Let’s Talk About Wallpaper

Let's Talk About Wallpaper (Where to shop! www.abeautifulmess.com )So this past year my heart changed toward wallpaper. Actually, I would say we fell in love.

I was like the Grinch when his heart grew three sizes—

The grinch…. Wallpaper did this to me, you guys. ♥♥♥♥ 

I guess there was always a (little) part of my heart that loved wallpaper. It’s just that 99% of what I see in homes isn’t my cup of tea. Occasionally there is a granny floral that sweeps me off my feet, but most of the time (ESPECIALLY while house shopping), I would view wallpaper as a chore or an obstacle. I couldn’t imagine myself spending so much money on something that a future owner would immediately rip down from the walls. Paint is typically so much more affordable than wallpaper. So I never made it a priority or gave it too much thought. 

And then, slowly, over time I started to notice that stores were carrying cooler and COOLER wallpaper. Even some of my favorite brands (like Rifle paper) came out with full collections. And I knew it was time to open my heart. 

As soon as I did, I became obsessed! And I noticed that every book, magazine, and blog I read had another stunning wallpapered wall. Lately I’ve been shopping, ordering samples, and picking out my own perfect assortment of patterns for my home. And in doing so I discovered many other inspiring sources! And since I don’t have unlimited walls, I thought I would share them with you incase some of you are in the process of expanding your hearts as well. Enjoy! 

PS—If you’re a renter, skip to the bottom for my favorite removable wallpaper source! Yep—it’s a total game changer! 

Elsie’s Favorite Wallpaper Sources:

Anthro always has a nicely curated variety in stock.

Anthropologie wallpaperThese are a few of my favorite florals! The bold, colorful floral I am holding above is from there too. 

Rifle Paper Co.
I love the patterns that Anna Rifle Bond creates. I’ve been debating about one of these for our home.

Rifle Paper co wallpaperThe city toile is too good. I love it in gold!  Also very into the safari print. What do you think? Should that print just go in children’s rooms or all over the home? 

Aimee Wilder
I love these fun prints! 

Aimee Wilder wallpaperThis pineapple print is too perfect for a kitchen or breakfast nook. And I love this blue floral. Also really like her love molecules print

Hygge & West
This shop carries a really nice variety of classic and trendy wallpapers including designs by Julia Rotham and Oh Joy! Hygge and West wallpaper


I am super excited about this hand print by Geoff McFetridge (heart eyes!!!). I think I am going to use it in a small bathroom. What would you use it for? 

Pottok wallpaperFarrow & Ball

I really like this line for adding texture and a little color without a completely overwhelming pattern. I think the Tourbillon pattern is my favorite. I also love that they are available in a huge variety of colors. 

Farrow & Ball wallpaperFine Little Day
I’m a longtime fan of this Swedish company. Their wallpaper prints are beautiful and unique.

Fine Little Day wallpaperFerm Living 
I will always love a bold black and white pattern. This marbled wallpaper is also super pretty. Maybe for a bathroom?

Ferm Living wallpaperGrow House Grow
Some nice patterns designed by Katie Deedy. 

Grow House Grow WallpaperAbigail Edwards
This seascape pattern is amazing. I especially love the black and white version. 

Abigail Edwards wallpaperJuju Papers
Beautiful hand printed papers from Portland, Oregon. Lots of metallic options! 

Juju PapersJonathan Adler
You probably already know that I am a huge Jonathan Adler fan and have even been guilty of referring to him is “my boo” and “my bestie” (both totally true, but maybe one-sided). Well, his wallpaper is pretty amazing. The one I am particularly smitten with is this gold splatter design. 

Jonathan AdlerI stole this photo from his insta because the product photo is digi and I think a real photo is needed to really see the pattern. In love with this pattern! It’s simple enough to hang almost any art over, which is really nice! 

Kate Zaremba Company
Super pretty options for removable wallpaper! 

Awesome removable wallpaper! I haven’t tried this paper, but her site states that this paper will last up to 20 years, but you can remove it at any time. I am definitely going to order some test swatches. That swan pattern is my jam! 

Here’s one more from Kate Zaremba— 

Kate zaremba removable wallpaperI hope you’ve enjoyed this guide to wallpaper sources! Now, if you know of any sources I missed, please let me know in the comments so I can check them out. Happy wallpaper dreaming. xx- Elsie 

Credits// Author: Elsie Larson, Photography (opening image only): Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess Actions

  • I personally couldn’t recommend https://www.wallsauce.com enough – loads of wallpaper/mural designs and photos to choose from, can upload your own images and it’s all peel & stick (self-adhesive) so it doesn’t damage your walls!

  • I love these designs, this is so in. i have these in my hotel and plush wallpaper do similar design too

  • Hi there,

    I am an 27 year old Belgian graphic designer.
    I visit your blog every day and I am just amazed about what you guys are doing, you give me all this inspiration to make my house a home,
    wich is hard sometimes because i live very small and in an old house..
    Does an Europea girl also has a chance to win one of the things that you guys give away sometimes, like now the printer?
    I’m not sure if this is possible or only in America someone can win?) (I really really want the printer, like many of us I guess) but can’t seem to find it anywhere in Belgium?

    What I also wanted to share is this: I LOVED the wallpaper with the hands,
    but because it’s not possible for me to buy it I just thougt to paint in onto my livingroom wall myself..
    It would be great to hear you girls’s opinion? I added the link to the pictures dropbox.

    Thank you all so much for brighten up my day, every single day again..
    (sometimes I wish I was American too, so I could be a little more interactive 🙂
    Just the way things are 🙂

    Thanks again, Britt


  • My mind has been blown by the idea of removable wallpaper!! Do you guys have any plans to test some out? As a renter, I’m really curious about how good they are (and if they are as “removable” as they say…).

  • Love Love Love the wallpaper thing going on lately! I live in a rental so we haven’t wallpapered a whole wall yet but one day…

  • We have textured wallpapers in our house, they have a really deep pattern to them & stuff, and we paint over them every couple of years. It hasn’t effected the wallpaper at all! (Its been a light green, pastel yellow, very very light brown… & its still in good condition!)

  • Wow! I love these! All the rooms in my house are wallpapered. Growing up I asked if I could paint my room because I just love to paint everything but my mum told me that our walls couldn’t be painted on. So I always believed that you had to have a certain kind of wall that can have paint on. Honestly I don’t understand why we brought & spent time on putting plain lilac wallpaper on my walls when I could’ve just painted it. & I wish I had because I no longer like the colour & want to change it but can’t! So I think my hearts going in the opposite direction than you lol, but I do love those Grow House Grow & Juju Papers wallpapers!

    Emma | emmaandout.blogspot.co.uk

  • Hi Elsie!

    I’ve been following Instagrammer Hanna Wendelbo who works at Sandberg Wallpaper in Sweden. Another IGer I could suggest is David Carlson FBO, who wears many business hats, but is known for wallpaper as well.

    Happy wallpapering, can’t wait to see what you do!

  • Oh man, you’ve got me so stoked to do some feature walls in my new place. That black and white striped beauty and the pineapple one are on point!

  • Regarding textured walls and wallpaper, the higher shine the surface of the wallpaper, and the more open the print the more the texture will show. There is actually something called wallpaper liner which acts like a sponge on one side and fills in the texture first, then you paper over it to get the smooth effect you are after.

    Removing wallpaper which is old is like working on a green screen computer!! soo long ago, and the technology has moved forward 100 years! Thry a product call Wall Wick for easy removal and try Sure Strip products from York Wallcoverings for easy application and removal. It comes down in full strips and they use a spray bottle , no water trays and mess for application. Cool patterns too!

  • This is totally off topic but where did you get that cute red skirt Elsie???

  • Thanks for all of these resources! I love so many of these patterns — and I never really considered wallpaper an option before.

  • I may have missed it in the post, but what is the source of the big mult-colored floral print you are holding in the first photo? Thank you!

  • This is so not about wallpaper (though they’re all gorgeous) but I’d love to know where that amazing skirt is from! 🙂

  • I only learned that removable wallpaper is even a thing a couple of days ago. I felt my life change a little bit that day. I also felt my bank balance die a little bit.

  • So, this is nothing to do with the post, but where is your skirt from? It is absolutely stunning!

  • I think I’ve seen that Anthropology floral paper on an accent wall at the Studio 417 South location. I love it!!!

  • I love the Gold splattered, the Pineapples and the marble effects, looks like you’re going to have a lot of fun picking it out! x

  • I’ve always lusted over beautiful wallpapers but never really considered putting any in my own home. I think you’ve inspired me to give it a try! Thank you

    The White Corner Creative

  • I LOVE the pineapple wall paper! I’m now considering putting wall paper in my office in stead of painting it..thanks for some lovely ideas 🙂

    lucy xoxo


  • Oh my goodness! I never knew there was such gorgeous wallpaper out there! I think you have also converted me! haha! Thank you! 🙂 xx


  • Spoonflower is amazing, too! And their wallpaper is removable. I LOVE IT!

  • Wish I wasn’t renting right now because these wallpapers are AMAZING. I love everything from Rifle Paper Co and I hope that they still make wallpaper by the time I’m a home owner. Side note: Where is your skirt from in the first picture? Looking for fun maxi/midi skirts for summer and that one is gorgeous!

  • I felt the same way about wallpaper I had no idea there were so many fun, beautiful wallpaper designs! I’m renting, so I’d love to try some of the removable patterns! Thanks so much for the information!


  • i’ve been saving up for kate zaremba’s “matisse is my muse.” my beige rental kitchen needs it! 🙂 so pretty!

  • I’ll be honest! I never gave much though to wallpaper as I did right now! These are SO cool, I’ve never seen creative wallpaper like this before! I especially like the one with the blue waves…oh that sailboat in front of it is too adorable for words. I think wallpaper makes an excellent background for a selfie hehehe!!!

    I’d love to get swatches of these to test in my home!! If it fails, well…I guess I have really unique gift wrapping paper! ;D the wrapping paper at the Container Store is AMAZE, by the way.

    xoxoxxo, Naomi 😀
    Tips for Creative Burnout | http://bunnyandfawn.blogspot.com/

  • Wow, thanks for changing the way I look at wallpaper! This is so cool. I would love to make my own design and turn it into wallpaper as well!

    xx Jill
    Latest Post – The Surprise Benefit of Your Gym Outfit: How Compression Gear Keeps Your Body Tight

  • You’ve got me swooning over wallpaper now!! I live in an apartment though…I wonder if there’s any adhesive that makes the wallpaper come of clean & easy once it’s time to move? I’d love to do a few accent walls to spruce up the place!


  • How do you determine what will be good or easy to hang art on?

    I am brainstorming for a wall in our living room that I would like to do as a gallery of sorts with a flat-screen tv and art.

  • Removable wallpaper?! I’m totally checking this out… I wonder if university accommodation would allow me to hang this? Would definitely brighten up dull, boring halls! I’m interested in finding out how it works! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Maisie x

  • I love this article, it is so inspiring. And I also love wallpapers :). I ordered mine from http://www.wallpaperdirect.com/. Do you know them? You can also order samples from them – I ordered a lot of samples and will use them as pictures on the walls.
    Best wishes, Gabriella

  • I love this post! I know little to nothing about wallpaper, but this post has me thinking about getting some removable wallpaper for my rent house. I would love to see a post about how to put up wallpaper as well. That would be so inspiring!

  • I adore the girl pattern! That could be so cool on a backboard for a bed or on an accent wall in the bathroom!

    doitfortheirony.com / Creative blog for the future obsessed.

  • Elsie, thanks so much for sharing your sources in this post! I’ve bookmarked ALL OF THEM. (Love that Jonathan Adler splatter paper, hadn’t seen it before!) xox

  • These are a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing!

    On a side note, YOUR SKIRT!!!! (Major heart eyes!!) Where is it from??!! 🙂

  • I’ve always loved the look of wallpaper because it reminds me of old houses. Weird but true. I’ve always rented though. I’ve heard of a wallpaper for rental homes that you can easily remove but haven’t seen it anywhere. Have you heard of this? If so, can you recommend one that I could use for my small apartment?

    Thanks Always,

    Laurali Star

  • Lovely inspo! I live in a rental so mabye the removable wallpaper could be something to try and brighten my very white walls with. Here is a source I draw inspiration from, they have both large mural papers and more pattern like ones in a lot of different styles. Urban Nature is really nice!

  • wow i never thought wallpaper can actually be cute and trendy!! Im hooked! thanks for sharing some of your faves with us 🙂

  • You have no idea how well timed this post is. Ive been looking for the perfect wallpaper for our living room FOREVER and I was starting to lose hope that I’d ever find something I (and crucially my husband also) liked!

  • After removing more than one layer of wallpaper from my entire 1912 bungalow (including ceilings!), I swore I’d never wallpaper anything. This roundup has seriously tried my anti-wallpaper convictions, these are so gorgeous and fun!!


  • Many wallpaper companies will send you samples (usually small squares). Then you can reuse the samples in scrapbooks, art journals, or frame and hang them.

  • Hmm- well I don’t know HOW textured your wall is, but you would probably want to get it skim coated first. I would ask a wall paper professional to be sure (and I would never try to hang wallpaper myself- too expensive! needs to be done by a pro. depending on your space installation usually isn’t that expensive).
    XX! Elsie

  • This is probably a really dumb question but can you wallpaper a textured wall without it affecting the look of the wallpaper?

  • Nice!!! I love a lot of these patterns!
    Thanks for the link!

  • Oh, so many lovely choices! The Aimee Wilder are my favourite. Wall paper has really come a long way.

    Mocha and Moccasins

  • I would say don’t forget about Spoonflower, so if you don’t like anything else on the market…..design your own!!!!

  • OH this is SEAUX awesome.
    I LOVE the removable option even though I own. I can’t wait until I have a place with more even walls, though. Ha!

  • Flavorpaper.com ! They have a whole Warhol section, including scratch and sniff banana wallpaper. it’s incredible!

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