Let’s Talk About Lighting

Lighting Tips via A Beautiful MessWhen I started planning decor for our current home I thought I knew exactly what I wanted. I was wrong. When it came time to choose lighting, I spent countless hours browsing options. I asked questions like, "How will this work with the rest of the room?", "Is this style a good fit for the era of our home?" oh yes and perhaps most importantly, "Can I afford this?". I am happy to report that I navigated the scary waters of choosing lighting for our new space and I am loving the results! Today we are teaming up with Lamps.com and their lighting expertise to share a few tips. 

Tip 1: Go Big! I love statement lighting and going big is one great way to make a statement! We chose this giant floor lamp for our living room. I love the simple, industrial style and of course, the size. The proportions really work with other elements in our living room, and it makes a great reading light at night.Lighting Tips via A Beautiful Mess Lighting Tips via A Beautiful Mess  Tip 2: Choose Mood Lighting! One major mistake I made in the beginning of my design process was thinking that I wanted the lighting throughout our home to "match". I quickly learned that each room has different needs for mood lighting. When choosing lighting for my bedroom, I knew I needed something that looked pretty at night, since that's when we spend the most time in this room. I wanted it to be a relaxing, cozy space. For this room I chose a fixture that looked beautiful in the dark, first and foremost. Be sure to take time to consider the mood you want to create in each room.Lighting Tips via A Beautiful Mess   Tip 3: Be Colorful! Don't be afraid of colorful lighting choices. I love added pops of color from accent lamps and candy colored pendants. 

What kind of lighting solutions have you found for your own home? xo. Elsie 

Sources: Picture 1/Lamp,Couch,Ottoman(vintage). Pictures 2-4/Capiz Pendant,Poster,Record Stand + Aqua Lamp.

  • Colorful lighting is too oft not embraced. It’s such an easy way to add happiness to a space.

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  • I love all the tips and advice and pictures. You two make me so excited to have my first ‘real’ home!!!

  • Hey, great post! Love the retro fittings. We are lighting designers and can help you achieve all of these wonderful things.
    We like using very soft warm, tones and incorporating little details to help illuminate a room beautifully.


  • great post! good to remember to think about the mood in each room. now i’m dying for a new fixture in our dining room!
    — jackiejade.blogspot.com

  • I love chandeliers…and I like you think the same go big. Nothing’s better than a large statement piece.


  • You have my lamp! Ha. The large adesso lamp in your living room is also in our living room. We went on a trip to Paris and saw a similar one in a boutique window but decided that it wouldn’t fit in our carry-on. So we bought it when we lived in Missouri!! 🙂 We love it and I definitely agree that our home has to have functional art!

  • eeekk, squeeee!! I love everything about the first photo. Who would have thought I would love a yellow sofa so much. I feel like ripping my living room apart and starting all over again – great inspiration!!

  • Choosing the right lightning for your home is one of the trickiest part, at least that’s what I think. While I like to be in control over the interiors, av leave the lamps entirely to my boyfriend who’s got a good eye for that.

  • Lighting certainly changes the whole look of a room!

    Juliette Laura

  • Love these tips! I’m going to need new lighting for my room when it’s done. It’s actually been something that has been stressing me out for awhile! I’ve needed new (better) lighting for years and just always became overwhelmed by the choices!

    xo Sara @ tinysugarbee.blogspot.com

  • I love the second picture with the “confetti” lamp.


  • Here is my treasure, a French industri lamp. Vintage. I love it!

  • love it…gosh the cute little candy lamp is so adorable and looks amazing with the b&w background. Love how everything is so neutral yet a pop of color here n there does wonders..


  • I love this, I am trying to redo my home at the moment it is so hard but so rewarding.


  • Beautiful Chandelier! You can make a sort of re-creation of it by sewing faux rose petals in a line and hanging them from embroidery hoops 🙂 Just add a light kit!


    Not my own project but I have been wanting to make this for a while 🙂

  • Elsie and Emma!
    I can’t thank you both enough. Recently my husband and I started a new company, The Peach Truck and launched our website. I then learned from a friend about your e-courses and went through the blog love course. I’m excited to take more and continue learning from you both. Thank you for all the help along the way.

    Jessica Rose

  • my number one request for a home or apartment is tons of natural lighting. i want to use lights as infrequently as possible. you seem to have that benefit in your home.
    kw ladies in navy

  • i love statement pieces in general and this lighting is great!


  • Great tips! And I love all your lamps, they are gorgeous! xx


  • Since “Can we afford it?” is the biggest question for me and my husband right now, we’ve actually found a lot of our lighting at flea markets and such, and restyled them with new cords etc ourselves 🙂

  • Love your blog ladies! I too am in the midst of selecting lighting for my home and never realized just how important lighting can be. Thanks for sharing some sweet and easy options for spaces where recessed lighting just isn’t enough!


  • I felt in love with a spheric lamp…. maybe one day I’m going to buy it 🙂

    Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

  • I am still working on the lighting for our bedroom and I have a dressing table that I use for my makeup in the morning. It is often still quite dark, therefore I need a good light there but want to keep the rest of the lights a bit more cozy. Any tips for my dressing table?

  • Love the chandelier,it reminds me of sea shells for some reason, but can’t for the life of me remember the name! Just pinned it to my Pinterest board here http://pinterest.com/six0six/light-me-up/

  • I really like that yellow sofa. Looks so nice and it is like sun in the flat. Have a nice day.


  • ooooo home photos! you must be making a lot of progress. this is fun! can’t wait to see more rooms.

  • I would like to have an oriental styled lamp, which covers the room with small small dots of light when it´s dark outside.

  • Is it weird that both your lovely floor lamp and the accent desk lamp made me think of the lamp in The Brave Little Toaster? That movie is awesome. Count me inspired.

  • Beautiful lighting choices, I especially love the aqua lamp that is so cute! Our house is filled with my handmade crocheted lampshades, they are so funky and retro and colorful. They definitely add a fun mood and vibe to each room!

  • The chandelier is so gorgeous! I can’t wait to decorate my own house 😀
    xo Heather

  • Ugh! Those lamps are uber cute. You know, I never really think about lighting…I always think that table lamps are useless until I sit down and think man, i need some light up in here. That yellow magazine cart is way too cute! Thrift find?


  • Never thought about it! The only lamp I’ve ever purchased was the bendy desk lamp we got at ikea. it’s like your living room lamp’s little brother!

    I definitely want to replace the light in the bathroom but am uninspired by the two choices at the hardware store: bare bulbs or froofy flowers. Yeesh.

    Our hall lights are tacky as all get out but I LOVE our little turquoise chandelier. Whoever installed it added a beautiful crown moulding to the ceiling above it which looks perfect.

  • I always find myself fighting against my husband who prefers to just flip on every overhead light. We’re building an apartment right now, and I’m on a search to find overhead lighting that’s still warm and pleasant.

  • love your strawttoman (yeah, i just made that up.)

    i remodeled my bath last year and have been through two fixtures trying to find the right one; i finally just left the hole in the wall out of desperation and laziness. bath lighting tips would be great!

  • Nice choices! I’ve been really into lighting for a while, and even though I’m nowhere near ready to buy for a home, it’s fun to browse and think about it! I just worry that if I go for lighting that’s too artistic it might not be functional…

  • I was wondering where you got your chandelier from? I have been looking for something similar to that.

  • Hi Elsie!
    Great lamps! on a totally different subject, I was really intrigued by your post awhile back about the ifontmaker app. For me spending any money on an app is unusual. ? So $7.00?! Yikes! But if its worth it I will definitely spend. So I thought maybe you could answer some questions for me if you have a minute to spare. I did try emailing but I not sure if it got to your inbox.
    I am trying to find a great program to use to watermark my photos for my business Simple Light Photography. It’s becoming increasingly more important as my business grows and I’m starting a blog. I want to allow my readers to pin and use my photography but not without watermarking first. I tend to hate boring basic fonts and would love to use my own creative options. Is it possible to create the font and then use it in Aperture or iPhoto as a watermark?

    Maybe being a Photoshop user this isn’t something you can answer, but if it is, I so appreciate your help!

    ? Thanks!

    Reese Ferguson
    Simple Light Photography

    Sent from my iPad

  • I like to have a lot of light, especially in rooms where I’m reading or working. One of my favourite things is to have under cupboard lighting in the kitchen- makes things so much brighter for cooking

  • Elsie,
    All of these are beautiful. I especially love the atlas floor lamp. I also couldn’t help but love the mustard, velvet pillow. Could you share the source for it? Thanks!

  • As I live in Miami lighting is not a problem!


  • How many beautiful couches do you own? I have been eyeing the Nixon sofa for ever, it seems, and this yellow one is just as gorgeous. Maybe next year 🙂 In the middle of my own home rejuvenation and I love using your blog for color and light inspiration. Happy Friday!

  • I love the second ‘chandelier’!! It’s so dreamy and elegant 🙂
    the aqua lamp is lovely too!


  • We have fairy lights in our bedroom for a cosy look at night, and lamps in our living room for when we want to relax and watch a movie without the big lights on. Lighting is definitely important! xx

  • Lovely lovely lamps!!


  • Great tips! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Love the mint mini lamp <3

    Lulu xx


  • Love this article! As a sunlight addict I never worry too much about lamps and such but they really do make such a huge difference! I am loving the aqua lamp in the last photo!

  • you can never have too many little lamps/candles and christmas lights (is that really the right word? I’m thinking of the ones with bulbs/cups/flowers on them). create little spots with different lamps/lights.

  • Yay! So glad you shared this post! Lighting has never been one of my expertise to say the least. This really helps a lot! 🙂

  • I love that last one a lot!



  • Hi there!

    I was just wondering what color paint you use on your walls. I really love the look. Thanks!

  • I am in love with your big flower print! Where did you get it? I love this post, the blue lamp is too cute. xo

  • I wouldn’t have thought of putting the dangly light fixture in that room, but it works nicely!

  • great post! I never thought about “moods” of lighting as I’m just like “I want to see in the dark!”

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