Let’s Talk About Lighting

Lighting Tips via A Beautiful MessWhen I started planning decor for our current home I thought I knew exactly what I wanted. I was wrong. When it came time to choose lighting, I spent countless hours browsing options. I asked questions like, "How will this work with the rest of the room?", "Is this style a good fit for the era of our home?" oh yes and perhaps most importantly, "Can I afford this?". I am happy to report that I navigated the scary waters of choosing lighting for our new space and I am loving the results! Today we are teaming up with Lamps.com and their lighting expertise to share a few tips. 

Tip 1: Go Big! I love statement lighting and going big is one great way to make a statement! We chose this giant floor lamp for our living room. I love the simple, industrial style and of course, the size. The proportions really work with other elements in our living room, and it makes a great reading light at night.Lighting Tips via A Beautiful Mess Lighting Tips via A Beautiful Mess  Tip 2: Choose Mood Lighting! One major mistake I made in the beginning of my design process was thinking that I wanted the lighting throughout our home to "match". I quickly learned that each room has different needs for mood lighting. When choosing lighting for my bedroom, I knew I needed something that looked pretty at night, since that's when we spend the most time in this room. I wanted it to be a relaxing, cozy space. For this room I chose a fixture that looked beautiful in the dark, first and foremost. Be sure to take time to consider the mood you want to create in each room.Lighting Tips via A Beautiful Mess   Tip 3: Be Colorful! Don't be afraid of colorful lighting choices. I love added pops of color from accent lamps and candy colored pendants. 

What kind of lighting solutions have you found for your own home? xo. Elsie 

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