Let’s Talk About Scrapbooking

Let's talk about scrapbooking www.abeautifulmess.comIn teaming up with Canon USA, we knew we wanted to talk about scrapbooking. A polarizing subject, to be sure, but one that's pretty close to my heart. I started my first scrapbooks nearly ten years ago and through the years I've heard many (MANY) recite a mile long list of "why-scrapbooking-is-not-for-me". Reasons like "I don't have time", "I would never be able to catch up", "It's too expensive", "It's a grandma craft" and (my personal favorite) "I'm not artistic". Excuses, excuses…

I used to laugh at all these excuses. Then one day, I became the excuse maker. I became the lady who didn't print any photos for two years. Then one day I had that "Wait, what?" moment. I realized even though I take photos every single day, I had very little to show for it in our home. Everything was stored digitally, which is better than nothing—sure. But suddenly, I wanted to print out ALL my photos and make a dozen scrapbooks. I was so determined, so hyped up and so clueless as to where to begin. 

So I just started. I bought some supplies, not a ton, but some stuff that seemed fun. I started organizing and printing photos, and I was shocked by how many really special, wonderful photos were hidden on those hard drives. It was such a good moment to just start doing something I had been putting off for so long.Let's talk about scrapbooking www.abeautifulmess.com For 4×6 photos we love using our Canon SELPHY CP900 printer with Photo Paper Glossy. It's tiny, convenient and great quality! Printing photos in bulk is smart too, but when I'm scrapbooking I find that I need to be able to print at home, because I always forget at least one really important photo.Let's talk about scrapbooking www.abeautifulmess.com  Perfection is a major road block for me. When I was younger I scrapbooked every single thing. My scrapbooks were a diary of my daily life in photos. When I didn't have time to keep up with that pace anymore I quit altogether. These days I have made peace with photo albums. I started Project Life because it's more of a hybrid of scrapbooking and photo albums. This works for me, because it's simple and quick but still leaves room for creativity and journaling. 

I think that finding a method that works for you is the most important key to scrapbooking. Emma keeps photo albums, because that's what she's comforable with. I know people who make beautiful digital photo books after every vacation. Amazing? Yeah. Realistic for me? Nope. Find something that works for you

Moral of the story? If you want to do something, don't wait! Just start today. No more excuses.Let's talk about scrapbooking www.abeautifulmess.com   Let's talk about scrapbooking www.abeautifulmess.com   Here's a little peek at my most recent scrapbook pages. I love scrapbooks that are 90% photos, so that's what I tend to do. Where is your comfort zone with scrapbooking? I'd love to hear your thoughts! xo. Elsie 

  • Lovely! What kind of fine tipped pen did you use to write on your photos? I’ve had issues in the past with smearing and the pen not being fine enough to be able to freely write. This is a great post – please continue sharing your Project Life!

  • Project Life seems like the ideal scrapbook option, and all the ones I’ve seen (especially Elise’s, as someone pointed out) are gorgeous, but I’ve fallen for the more compact photo-book. My 2013 photobook is turning out to be very abeautifulmess inspired — you girls have given me the gumption to put text right on the photo! Thanks to you both for all you do and your gorgeous ideas!

  • Hye 🙂

    I love to read your blog and thanks for sharing interesting ideas!

    I just want to ask, what camera did you usually use for putting your pictures in your scrapbook? Did you bring your DSLR anywhere you go?

    Thank you! 😉

  • Elsie, I started Scrapbooking because you did in 2005 or something. I still love your style! 🙂

  • I LOVE to scrapbook but since I’ve moved to photography as a career, I’ve really ignored this favorite hobby of mine. I’d definitely like to start making time for it again!

  • You guys should make your own digital photo book template thing with all the fun cute things that are in your photo app!

  • i have to keep everything out so that when i get the urge to do 15 pages while watching some mindless tv… i just sit down and do it. The only downside – scrapbooking can get expensive!

    I love the idea of project life. It seems like it makes things a little easier!

  • I love the concept of Project Life and take the pics for them, but being the huuuge cheapskate that I am, I can’t buy all the products and print all the pictures. I have actually made 4×6 templates that mock Project Life pages. Just drag and drop

  • Next week I am going to print out all my photos from 2013! This is my last year of university and so much has happened and I want to have photo albums/scrapbooks of this time to look back on! So this post is rather topical for me!

    Ngaio xx

  • because of this post alone, I’m gonna buy your book-_- I want to scrapbook my photos and for that I want to take good photos.. *saves money*

  • I love scrapbooking! I got our first scrap book last year and filled up the entire space provided on our first 2 years together. Yikes!

  • i love your scrapbooking.. my excuse is i dont have room right now for the supplies.. cant wait to move into my own place and have a whole area for creating beautiful things!

  • If I had more time I’d definitely do more scrapbooking 🙂


  • I’m so pleased you did this post – I started following A Beautiful Mess because of your scrapbooks!

  • such a good idea, i love that you written on the actual images, something i must start doing!!

  • I started following you in the beginning for your awesome scrapbook pages. I’m so glad you’re scrapping again and sharing!!
    I’ve switched over to the Project Life style but I do traditional pages sometimes too.

  • Yours is lovely 🙂 I’ve never seemed to have an inclination towards scrapbooking (though I do LOVE scrapbooking paper, I typically use it to craft banners, jewelry or paper flowers instead 😉

  • Are you writing on the photos before you print them using the Bamboo writer, or are you using a special kind of pen and writing on the photo itself after it’s printed?

  • I love scrapbooking! But I do find it really exspensive to print the photos! Which is a shame because thats my favourite part so I print very rarely!


  • I make my own albums, using brown paper shopping bags for the foundation pages and then add designed paper or bits and pieces from magazines along with washi tape and baseball card holders that I cut to fit the sizes of my mini albums. I have a lot of stash and am now seeking to use that with recycled material from around the house. I love this proces and with me, photo’s and stories are most important.

  • You have reminded me that I need to get back into Scrapbooking! I have a half finished one, full of great memories of me & my now hubby!!! It’s just waiting in the spare room for me to finish – think I better get to it!

    Loving all your pics in this post 🙂

  • I never made a scrapbook but after reading this I feel like I would love to do this. Guess I excused myself a lot that’s why I didn’t start scrapbooking yet. I love your photos Elsie 🙂 and thanks for the little peek.
    Xo, Jess http://candywrappedappletree.blogspot.de/

  • My ‘new’ comfort zone with scrap booking is Project Life. I started this year because I was having the same problem of not having my photos printed and having too many events/people that I wanted to make pages for. Since I work full time and have 2 children I decided that what was realistic for me would be to make a spread for each month (although I do have a couple of months that are a bit more). This is working well. I’m finding that I cover a lot more ground as far as telling our family’s story, and that is making me very happy!

  • I LOVE it! I’ve been doing Project Life since Jan. 2013. I live in Hawaii, so most of it’s pictures too!
    Since receiving my Canon T3i Rebel for college graduation, I have made Apple photo books after every family vacation. My parents have tons and TONS of tubs.. of photos. They need something..
    Your pages are absolutely gorgeous! Please keep them coming! They’re so inspirational!

  • I started Project Life last year because my son was 13 so it worked better for me because I didn’t have as many photos as when he was little. And I think it documents more of life so he can look back on more than just photos. I do make tradition pages for my vacation albums and I have added traditional pages in my project life album when needed. I have also used the memory file system from Heidi Swspp, especially for trips or birthday or just something that has more of a story to it. I like to change things up sometimes. And by the way, I still have some of your line of products in my stash. 🙂

  • While I love doing it, I still feel a little weird about scrapbooking/journaling. I often wonder about the inevitable waste.

    I mean, when I’m old, how many books of memories and drawings will I have tucked away?? Probably enough to crush me. They will probably end up in a landfill or disassembled and sold (like lots of “vintage” photos on ebay) to younger scrapbookers.

    Multiply this by the number of people on this planet who spend time and money on this fun activity! That’s a lot of books! Plus, parents are making many copies for their multiple children! So it will increase in number every generation to come! Woah!

    My parents never took photos and ended up with probably three albums, one of which is on my shelf. My grandparents, even fewer than that. And the hilarious part, is that while we’re producing all of this stuff, no one will value them nearly as much as we do. Who wants photos of people they’ve never met at events they never attended?

    But it sure is fun, isn’t it?

  • I finally figured out (duh!) what I love and what stands out about your posts and scrapbook pages – the writing on the pictures! It is aesthetically beautiful and personal & the journaling is right there versus using a separate journal tag/piece. Scrapbooking can get overwhelming – like feeling you need to scrapbook everything and every picture. I am a sucker tho for scrapbooking products – papers, stickers, stamps & embellishments galore!

  • I could never scrapbook. I’d never put in the time, but they always look pretty!

  • Please ask Canon to release an update that makes the selphy print true 4×6??

  • Thanks for sharing your scrapbooking process, Elsie. I love scrapbooking but have been very slack lately with printing out my photos. So you’ve inspired me to find a process to store my own photos!

  • Looks great! I love Project Life, but I’m doing digital pages. You’re looks fantastic! I love the journalling on the photos like that! What pens do you use?

  • I love this post so much!

    I just re-started journaling (its my goal for year 26) and I would love to get back into scrapbooking! I did it all through high school and I treasure those books so much! Thank you for the inspiration!

  • Collecting memories whether in the form of scrap booking or photo albums is amazing. You get such a nostalgic feeling when you go through them. Thanks for the reminder and encouragement.

  • I would love to start a scrapbook. I still keep a journal, and multiple notebooks going at once, but it would be really nice to have something with photographs. Maybe even just a photo album? Because how tragic would it be if my hard drive crashed and I lost everything.. AH, don’t even want to think about it.

    Alex from www.polkadottedpixels.com

  • I literally scrapbooked MY WHOLE LIFE in high school and have not done it since. It was literally the only time in my life when I would forget to eat a meal! Hahaha those were the days. I LOVE your pics and your scrapbook style 🙂

    Dana Ivy
    www.iadorewhatilove.com – Check out my blog!!

  • This is so awesome! I did a similar post the other day, lamenting the fact that I used to write all the time in a journal and have instead started just using my blog. While it’s really awesome to write and have pictures online, I definitely agree that there’s something much more special to have them printed out where you can touch them and pore over the photos in one place. This is just the inspiration I needed! Thanks!

  • What kind of pen do you use to write on the pictures? Or is it with the computer?

  • This post inspired me to start my own scrapbook. I have around 10 000 photos stored on my hard disk and I’ve always wanted to do something special with them. Thanks for this beautiful post. Your idea and scrapbook are beautiful.

  • This looks like such a lovely hobby, definitely makes me want to print some of my photos and get started!

  • I am really excited about this post and Project Life. I just went through a breakup with my boyfriend of nearly 3 years — a person I thought I would be with for a lot longer — and I always regretted not having photos or scrapbooks of our time together (my family loves scrapbooks). Now, I don’t regret it at all. I see my new start (moving home to help my mom with her awesome yarn store) as a great opportunity to start writing my future — and recording it. I was a little worried that the equipment would be too expensive but the little printer your recommended is definitely affordable! And so is the photo paper. With so much encouragement, I feel like I can confidently start a Project Life book this year 🙂

  • Really interesting post!ive totally stopped printing my photos and I’ve got an awesome little camera printer!will have to get back my love of keeping photo albums again!

  • I like the idea of doodling and writing on the photos themselves and using less card stock and scrapbook accessories. I find that’s where it gets expensive, frustrating and overwhelming. Thanks for the tips!!


  • This is a beautiful project idea ~ I’ve been trying to think of a great way to celebrate the fact that my fiancé and I are will be getting married a year on Thursday… beginning a scrapbook to document the year running up to the wedding is a very tempting idea! I’m not that great a photographer, though… if only somebody had recently published a book of photo ideas! 😉 x

  • I think the point of scrapbooks is to document your life with photos and mementos. I’m not a fan of paper cut outs and stickers. My sister is way into scrap-booking and I have boxes and thumb drives full of pictures. I’m still trying to figure out where I stand between photos and other stuff. 🙂

  • I’m still a traditional style scrapper, but I really want to do a PL style album for my travel pics. I love that we have so many more options these days, what with different photo sizes and ways of recording the memories! Glad to see you’ve come back to the scrappy-side, I took a break too, but recently fell back in love with it 🙂

  • I love your scrapbook! I think if I were to do one I’d make it predominantly a photo album, but intermix a few non-picture items, like your 2013 playing card. I should really start one. I’ve been wanting to do more artsy things like that anyway. 🙂

  • this looks amazing! all the photos have so much life in them! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

  • Your handwriting & photo combos are awesome. Love your style! It’s a treat to see folk’s project life albums.

    I am an avid digital scrapbooker. I rarely print anything, even photos, much less albums; I am on the computer or a mobile device often, and it’s just easier for me to view my pages and photos there, or from the Apple TV. Plus, I can reuse supplies to my heart’s content (saving $$), and there is always the magical Undo command! I tried paper scrapping years ago, but it wasn’t for me.


  • Love this! I too used to scrapbook EVERY. LITTLE. THING. But these days I just don’t have the time or patience for it- I’m in my Sophomore year of college and still have things from my Freshman year of high school I wish I’d scrapbooked. I started photo albums but those too just got pushed to the back burner. This is a great twist and I can’t wait to start trying out some of these ideas.

  • I followed your scrapbooking for a long time and even have your book – which has inspired many a page to be sure. So glad to see you back in it. I was wondering where you got to.

  • I love your scrapbook, I want to start one, but I’m still figuring out how I want to go about it. I love your approach, thankyou for sharing!
    Yasmine xx

  • I love scrapbooking too! I used to just cram anything I thought was pretty onto a page, but now I record everything I do in images, with only a few words, it’s one of my favourite things to do! xo

  • thanks for the peek at your scrapbook- they look awesome and are inspiring! can you comment or update the post to let us know what you used for supplies – specifically wondering about the clear pockets and the pen you use to write on photos (or is that type digital?). Also does the Canon print with no borders?


  • The idea of creating scrapbooks is just great. I have not hear about it before. I always just decorate some photo albums and if just after some very important causes. My aim is to take some more photos of my life. (I always just take photos of my home). Thank you so much for one more inspiration! Rosa of madeathomeland.blogspot.com

  • I love scrapbooking but I too make all the excuses. I still have about 30 rolls of 35mm needing to be developed! They are only about 9 years old. A Hot Mess is what that is. Anyway I still love it and really need to go do something about it. Thanks for the encouragement.

  • my scrapbook comfort zone is currently: shoot, print, paste in a book of white pages, set on the coffee table with a box of markers and wait.

    i live with 4 men and im always “forcing” them into crafts/art projects- but its fantastic to see them pick up the book on their own and start writing comments and anecdotes around the photos with silly illustrations. it’s also really nice for me to be able to pick up the book whenever and doodle and decorate the pages at my leisure.

    we’re on book two now. they are so personal and i love the collaboration and LOW STRESS =) just fun- the way it should be.

    love from the colorado rockies, adele

  • I’d really like to do a Project Life book…maybe this winter when things slow down a little bit. I do have a plain sketch book that I’m writing about events that happen with my guy & I & when I get a big bulk order of photos, I’ll put in 10 pages of pictures or so along with whatever we have from the events. I’m including something I love about him as I go, too, so that way we can have the book when we get married & however many it winds up being to have our story written down as it happens.

    I also love the photo books on shutterfly! I did a summer book last summer along with a trip to Disney World book- only problem is you can’t put physical stuff in the book. But yeah, if I had the time, I’d scrapbook everything but I’ll take a little at a time. =) Thanks for the inspiration!

  • After selling my store, I was depressed and not only did I not print photos for 2 years, I DIDN’T TAKE ANY. Nothing more than a camera snap here and there of my kids. And then things got better, and I wanted to SEE the pages with my photos again.. and yep, Project Life is the only way to go for me. If I want to throw in a 12x fully scrapbooked page, I CAN. If I don’t, THAT’S OK TOO. I love this, and you too!

  • I actually LOVE scrapbooking, LOVE (lovelovelove) paper and am very artistic but a 12×12 page overwhelms me! I just finished my very first book and I’m pumped! What a seemingly silly thing to feel accomplishment over but I do! I am super excited to start a new Project Life book. I love the grid look and the boundaries it provides with the freedom to get creative (like you said). I started a PL subscription kit and my binder is all ready. I got my Insta-photos printed by FoxGram and Origrami (<- they look like Polaroids!) and it's all just sitting, waiting, for my kit to come. I can't wait! I used to think "I don't have kids so why should I bother?" I don't have kids and don't plan to, but why the heck shouldn't I still have an amazing scrapbook?! This is the most exciting time in my life! I have lost a bunch of weight, I am starting a business, I feel like I am on the edge of some fabulous years and I want to make sure I get every piece so when I'm old and crotchety I have something cool to thumb through while I sit on my porch and yell at kids in my yard.

  • I love scrapbooks, their so fun to make! <3


  • I love scrapbooking yours looks so much nicer then mine but now you’ve inspired me to be more decorative with it and think out of the box! thank you! xx. gigi. www.gigikkitchen.blogspot.com

  • Thank you so much for sharing this Elsie! I was curious what you used to print the smaller pictures since you mentioned that the 4×6’s are printed with a Canon photo printer? Or how do you achieve the fun look of making a larger picture into 4 squares like you did with your one year anniversary picture in your Project Life post? Would love to hear how you achieve these looks! xo, W

  • I have that same printer! It’s so convenient, and makes it simple to print Instagram photos at home too! I just take the 1:1 size, and put it in a 4×6 project in photoshop, print, then trim the excess. The picture itself will come out to be 4×4, which is a good size for scrapping.

    I’m so glad you’re scrapping again! Whenever you used to ask for those survey responses about your blog, I’d always say I miss your scrapbooking! Amy Tangerine’s clear stamp sets always remind me of your doodles. 🙂

  • Once I get behind I feel so defeated! I’m still trying to finish our wedding scrapbook (we got married 2 years ago!!)

  • I love scrapbooking! This is actually one of my favourite things to do during weekends. I always get so much inspiration from magazines that I just need to make collages out of it to soak it all in 🙂 Yours look absolutely beautiful I have to say!

  • I think we definitely have to go beyond the stereotype of what scrapbooking can be… even instagramming is scrapbooking in a different form. Do what you love andw orks for you!

  • What a beautiful idea. What I was wondering about, do you write the text on the photos after printing or in PS? xx


  • Great project idea for lazy days….

    PS. I love that you took pictures of your pictures haha!

  • these photos look so great. i might have to look into that printer for such high quality photos from home! i desperately need to start a photo album (or maybe even a scrapbook!?). also, i love your handwriting. jealous over here with my chicken scratch. >:P

  • I love iiiit <3 It is so beautiful <3 I made one for my boyfriend as an anniversary gift 🙂

  • My scrapbooking story is a lot like yours. I used to be completely immersed in it. I worked in a scrapbook store for 4 years, worked in crops and classes, and was on a design team. I amassed a closet filled with supplies (including some of yours which we carried in our store!) The problem was that I thought all my layouts had to be big and complex and perfect. So many techniques and products. One layout would take me an entire day. It was just too much. Life became busy, and I just quit. It’s been two years since I touched anything in my scrapbook closet, and I just the other day cleaned it out. I probably gave away about 1/3 of everything I own in there. And I’m going to start scrapbooking again, but this time, it’ll be more simple. I’m planning to do something like project life but my own version that’s more of an art journal.

  • Thank you for this…. I take daily photos even did a 365 project and I still have the photos on my computer somewhere. I have two questions… What printer would you recommend for those Nikon people out there? And have you ever bought those iPhone/iPad printers??

  • Oh I love this! I fell off the scrapbooking bandwagon, but this inspired me to start again! I have been looking for a photo printer, so thanks for the suggestion!

    Juliette Laura

  • I really loved scrapbooking, but after losing my job and having a baby to clothe and feed, I simply cannot afford it anymore. I really like project life, but don’t think I have the funds to get started 🙁

  • I really like the layout of these! I make photo books instead of scrap booking. It looks really cool though!


  • “If you want to do something, don’t wait! Just start today. No more excuses.”

    Best phrase ever! Elsie, I must tell you: you inspire me everyday. It’s so good to see a person so full of passion for life.

    Thanks for all the things you share.
    I’m going to print some of my photos to and start a new item on my list: scrapbooking.

  • Love your scrapbooking ideas, the pages and photos are lovely.
    I can’t wait to get my new camera for my birthday and to start making time for this sort of thing.

  • I love how your scrapbook looks! I am definitely thinking of doing the project life.

  • i’ve been wanting to do project life for a while now but just haven’t gotten around to it. thanks for the push! today’s the day!

  • Project Life seems really interesting to me, but I’d definitely need to be able to print photos from home for that to be convenient enough for me to use; it’s definitely on my list of things that I’d like to try doing.

  • Thank you thank you for introducing me to Project Life! I just read your earlier post and everything you experienced with scrapbook fatigue has happened to me. I’m five years out of college and never scrapbooked my senior year and the depth of pictures I have to scrapbook is just so overwhelming to me now! I’m 100% going to try this method. Now I just need to find the perfect kit. You should seriously design one. That would be amazing!

  • I love the idea of writing directly on photos! Takes so much focus off of kitschy details and puts it back on the memories!

  • I scrapbooked in the past, and had the same experience. I quit (very) early on, and also stopped printing photos all together. True be told, for a long time I didn’t really take pictures at all! I don’t know why, but I just don’t normally think to pull out a camera and snap a picture. I end up regretting it a lot, too! So after we got photos from our wedding I decided that I wanted to do a scrapbook for them. I don’t like buying all the fancy paper, stickers, and embellishments, it’s just too much. Instead, I’m smooshing (technical terms here) several photos to a page and every couple of pages adding something personal to us, like handwritten stories, song lyrics, or receipts, etc. Afrer that’s finished, I’m not sure what I’ll do!

  • I love scrapbooking now after being inspired by one of your ecourses. I did my first ‘proper’ scrap book last year and collect all sorts all the time to put in – cinema stubs, bus tickets, boarding passes. Anything from that moment in time that in 10 years I can look back at and go ‘remember when buses had tickets and not swipe cards which are embedded in our fingernails?’ or whatever it may be… I tend to get a few months worth of photos printed at a time, including Instagram photos, and then dedicate a few evenings to sticking and writing. It’s so much fun to look back on.
    You can have a look here if you really like! Scrapbook 2012 Part One

    Rosie x Every Word Handwritten

  • I’ve collected a ton of scrapbooking supplies over the years so the thought of getting all new albums and sleeves when project life came out it was a bit daunting…so i’ve resolved to just make my scrapbook pages more project life-esque by filling the page with photos and embellish minimally with my ribbons, decorative papers, journaling etc. I think having the 12 x 12 space of a sheet of scrapbook paper to work with I would have even more freedom than slots in project life sleeves to fit more photos on it. So in short the best way to describe it would be becoming a minimalist scrapbooker 🙂

  • I am so excited about the PL collection you and Emma are releasing!!!

  • I love taking pictures but most of them just end up sitting on my computer taking up space. I just discovered Project Life and I’m so excited to get started.

  • You need scrapbooks or albums for late-night-too-many-cocktails-sit-around-and-remember-sessions. It’s just not the same on a screen.

  • so simple and beautiful! this looks like something i could actually keep up and do. i love how you write right on the images! thanks for sharing!

  • I have so many vacation photos that I would like to print out but I hate going to the store to print them. Having a little photo printer at home would make it so much easier! Cute ideas 🙂

  • No more excuses! I so needed to hear this right now! I started project life earlier this year, but ran out of steam after just a few pages… need to get back on track and get printing again. I think it would really help if I had a photo printer at home, need to get on that. I still love your journaling.. your handwriting is the best. xo

  • My story is so similar to yours Elsie. I started scrapbooking over 10 years ago. I have so many supplies still. But the photos overtook everything after going digital. In June I decided that Digital Project Life was the solution I was looking for. It’s been so easy to catch up on this year’s memories. Now I use my paper stash for cardmaking.

  • I love looking at people’s Project Life albums – Elise Cripe’s is especially beautiful – and I always want to start but get stopped by the excuses. My biggest excuse is that I know I’d do it fantastically well for about 3 or 4 weeks but then I’d fall behind and never catch up…..which is the same reason I stopped buying diaries because I never get past January.

    I knew when I moved away 6 months ago I wanted to document this exciting time which is why I started the blog – I guess I’m digitally scrapbooking right now 🙂


  • i love this!! i used to scrapbook but since having little ones i totally procrastinate… i love this simple version as i too, like mostly photos, i have to try it!

  • I like that you kind of made a diary, photo album and a scrapbook in one!


  • Gorgeous and I love the writing effects on the pictures, too!! 🙂

  • Oh I was wondering if you ever scrapbooked anymore. I haven’t scrapbooked in ages myself. I do think about it still. It was such a creative outlet for me once. My current excuse: It’s so messy to clean up after … ha ha 🙂

  • Love love love your photos. I’ve always scrapbooked…since I was a little girl. I stopped doing traditional scrapbooking because like you – I’m a perfectionist and I didn’t have as much time to dedicate to it.

    I started up again February of this year with Project Life and love the simplicity of it. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to document their life without all the extra “phloof” of traditional scrapbooking.

    Thanks for sharing your pages and story, Elsie.

  • Always loved simple photo albums and hated the idea of scrapbooks. Then I found out about Project Life albums and started one this past February as soon as I got married (to document our first year). I’m loving it and definitely want to keep it up. The only not-so-fun part for me is getting the photos printed. I’ve been wanting this printer to simplify the process.

  • I absolutely love your handwriting! I would love to see more project life posts 🙂

  • I really love that you showed that scrapbooking is cool. And there are so many ways to save your memories. I am an art journalist rather than a typical scrapbooker or project lifer. But it actually doesn’t matter how you do it that it becomes a pleasurable way to capture and preserve your memories.

  • I am only 15 and haven’t ever thought of scrapbooking myself. My mom used to scrapbook all the time and she made my siblings and me baby books, but now she doesn’t scrapbook. I would look through hers and love looking at old pictures but I never found them to be “cute” enough for me to do them. Seeing yours where you have just written on the picture I totally want to give it a try!

  • I remember those old photo holders! Oh boy, nostalgic times…Very cute photos!

  • Thank you so much for this post! I just bought all of the stuff to begin project life, but I’ve been feeling overwhelmed about how to go about it. I love your idea of mostly photos with embellishments here and there! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Those recent pages of yours look really pretty. I prefer photos too.

  • I love scrapbooking and when I sit and start I really enjoy it, but most of the time I am like you say making excuses, procrastinating. I have to admit I haven´t find my ideal yet, but i am working on that. Glad you share 🙂 Muack

  • Your scrapbooking is lovely! I’ve never really tried scrapbooking, honestly, but it looks fun! I’m working on being better about taking photos of my daily life so once I have more to document I might give it a shot!


  • that looks really beautiful!
    I tend to draw a lot, a few photos and a bit of text

  • After years of traditional scrapbooking, I’m doing all Project Life now. Much more manageable and I can get so much more of the day to day small moments that make our lives so special. I am so glad to see you getting back into and look forward to more glimpses of how you are doing a Project Life scrapbook!!

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