Let’s Talk About Toast

Toast toppings! www.abeautifulmess.comWho doesn't love toast? We're obsessed over here. But I'll let you in on a little secret. It's mostly about the toppings! So, behold! Today I present to you six toppings for your toast that go way beyond butter and jam. 

I make my toast with a big sliced up loaf of French bread. It's fun to serve in a big basket with a giant plate of toppings for everyone to try and enjoy. Toast makes a great picnic food or back porch (with a bottle of wine?) treat.I love toast! www.abeautifulmess.com1. Granny smith apple, blue cheese and honey. This toast is sweet and a little tart. I love blue cheese! 2. Cream cheese, lox and tomato. Kinda like bagels and lox, except I forgot the capers and the onions. 🙂 I actually love this more simple version—maybe with a little bit of sea salt too. Cream cheese and cured meat are one of the most delicious combos on the planet. We're obsessed with salmon. Trey stole all of it as soon as I was done snapping these photos. Haha. The perks of food blogging—there is always a snack to steal!Mmmm toast! www.abeautifulmess.com3. Caprese inspired toast. This one has cream cheese, tomato, fresh basil and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese. So delicious. At the moment, I feel like I am adding basil to everything, even cocktails. 4. Hummus and peas. Everything goes with hummus. It's so yummy!Delicious toast inpsiration! www.abeautifulmess.com5. Again with the cream cheese (can you tell I really like it?) this time with tomatos and peas. This is another favorite combo. It's so good, and it's pretty too! 6. Guacamole toast! Don't even get me started on how much I love guacamole. It's too much. Here's my favorite recipe

So, who's in the mood for toast now? Do you have a favorite toast topping? I'd love to hear. xoxo. Elsie 

  • Almond Butter, Honey, and Banana!


    Strawberry Cream cheese and nutella!

    (do it. trust me!)

  • My favorite toast topping is avocado with balsamic vinegar and a bit of salt, with a fried egg!

  • I am totally with you on the love for guac!! Most of my lunch today consisted of feasting off guacamole and sweet potato tortilla chips!

  • Oh man this looks delicious! I have practically been living off of hummus, tomato and pepper toast. This makes me want to try some new variations for dinner tonight.


  • Yum…I’m putting the guac toast on my lunch menu. That sounds soooo good.

  • You guys are so fantastic – thanks for sharing all your ideas and projects.

  • Mushed avocado, a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt – favorite. toast. ever.
    I was shown this while visiting family in South Africa and it’s been my go-to toast ever since. So simple and delicious!

  • Peas on toast… that is one very foreign combination, still can’t get my tastebuds and head around it!

  • Very creative ideas – mmm!


  • Anything with cream cheese will do !


  • I actually love doing sliced hard-boiled egg, sliced tomato, a little pepper, with melted cheese (provolone is good) over the slice of toast. yum! sometimes a few cubes of fresh avocado too.

  • I LOVE toast! this is a beautiful post.
    (for a second i thought the hummus and peas was peanut butter and peas!)

  • All of these look great! I NEVER would have thought of peas on toast. Olives would be yummy too.

  • Never would have though of adding those to toast. I just stick witc choc spread and these are such healthy optiion too. Thanks girls.


  • Those are great! I love tomato jam with brie cheese or pear with blue cheese too

  • I LOVE toast! And although it’s boring my favourite way to have toast is to butter it really fast as soon as the toaster pops and then est when its still hot.. so good

  • Cheese, avocado, salt, lemongrass pepper, nom nom. Yup could eat one now!


  • I love toasts! In Spain is very usual to have them for breakfast, specially with tomato, olive oil and “jamon” (ham-prosciutto type). You can have it two ways. In Andalucia (the south) we grate the tomato to spread it on the bread. In Barcelona they take very mature tomatoes, they cut them in half and they rubb the half tomato on the bread. Either way, they are goooooood with an orange juice. 🙂

  • My latest favourite is cream cheese with avocado. Try it is realy nice!

  • I love topping toasted bread with goat cheese! I’ve paired it with caramelized onions as well as roasted eggplant. Both were delicious!

  • Cottage cheese, sweet chilli sauce and corriander (or bean sprouts)… yum!

  • I freaking LOVE toast! The Caprese inspired toast and Guac toast look amazing. I’m going to make some now.

  • Joy the baker recently did a series about toast and toppings on her blog. It was awesome! You should check it out!

  • I am really looking forward to trying some of these combintions now! One of my favourites is poached eggs, salmon and capers. Another which is kind of my quick and easy morning treat is Vegemite and Avocado (I’m Australian haha) xx

  • Yum! These combinations look delicious! I love to eat toast with cream cheese, preserves, and a pinch of salt. I love the sweet and savory combination.


    Ladyface Blog

  • The lox and cream cheese looks fantastic. I have to learn to be more adventurous with my toast, usually it’s just peanut butter for me.

  • Toast is seriously my favorite food! I like to use sunflower bread and farm fresh butter. Nutella is of course amazing. Greek yogurt make a more healthy spread, and can be savory or sweet. I can’t wait to try these. Thanks for the toast love, ladies.

  • I love this!! A couple of my own: peanut butter, cucumber slices and a sprinkle of pepper! Also, dark chocolate spread, sliced up banana, and some strawberries on the side! 😀

  • Mmmmm the cream cheese, tomato, basil and cheese one looks amazing! I love thick toast made of french bread 🙂


  • I always love a good fried egg + spicy salsa ontop of a piece of toast. PB + honey is a crowd pleaser too. 🙂

  • Love this! Mmm that Caprese one looks so good and I LOVE blue cheese too. I love an apple and brie combo as well.

  • That first mix of toppings sounds awesome!
    xo Heather

  • Blue Cheese and honey is my favorite!Jana @ 333 Days of Hand Lettering

  • try subbing mascarpone for cream cheese. it will rock your world!

  • Ricotta and pear slices with a dusting of cinnamon is my favourite toast topping.

  • I love the pear, honey and blue cheese combo. Yum yum.


  • I’m a toast enthusiast and cannot wait to try out your ideas! Especially the second option. 🙂

    Ammy x

  • Caramelised onion and melted strong cheddar is a winner comfort food for me, or just plain old marmite.

    Gemma typically.pretty.english

  • Yuuumm, I love toast!

    French bread is the best!

    xo Becky

  • This is such a cute post! This is such a good way to spice toast up a little bit!

  • These are amazing. I love toast with tomatoes and cream cheese, but I’ll definitely need to try it with peas too. I’m also an avocado toast addict, as you can see… http://ow.ly/lkUW4

  • If you are obsessed with basil, try adding it to homemade jam. I made a combination of different berries (raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, currant) and basil last year and not to brag but it’s one of the best jams I’ve tried so far. It adds that little extra spice 🙂


    You should try smoked salmon with scrambled egg, with a hint of chilli in the egg.. my family have this every Christmas morning with bucks fizz (champagne and orange juice) 🙂

    Rosie x


  • The toppings are always the best part! These all sound delish!


    Runway Chef

  • I have a current addiction to pesto and melted cheese….yummy…awh now I’m so so hungry!


  • Interesting toppings! Great idea.

    Carina xx

  • These look delish! Very different! 🙂

    Kelly xx


  • Oh, I really love toast. The one with blue cheese and honey sound so yummi, I have to try it. 🙂

  • Wow, this looks incredibly delicious. I’m going to have to snag a loaf of french bread during my trip in town today!

    ps~ I bought your online ecourse (the Blog Love one) and I absolutely love it! I have since transferred platforms to TypePad and completely redesigned my blog! I’ve still got a lot to learn, but your course was extremely helpful. Thank you.



  • Toast is the best! My favorite is avacado toast or toast with warm peanut butter!

    xo Jennifer


  • yum! what a great post. I love toast and this has given me loads of ideas! thanks! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @ www.gigikkitchen.blogspot.com

  • Love it! My Dad’s nickname for me is “Toast Queen”. I pretty much survive on toast. My favourite is mashed avocado and cherry tomatoes with a bit of lemon juice and salt.

  • All of these combos sound amazing, and I am officially ready to toast a huge piece of bread and munch away!

  • Gurrrrrl you nailed it! If only I could eat toast for every meal….

  • It’s definitely all about the toppings!
    Avocado + egg + sea salt and pepper is my favorite savory combo and my favorite sweet combination is peanut butter + banana + cinnamon + sea salt. Yum and yum!


  • Nice, good toast ideas. I normally go with peanut butter and honey because I love how the peanut butter gets all melted. But caprese on toast is always great!

    I also like brie on toast. But who doesn’t?

  • So simple! YUM!

    xo Lisa

  • yum, these look delicious! I like lox and cream cheese a lot 🙂 oh, and Tomato, Mayo, and Cheese are awesome!

  • My favorite is olive oil, mashed tomato and prosciutto. I had it at a restaurant in Venice

  • These are great suggestions, I never thought of adding any adventurous to toast. Peas are a brilliant idea!


  • One of the saddest things about not eating bread is not being able to eat toast! These combinations look super tasty!

  • I don’t eat this all the time but its gralear as a treat! White asparagus, ham, mushrooms, cheese and a little bit of pepper and put in the oven till melty! Yum!

  • avocado feta toast, i’m obsessed!

  • Yummy! Great ideas!



  • That’s a very yummy post!


  • Very cool ideas! I’m a pretty traditional gal, with butter and honey on my toast, but I also love adding different cheeses with pepper jellies!


  • The hummus & pea toast sounds delicious!

    Lulu xx


  • I love just a little cinnamon and sugar on my toast. So classic. It’s definitely a comfort breakfast food!

  • These look so delicious! What a lovely picnic idea.


  • Ah I love toast, I think the guacamole toast is my fav one here! Lovely photos.


  • SOME GREAT IDEAS! My favourite is prosciuto ham and guacamole!


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  • Our favourite topping atm is Avocado sliced up and some Spring onion and salt and pepper. Another one is chickpeas mashed roughly with a fork, mixed with olive oil and seasoned with salt, pepper and some coriander if you like it, topped with slices of radish, sooo good!

    Oh yeah and we use homemade Ryebread. 🙂

  • What wonderful ideas! I normally just have jam ha! x


  • I’m not usually too creative with toast…usually I just put peanut butter or nutella on it. Sometimes I do butter with cinnamon sugar or peanut butter with cinnamon sugar though, because I have a major sweet tooth! I’ll have to try some of these though, since I pretty much prefer bread to be toasted if I have the option. 🙂

  • mmm that Caprese toast looks amazing! I like cream cheese, sliced radishes and a sprinkle of sea salt.

  • I had to check the caption as I thought that was peanut butter and peas! Ewwww. Some of these sound delicious and I love toast too.

  • Love this post! I’m going to have to try all of these ideas out!

  • oh my! This is my lunch every day! I’ve become an expert and we even always make bread and put out a lot of toppings at our parties! This was super helpful, I’ve never really found what to do with the peas…

  • Never thought of putting them on toast before!

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  • pssst! just saw your ‘a beautiful mess’ featured on daily candy! 🙂 congrats!!

  • When I lived on Crete the bread was so amazing that I ate it with everything- Greek cheeses, tahini + cinammon, honey and walnuts, mizythra, strawberries and honey (possibly my favorite thing ever.)

    Nowadays I have my toast with marmite, which my British boyfriend insisted on buying for me…but I have to sneak some olive oil on there, otherwise it’s too salty!

    Can’t wait to try bread with hummus and peas 🙂

  • …if I remember right, ‘lox’ is the American for ‘smoked salmon’ 😉


  • I love these combos! Definitely interested in trying a couple of the more unique versions. My husband loves my food blogging. Between cakes and meals, he doesn’t dare complain about the mess 😛


  • I’m so in the mood for toast now! Actually it’s been forever since I had toast, and I’m really missing it!

  • MMMM gorgeous! so many toppings for toast or crackers!

    It’s sort of like an open sandwich which i like lots more than closed sandwiches! logic? none!



  • I love olive oil, tomato, sea salt, and garlic on sourdough, a very palatable way to get some fresh garlic in your system!

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