwellnow.com

  • Food blogging (the most time consuming), spinning (to burn off those tester recipes), and crocheting are my hobbies.

    I have more blankets and baked goods than any normal person should.

  • I’m into photography and yoga at the moment. For me, it’s essential to approach healthy living habits as a means of “hobbies” to keep me motivated and have fun 🙂

  • I love this– especially the point about revisiting past, incomplete projects. I have dozens of little things left undone. Thank you for the motivation!

  • I’m right there with y’all on having several hobbies over the years. These include, (but are not limited to); knitting, sewing, baking, cooking exotic foods, piano, ukulele(short-lived), drawing, painting, dyeing my hair any color I can think of, running, and obsessive exercise. But one that has stuck with me since I was 17 (and going through some self-rehabilitation), is gardening. I love flowers and herbs and it’s just so calming to get my hands dirty at the end of a long week. Watching beauty slowly grow in front me, as the result of my own joyous, hard work, is so incredible.

  • I LOVE this post 🙂 Right now, I am training for a half marathon, and I have actually ENJOYED running.. it has turned into a hobby 🙂 Also, my blog has turned into a hobby of mine as well!


  • Making macarons and cupcakes!! And I get my inspiration from watercolour painting that I do….


  • i have way too many hobbies, but i think they keep me sane.

    crochet is my most active one, but i love sending postcards (postcrossing.com), sewing, baking and have just started trying to grow succulents.

    I run, but i wouldnt call that a hobby.

  • I recent discovered blogging as a new hobby! It’s such a nice creative outlet to explore during the weekends since my job keeps me pretty busy during the week.


  • my hobbies are seasonal as well, aside from music, and reading which i do sporadically all year. in winter i knit and crochet like crazy, spring makes me want to sew and gardening season starts, summer is gardening and getting outdoors, fall brings canning and more outdoors, and by winter i’m ready to curl up on the couch for a couple months with yarn again.

  • My hobby is the kind where I look at a project and think to myself…I can do that and then I go to town for months on end till I find the next “I can do that” moment. As of now, I’m making rosaries, graphic designing, and running/working out.


  • I’ve really rediscovered my love for sewing over the last year =) Lately I’ve been looking into carving stamps!

  • write, meet new blogs and pictures are definitely my favorite hobbies at the moment!
    Loved It!

  • Dancing. Swing dancing and blues dancing. If I’m ever feeling blue, I know I’ll almost always feel better out on that dance floor.

  • My hobby is collecting hobbies!! haha!! There are so many things I want to learn and do and accomplish. I just need more time. I think we all do. : )

  • Running used to be my favorite hobby, but now I prefer going on walks with my baby, so I still definitely get that peaceful quite alone time!


  • This is just the post I needed. I feel like I get bored very easily. So, a new hobby might just be what I need. Thanks for these lovely ideas!


  • I just busted out my sewing machine today for a small project. It’s fun to use it every now and again for hobbies and the like! Love your blog!

  • I really should find a “private” non-work hobby. This used to be writing, but now that I write for a living, it’s not as fun as it used to be…

  • as of late, i enjoy hand embroidery & painting! i agree, i want to learn knitting or crochet, but i know i don’t have the time for it… maybe one day.

  • I love thrift shopping and taking photos. I started Project Life this year and I’ve been trying to get back into drawing as well. I think it’s important to have a hobby and a creative outlet. It’s good for the soul! I share all my thrift store finds on my blog for all those fellow vintage lovers 🙂
    xx Allison


  • I LOVE to do crafts, specifically anything that has to be hot glued! Ha!
    The suggest to take inventory is the best piece of advice for me from this blog!

  • I’m also trying to work up my mileage with running, but currently obsessing over playing with my new camera! Right now, it still looks like a three year old is fooling with it.

  • I love trying new home projects. We recently moved, so I’m working on organizing (which is fun to me!). But I love to write and I have several poems I have written and the beginnings of short stories. I also love plants, potting and such. I must admit that browsing Pinterest has been a hobby recently. Hehe.

  • I just started to get into sewing – it’s so rewarding to slip on something you made yourself!

  • Photography and testing out new recipes!!


  • Oh wow this is so appropriate…I am a hobby happy person, the thing is that there are hobbies for me that last just weeks…I wasn’t like that when I was a child, there are so many things I would love yo try when I was a kid and I never did, so I think now as an adult I’m making up for it.. I used to love drawing so I have tried my hand at learning to draw many a, but that didn’t last very long. Right now I am learning Portuguese and I’m getting into watercolor painting, that is the newest one as in 3 days ago. I want to learn or at least experience so many things. I would love to learn how to saw as well 🙂

  • i’m definitely a seasonal hobbyist. my husband and i are getting into plants. i used to have a black thumb, but it’s getting greener. and baking is becoming more and more of a hobby, especially in the winter!

  • I have lots of crafty hobbies, Crochet, Sewing, Painting and Drawing, I have tried most everything. At the moment (after taking your art journalling course) I am getting back in to paper-crafts in a big way. It has been really fun going through all my old supplies and mixing them with new products and techniques I have learnt from other crafts. I run a fabric shop, so its nice to take inspiration from fabrics and products at work and use them in my hobbies.
    Sammy x


  • Aww, I love this post. 🙂 I am totally a hobby-girl, and always have 8 trillion hobby ideas buzzing around my head. Right now, my crochet hook is practically glued to my hand. It’s such a relaxing way to unwind at the end of the day. I’m currently working on a granny afghan, and finishing each square feels like another goal met. I love that!

    Thanks for another beautiful post, ladies. 🙂

  • Sewing and gardening for sure! There is nothing so satisfying as creating your own high quality custom fitted garment, or eating your own organic produce!

  • Photographing fairy figurines in the outdoors is one of my newest hobbies. Reading books is my go-to hobby and painting too.

  • This year I started rock climbing with my cousin, and found out that it was what I had been looking for my entire life!! It was a spur of the moment decision, and I totally fell in love ever since!

  • Knitting & crochet will always be top hobbies. However, I do find myself needing change. Gardening is perfect for the end-of-winter rut I found myself in. It’s a great way to get out and become inspired by nature.

  • Now the weather starts to get a bit warmer and sunnier, I absolutely love to go out for a run to get some energy and enjoy the almost-spring-weather. Besides running I simply love to go out with my camera and photograph daily life adventures, baking and reading.


  • I’m so very good at taking up new hobby’s and either forgetting about them or getting obsessed! I’m currently in a crochet/blog obsession – its like an addiction, nothing else seems to be getting done at the moment!!

  • Wonderful hobbies! I like to do crafting and I’ve just started doing 3-4 miles of jogging a day. I’m no runner so I’m learning and gradually getting better 🙂 I’m also planning my wedding this coming June so been writing and drawing down ideas for that too.

    Lulu xx


  • I go through hobbies faster than paper towel! I love to try my hand at everything. I always come back to knitting in the winter, but right now hunting down and flipping antiques is my latest and favorite! It’s the best way to legitimize obsessive etsy shopping!


  • Lovely post, really nice pictures too!


  • I always feel completely guilty for taking up a hobby and then not see it all the way through (I say that as I stare at my quarter of the way finished knitting project sitting on the coffee table that I haven’t touched in about a month. YIKES). Since I know I have a tendency to do that, it discourages me from actually going out and looking for new hobbies. This post just reminded me that it is okay not to always finishes a project, or fall in love with every hobby you start. At the end of the day, it only matters that you tried to stretch your brain. Thank you for that 🙂

  • my routine falls right in line with @taliachristine above. and writing has again become my favorite!

  • So I’ve recently “rediscovered” you and your blog! We actually met at a CHA a few years ago when I was working for a scrapbooking company (THAT was a serious hobby for me for many years!)…then it turned into blogging and more recently, photography (maybe it’s just scrapbooking for the digital age?) 🙂 Having fun checking out the new (to me!) blog – fun to see what you’ve been up to since I left the scrapbooking world!

  • Great post 🙂 It reminded me that I had so many more hobbies when I was younger than I do now. I’ve recently taken up some new ones though such as starting my blog which I’m enjoying because its been so long since I wrote things for fun, I used to write stories all the time when I was little! And I’m trying to take up running now but it isn’t going too well! X

  • We are totally twins on the running thing! I LOVE to have that time to, pretty much, zone out! I’ve always been into art, so painting is another “alone time” hobby. I love to write and watch movies too – if watching movies is a hobby! I love it all.

  • I agree- hobbies are something that you should do for you. My involvement with my hobbies is more or less sometimes and thats ok, since it’s my hobby and I don’t need to impress anyone with what I do with it.

  • Tt’s so funny that you’ve posted about this subject. I’m working to start a blog in a few weeks about trying new hobbies and creative outlets. This has definitely given me an extra kick of inspiration! 🙂

  • Taking pictures, working out, meditation, and online shopping are the hobbies that help me relax the most. Great read, girls!


  • Haha I don’t need any more hobbies. If anything I have too many. That’s why my blog is kind of a mess. I like photography, knitting, thrifting, playing uke/guitar, web design, and more.

  • Is it allowed to say that I’m in love with my *husband’s* new hobby of coffee roasting? I don’t even drink coffee myself (straight up chai girl here!) but, man, the smell coming off those freshly roasted coffee beans in that Whirlypop popcorn maker? A. MAZE. ZING. Now to find myself a hobby : )

  • I’ve been a sewing hobbyist since I was in middle school. I realized recently the importance of having hobbies in my life, since my daily projects were wearing me down. Now I’ve taken up very amateur photography and watercolor painting, and I hope to run a bit more when the weather gets nicer and I finish my thesis!

  • Mine is totally photography. I don’t know if I ever want to do it professionally/full time because it is so fun as a hobby. 🙂


  • I like to read,write poetry,and take pictures. I’d love to paint something on canvas or learn to play the piano eventually!

  • My techy side is drawn to photography, so I try to take pictures of things that appeal to me. I have a couple of film cameras, and I do have a camera on my phone, but the one device that gets the most use is my Canon PowerShot S90. It can fit into any of my bags, it has full manual controls, and it takes amazing pictures for its little size. I would love to start using my DSLR, but with my backpack being full of textbooks, there’s no room for me to bring a larger camera to school (which is where I spend the most time outside of home). Maybe once I finish school I’ll be able to devote more time to photography.

  • This winter has turned me into a hermit! I’ve been watching lots of movies and being a couch potato so I found embroidery. Its a perfect hobby to do because I can sit and watch whatever and embroider. It’s very easy to figure out on your own and really inexpensive. I love it!

  • I like knitting, crochet and photography – I love the escapism of the process, and the reward of the finished product. I also really value walking and swimming for my “alone time” – I can definitely relate to you on that one!
    Really love these “inspiration” posts – keep ’em coming!

  • I do amigurumi, I quilt (small things), I blog (my favorite hobby), I do mosaics sometimes, I’m starting photography now and soon I’ll go swimming too.

    Speaking of hobbies! You (and your readers) might like this: http://witandwhistle.com/2012/05/23/hobby-compatibility-quiz-creative-dating-guide/

  • My just for me hobby right now is gardening – it’s quiet time because when I’m working on my garden, my kids play in the yard and entertain themselves. Also, I love being able to fill up a vase of something pretty from my yard.

  • Right now my hobbies range from cooking, sewing and crafting to mountain biking, running and yoga!

    I love hobbies that make me feel refreshed afterwards, like running and yoga. But crafting is awesome too because you get to look at something and see what you physically accomplished.

  • I recently did a post where my on-line friends and I discussed those hobbies that are ingrained in our psyche; those things that we’ve been doing forever and will still want to do when we are old. Reflection on this told me that my must-dos have always been crocheting, singing and photography. But I sure do enjoy trying my hand at a whole bunch of things. One that I’ve not done much but sure would love to get into is horseback riding. One day, one day!

  • I have a bunch of hobbies, it’s great to have a bunch of stuff to choose from doing at any point. Writing, reading, yoga, (amateur) graphic design, jewelry making, doodling, baking…

  • My current obsession is Fiber Art. More specifically, spinning my own yarn and crocheting. What I love about it is that there are so many facets of the fiber art world, that I could easily switch up my current obsessions and still stay within this one world. I am already thinking about weaving with my hand spun yarn. I started out with a drop spindle and affordable fiber and when I knew I was hooked, went from there. I now dedicate my blog to this journey and love every single second of it. I also love to dabble in other parts of the creative world. I currently have plans to sew myself a casual summer wardrobe.


  • I love crafting as a hobby and now recently blogging about it…if you’re going to do all that work you might as well show it off, right 🙂 Great post.

  • I kind of collect hobbies as a hobby. My focus on each one rotates depending on the season and mood and at the moment, I’m falling in love with sewing and spinning yarn again! Very relaxing.

    ♥ Talia Christine

  • Thanks for posting this!! I’ve been reconsidering what my hobbies/passions are lately..being a new mother, I now have more time to refocus on what I actually love doing vs. what I do for a living. It’s true, as children we had a ton of hobbies and as we grow older, they become neglected when time is a luxury. I’ve been trying to rediscover these hobbies because I want to share them with my child when he’s older! : )

  • Capturing and documenting life’s moments! It’s like a cross between Project Life and scrap booking. Newest hobby is blogging. And I just got back into jewelry making… Stop by my Etsy shop 🙂 www.etsy.com/shop/Anakalui

  • I especially not sewing at the moment but before that I was really into scrapbooking and jewelry. The last one was a short crush but the scrapbooking comes and goes. Besides of the sewing I also do some knitting, painting, grow my own herbs, horse back riding and making long walks with the dogs. I always have to many hobbies and always find some new thing to do too. The thing I’m currently interested in (but haven’t started yet) is mosaics. Luckily for me I have a creative husband too, he builds his own wooden (model) planes and that gives an even bigger mess on the kitchen table 😉 xx


  • I have lots of hobbies, and I always seem to make the mistake of buying all the supplies needed for a hobby that I’ve just begun — which cost me money and space in the long run. (I’m really trying not to buy as much this year!)

    I love this post to pieces! Perhaps a small feature on hobbies for each personality type? I’d love to explore some new hobbies!

    Modern Buttercup

  • I’m obsessing over learning to make clothes. I have not been able to find that perfect pair of jeans in a while, so the hubs asked why not make one? =)

  • What a beautiful post. I love hobbies and I definitely consider reading my favorite hobby (unlike some people who tell me I spend too much time reading. Is that even possible?).

    Other than that I enjoy yoga, sewing, blogging, scrapbooking and all kinds of DIYs. Basically everything that relaxes me and makes me happy. I love trying new things and sharing my experiences on my blog.

    • I love this blog! It´s very nice. My hobby are running and I like to swim often because it help me relax.

  • Right now, I’m all about photography. It started when I sold a few things around our house to earn the money to buy a camera- and of course since I had a newborn baby and a really handsome husband, it hasn’t been hard to find subjects!

    I’m also loving restyling old items- a coat of paint does so much!


  • Reading was always a passion, but it wasn’t until the last couple years that I started to collect more books, building my library and expanding my mind in the process!

    More importantly, I fell in love with nail polish in 2011. I always felt that I did a terrible job painting my nails and so I avoided it altogether. But then I started to look up nail art blogs and YouTube channels and now I can’t get enough of the stuff! I make sure to grab at least one polish from each new OPI collection when they are released (I like all of the brands, though!), I read up on tons of polish reviews and nail art crazes, and I get to express myself as well. It’s been one of the greatest hobbies, and it came out of nowhere. 🙂

  • Great post! I am too very passionate about the things I do. I love to draw and paint, lately I have started drawing in colouring books again. On the side I am writing an interactive children’s book with friends, painting t-shirts on parties, running and learning to play the ukulele. And there are still a million other things I want to try, but I usually work in smaller projects (like doing a theatre or sewing course, running half a marathon, etc) 🙂

  • I am totally obsessed with embroidery right now, and I’ve turned learning about feminism into a hobby. I’ve also combined the two into creating feminist embroideries! 🙂


  • I travel, if you consider that a hobby. My mother is a flight attendent so I get free flights and can fly anywhere anytime. If I have a stressful week I choose a place and take a break for the weekend.

  • My Project Life folder is my latest obsession! I love it. We moved from the UK to Canada and filling in the folder is my way of recording what we do, so we can share it with guests from the UK- they miss so many of the little things!

  • I am a big fan of hobbies – puzzles, photography, running, journaling. So stress related to these activities – just enjoyment.

  • My hobbies are Photography and Crocheting right now. Although, I like to think of them more as a passion, really.
    Love your blog!!!


  • now that it’s getting closer to spring I’ve noticed I have “winter hobbies” – like knitting and crocheting and drawing but in the warmer weather I tend to be more active and enjoying biking and swimming. Right now though, making music and baking are my go to hobbies! they really help me to just relax and mentally escape for a little bit.

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