Let’s Try A 365 Project?

Let's try a 365 Project?Let's try a 365 Project?Let's try a 365 Project?Let's try a 365 Project?Let's try a 365 Project?It's almost the new year. Would you consider doing a 365 project? I tried one a few years back, 365 self-portraits! I didn't even finish, but I did over 100 days and learned so much. Here's a little about my experience… 

365 self-portraits sounds really crazy and vain, right? Yea, it kinda does. But, to be fair, 365 of pretty much anything sounds like a lot. That's the cool thing about the project it's completely overwhelming in the big picture, yet every individual day is totally doable! 

I enjoyed my 365 challenge. I took it when I was going through a tough season in my life. I was newly single and really wanting to become a better photographer. I had good days and bad days. I missed days. But after the first few months I noticed that I had a new habit of bringing my camera with me more often. I was trying new things. A 365 challenge forces you to be creative. After I used all of my obvious self-portrait ideas I branched out and started trying new angles, new lighting and weirder ideas. Many of the skills I learned proved useful in other photography situations. Bottom line, the challenge kick started my photography hobby and helped me take it to a new level. It was fun, fulfilling and I had fun connecting with others (via Flickr.com) who were taking the same challenge! 

Sound fun? 

This year I want to take another 365 challenge. This time I am planning to photograph a new subject, my home! I plan to share my photos via my instagram and my personal/photography blog. At the end of the year I want to get my photos printed in a giant book. If a 365 challenge is something you think you would enjoy I encourage you to join me on January 1st! You don't have to do a photography challenge, it can be anything that you want to do every single day for a year. 

Have you ever tried a 365 challenge? I would love to hear about your experience. If you plan to start one leave me a comment and we can cheer each other along! xoxo. Elsie 

*Photos above are from my 365 self-portraits project in 2007-2008. 

  • I try every year and somehow I get too sidetracked. I really hope to do it this year and finish.

  • Yes I would love to do it! And also would love to see photos of your gorgeous home every day! It is dreamy! I follow you on Instagram. I’m @thriftyunicorn. Can’t wait to start! Xoxo, Natalie

  • Ooh I SO want to do a 365 project… but I just get a bit distracted/busy along the way! Looking forward to checking in on yours! 🙂

  • Hi, this is very iteresting as i was thinking to do the same, but am doubtful about the overwelming part of continuing such a project for 365 days. A nice challange though… it may be. And I will let you know 🙂

  • Elsie I really want to do this. My photo taking has really been lacking lately and I don’t know why. Just lots of random, not so beautiful photos. I’ve been thinking about doing something since you mentioned it on your personal blog, I just can’t decide on a theme. Bah I have a few days!

  • Love the idea of doing one of your house! We plan on buying a house this year so I’m thinking I definitely want to do it to, but I want to start my 365 days from the first day we own the home, documenting the whole first year of owning it! I’m so excited!

  • Yes! I’m in! I was going to attempt one next year anyways since I’m having a baby soon this will keep me motivated! I’m so excited 🙂

  • I love the idea of 365 projects but haven’t committed to one yet. Last year I did a 60 day photo challenge starting on new year’s day. Even just doing 60 days was hard but it did wonders for my photography. This time round, I’m going to do a 30 day drawing challenge! A drawing a day for 30 days. Good luck with your project!

  • I did one in 2010. I spent most of the year living in San Francisco (after moving temporarily from NYC) so I knew there’d be lots of new adventures to take pictures of. Some days were awesome and some days I took a picture of a bottle of Advil because I didn’t even leave the house. But I learned alot and it definitely made me a better photographer. I made a book at the end of the year and it was so cool to look back and see what I did every single day that year. On my 30th birthday (armed with a new DSLR) I started the project again but this time a picture (or 2 or 3) a week every week. In 2013, I’m getting married so I plan to do a P.O.D. to document 🙂 Good luck!!

  • I’ve been doing a 365 project this year and I’m almost done! I’ve been making something every day and then writing about it on my blog at http://makingmade.com. It’s been extremely challenging and some days I’ve had hard time getting motivated, but I’ve learned so much about art and photography that I’m really glad I did it!

  • I have 2 daughters, and have done 365 projects for both of their first years of life. I missed one day during my older daughter’s first year, and managed a picture every single day of my youngest daughters first year (which just ended last week!). I also blogged every single picture for our friends and family. It was a LOT of work, but I am so very thankful, now, that I have them!

  • Yes! I’m with you on this one Elsie! 🙂
    My mama just bought me a hardcover 365 journal and I’m so excited to fill it with snippets of 2013 <3
    I also tried the self portrait one a few year back, but this time I'll just be doing a "snippets of my day" one. My love bought me a Polaroid printer so I'm planning on printing out my instagram photos to stick in the journal as I go!
    Can't wait to see everyone else's projects!
    Cheray x

  • I’m just coming to the end of two 365 challenges. One of on flickr where I have been a part of ADAD – A doll photo a day. I have also followed along on #fmsphotosday (Fat Mum Slim photo challenge) on instagram where I have followed the daily prompts and taken a photo every day of the year. I am so proud to say that I have kept up with both projects – I must admit it was hard at times to keep going but I really wanted to do it. I used an app called Project365pro to save all of my #fmsphotoaday photos and also set up a daily reminder so that I wouldn’t forget. So at 4:30pm each day a little alarm went off on my phone to remind me to take a photo. It really helped too. All the VERY best with your 365 challenge for next year. I can’t wait to see snippets of your home for the year. x

  • I’d love to do one of my boys – easy to do. I love taking photos of them together, this year they will be 2 and 3.. so cute.

  • Yes! Do it! I have a couple friends that have done it and it’s so fun to look at the photos with stories, tips/advice and inspiration.

  • I loove the 365. I did one in 2010 and am just about to finish my second one in a few days! I totally agree about it changing your life. I don’t know where I would be without the 365 project. Every single person in the world should at least try it.

  • I think i’m gonna give it a try! I’ve been thinking about it for a while and maybe now is the time! 🙂

  • I’ve been wanting to do this for a while…I NEED something to challenge me to take pictures more often. So I will plan on starting on January 1st! Can’t wait to see your pictures.

  • I am just finishing up my first 365 project, and it was to take a pic each day and post it to ig. I think I only missed 5 days the whole year (four of which were when my old iphone crashed and before my newly ordered 5 arrived!). I LOVE having so many small moments captured, particularly of my nearly 4 year old daughter. And next year I am taking it a step further and instead of using my phone, I am determined to use my real camera. My life is important enough to take good pictures of it, and my daughter deserves more than an ig album of her life! The lofty side of this plan is to then post each day on flickr (and probably ig too). We’ll see how I do! Can’t wait to see more glimpses of your lovely home 🙂

  • I would love to do this challenge. It’s funny…I’m newly single, and I really want to push myself to have a fresh start. I just got a DSLR camera for Christmas, but I’m also a writing student. I’m thinking a photo a day plus mini story to go with it might be just right for practicing both of those crafts. 😀

  • I am going to do this! I’m not sure what it will be but when I decide I’ll put it in my new years resolutions 🙂 Thank you for being such an inspiration in every aspect of life.

    x missdottidee.blogspot.com

  • My Mom, sister, Aunt and a few cousins and I are going to do a 365 day happiness journal. Everyday were just going to write one sentence in our journals about what brought us joy. Then at the end of the year we got back and read them all. I’m excited!

  • I haven’t done a 365 project, but I did spend 4 months in Germany and took a picture a day. Each picture had the number day that it was and showed something important that happened that day. I used this project to remind me of my stay(I knew it would pass too quickly) and this personal challenge caused me to have some great experiences and meet some amazing people. I am debating a craft a day for 2013

  • I took a photo a day in 2010. I was really sick of photos by the end of the year! But now when I look back, I love seeing those “every day” photos. This past month I have done #mileaday where I take a photo of my feet every day after a run or walk. This has gotten my thoughts spinning for next year! I wont be taking a feet photo, but I have thought about doing another 365 project for 2013. I just haven’t figured out what I will be photographing yet!

  • I did a P365 in 2011. I took a picture every day and made a book out of it. The album turned out really great!
    I tried to do it for 2012 too, but failed. Although I did take a lot of pics, so maybe I’ll make the album later.
    I’m just bad at making albums.

  • I did a Blythe 365 two years ago. It was an amazing experience. My camera and Blythe doll, Hazel went with me everywhere. I don’t take nearly as many pictures as I used to and that makes me sad. I will see if I can come up with a new 365 for 2013. Here’s a link to Hazel’s…http://flic.kr/s/aHsjs5KuER.

  • I am not real big on photography. I always mean to take pictures and then don’t… :/ BUT I keep thinking about my crochet and the thought of doing a square a day and then combining them at the end of the year into an afghan. I think that would be really fun.

  • I did something like that last year. I was going through a tough moment and I started picking a word per day. I put them on my wardrobe in little post its in different colors so I had a colorful edge of my wardrobe’s doors all covered with post its full of words. And then at the end of every month I would read the words and remember the exact way I felt those days. The whole thing actually helped me somehow feeling better! It was weird but very entertaining, and it really helped me to difference different feelings that usually human beings get to confuse.
    Anyway, I really like this idea of the 365 project and I have a new Camera so I think I should try it 🙂 I Suddenly got exited about the project! Hahaha


  • I did one two years ago, and did almost every day. I still go back & through the tumblr account I uploaded everything to.

    Good luck this year!

  • I started one on my birthday for my birthday goal list. I am 8 days in and going strong! Lets hope I can continue on for the full year.

  • I have been considering doing a mile a day for my 365 day challenge. I started thinking about it after Emma started this fall. I really need the motivation to do something[smallish] every day… so the challenge is on! 🙂 And can’t wait to see more from your house. My hubby & I just bought our first house this fall-and I find myself sometimes overwhelmed by it all-there are always too many project ideas floating around in my head! 🙂 Anyway, looking forward to your pictures! thanks for posing the challenge!

  • Hmmm…count me in! I’m expecting our first baby in April; this is set to be a year to remember!

  • Great idea! Now I just need to come up with something that I can realistically strive to do for 365 days!!

  • I did a different kind of 365 project this year. I kept track of 365 reasons I had to smile. I’m sure I smile at least once a day, but I didn’t document them all. And other days, I smiled definitely more than once. There are 5 days left in the year and I am at 357. It’s nice to have the memories of things that made me happy, especially on days that are not as joyous.

  • oooh yes I’ll be there woman! I love 365 and if I make it until May, great…if I make it til Feb great and if I make it until Dec. 31st….HELLO BIG BOOK! so fun! I’ll take your challenge and I’m going to call it “I left my house and went..” hmmmm oh the fun we’ll have I’m sure!

  • That’s an exciting project to start!! I would love to but I don’t have a camera at the moment 🙁 So maybe I will spend the year saving up to buy a camera! 🙂

    Ngaio May xx

  • I would start it and never complete it. 100 days is pretty awesome though, I would get to about the 4th day and then forget. But when I don’t make a goal, I probably take a self portrait every day. Maybe a 365 project for outfits of the day? That would force me to get dressed all cute every single day!

  • I’m going to seriously try to do a 365 project this year. It’s going to be a year full of new beginnings and lots of changes, so I think it would be so cool to look back on the project at the end of the year. Knowing me, I’ll probably get side-tracked and not finish, but like you said, I’m sure it’ll be a great experience!
    I hope to post pictures from around my house. Currently, I’m living in my teeny little college apartment but before the year is over I’ll be moving into my first home with my new husband so I think it would be fun to catalog the last few memories of the college apartment along with new memories of our first home. I’m excited! Thanks for sharing this project!

  • That is such a great idea, I am definitely going to try it. It seems very self reflective. Thanks so much for posting and encouraging this!

  • I love this idea! I am new to photography and besides signing up for an online class, I was contemplating how to quickly improve my picture taking skills and I think this might be it. Thank you for the inspiration!

  • I have always wanted to do this, and u just started a new job that is a bit of a life changer.
    So I think I will do 365 days of Theatre SKAM.
    Looking forward to seeing your new home.

    Instagram: @erinscrowley
    Blog: fifty-five-Logan.blogspot.com

  • I was already planning on doing a 365 photography challenge over this next year now that I finally have a camera. I was kind of just thinking I’d do whatever caught my fancy every day since it’s my first time doing something like that! Can’t wait to see yours!

  • Wow I’m thinking a challenge 365 of my girls would
    Make a great gift for them both can I get an instagram
    Book made??? With all the great effects and that way
    They can do self portraits they are only 6 and 7 but it would
    Be great for them to maybe take each others?

  • I tried this via Flickr a couple of years ago. Like you, I got completely overwhelmed and didn’t finish. I got close, though! Maybe I will try through Instagram this year…I think part of it was my impatience with uploading, editing, and then sharing. It’s just so much easier and less time consuming on the iPhone! I am holyponiesbatman on Instagram…I follow you already there, so I will definitely be cheering you on! Go Elsie, go!

  • I’m a songwriter/musician. I’d really love to write a new song a day. I always seem to procrastinate, but I think this challenge will help me to complete a song no matter if it’s good or bad, and that’s the most important part: completing your creation before judging whether it’s good or bad.

  • yes, 365 self portraits:) sarahkimberly on instagram. thanks for the challenge elsie-i will take one day at at time. kim

  • Hmm… sounds fun but I’ve done photo-a-month challenges and have trouble sticking to even that. I really want to though! 🙂 Do you have an tips on sticking to the plan?

  • I’m contemplating with an idea to focus more on the “taking” rather than the “posting” every day. Did you post every day? Do 365 projects typically focus on taking and/or posting every day?

  • What a great idea. I don’t think I’ll do a photo challenge… perhaps I’ll do a doodle or writing challenge.

    Thanks again for encouraging us to be creative!

  • I’m 5 days away from finishing my 365 project of 2012 – a cartwheel a day! I’ve been cartwheeling around the US and a few other countries and have been posting them daily to my blog: http://www.cartwheeladay.wordpress.com

    It’s been an absolute blast and I hope your project brings you much joy!

  • I love this! I think i’ll do my home too! It’ll help me spruce up my already decorated rooms and prepare for my in-laws visiting from England this spring! Also, I love your self portraits.

  • Mmm, if I do it I will take pictures of my girls (2 year old and 10 months now). 🙂

  • I’ve tried every year for probably 5 years and I have yet to last more than 2 weeks. It’s horrible. I have no motivation.

  • I tried to do a 365 day photo challenge — I miss days all the time, but, I too, have been getting in the habit of bring my camera to more places.

    I’m definitely wanting to start one in the new year. Self-portraits are a fantastic idea.



  • Sounds like a great idea! Let’s see how long I last – surely taking a photo a day can’t be that hard! I’ve just started a journal on Blipfoto, have figured out how it works, and now need a theme for the year!

  • Hey Elsie. I might have had my head under a rock, but I have never heard of 365 day projects! I am currently on a trip of a lifetime with my hubby and think I will give this a go! Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂
    Helen (@helenlouwest)

  • I’ve tried a 365 Project before, but it was just the general one with the parameters of taking one photograph a day. I love the idea of choosing a specific focus! I tend to do better when I have a narrower focus so I don’t get as overwhelmed (and so I can see something cohesive in the results. Maybe I’ll give something food related a shot…

  • I had my 5th (and last) baby on September 18th. I’ve challenged myself to take and post a photo of her every day for a year. We are 1/4 of the way in and I’ve only missed one day. Being on Instagram helps b/c I’m taking photos more regularly and posting so much more easily than with my DSLR. It also helps that the community is participating with me, commenting and liking!

    I was inspired by ruby ellen who posted a years worth of pics of her youngest baby too.

  • I’m completing my third attempt at a 365 project. I used Fat Mum Slims photo prompts which made it a lot easier! Good luck on your challenge!

  • i would LOVE to do this but I’m soooo bad in doing commitments like this. But for 2012 I managed to fill up as much as possible for a photo-a-day for this Photo Calendar app called Project 365. Of course I did miss some days, but now looking back and scrolling thru the app, I’m glad I did it. I think I should upload and post about it.

    Ah thanks Elsie for bringing up this idea!!

  • I’ve tried two, and fully completed one! The second one i got about 250 days in, and then I just got too busy and missed too much! I’d be quite keen to start one again though..

  • I like the idea of setting an alarm so every day at a certain time, no matter where I am, I must take a photo. This could prove challenging, humorous, awkward, you name it! I think I’ll give it a try!

  • This sounds like a fantastic idea, especially with this upcoming year! So much is going to happen in my life this next year, from getting married to (hopefully) getting my first teaching job, and it would be a fun and interesting way to track the changes for this year. I think I will do the self portrait and am ready to take this challenge!

  • Since I try to blog everyday but miss a few here and there, I’ll probably try to do that! Just blog everyday.

    xo Ashley

  • so cool, i started my 365 projects yesterday since i love christmas and i wanted to finish on christmas eve! so glad you’re making this project again, i never finish it but i’ve been trying this for a while 🙂

  • I am totally in on this. I would love to a self portrait one, even more so that I found out I was pregnant.I can’t wait to start. I am kellong777 on instagram.

  • Sounds fun. I’m trying to decide between self portraits or snapshots of the house. Will you be creating a hashtag for this challenge?

  • I am tempted to do a 365 challenge but I am not keen to do one on food since I already review quite a lot of food (and my blog is quite filled with food posts more than anything else). Would appreciate some recommendation of topics!

    A self portrait sounds fun as I tend to shy away from the camera. I do enjoy taking pics of people, objects etc more than myself:P

  • I was successfully able to finish a Photo a Day both in 2010 and 2011. Took a break in 2012 and am now considering plunging back into the project for 2013.

  • I really love this idea. I will have to figure out what to blog aboit for the challenge. Hmm, I think I have an ida or two. I plan to folllw along to see your.profress. I would love to invite you to follow.along too on my blog http:www.mommiesandbeyond.com

    Thank-you for the fun inspiration!

    I have started a challenge for a year of building a savings fund of $1,000 between November 22,2012-November 22, 2013 with weekly and monthly updates.

  • Ok, i’m in! I’ve been digging the idea ever since you mentioned it on your daily blog, and after reading about others’ experiences i’m even more excited! A picture a day itshall be then! Glad to be having a few more days for deciding on a theme 😀

  • This is so great! I and my best friend are going to write something that make us smile everyday. At the end of the year we’ll make a book of it, a happy-book (:

  • I’d love to do one, I just have to figure out what it will be about.. I’m thinking about photographing something that I eat, like my lunch/dinner every day. We’ll see. Or maybe house/home related. Regardless it’s a cute and fun idea, very challenging I think. Looking forward being part of yours!

  • I’ve seen other people doing the 365 project but your post definitely triggered the interest to start my own and create a photobook. Will most likely use different square-photo apps because the phone goes everywhere!

  • I’m doing a 365 photo a day challenge next year. I tried this year but gave up about a third of the way through. I’m determined to give it a proper go now, and not miss a day! I even started a new blog http://carstina.blogspot.co.nz/ to share all of my photos! I’d love to give the self portrait one a go some day 🙂

  • So excited for you, definitely looking forward to all the beautiful gems you’ll be creating! I did 3 projects before.
    I’ve learned so much from all of the projects, they opened my eyes and I saw nature differently and started noticing the small details in life that one wouldn’t usually bother to look at. Photography really helps us appreciate the world more.
    All the best with yours! x

  • I’m so in! i’ve never even thought of such an idea and i really think it is a neat idea. Here I come 2013!

  • I like a lot this idea! Every morning when I go on a bike to work I do CLICK in my mind. I see the sea for 10 sec. It is beautiful and different every single day! However, it is very far away to get a nice pic and I don’t have a good camera. Although, I got a nice presents lately like a Polaroid http://liliterrania.blogspot.com.es/2012/12/happy-birthday.html and olloclip and I may start to do a challenge like this… I really wanna do it! I just need to think a little bit more about it. For sure I am not doing it at my place because I only have 45 square meters! Congrats for your Blog I am a big FAN! Kisses from Barcelona.

  • I did a 365 challenge once but although I had the camera with me more often, towards the end of the challenge I ended up just trying to find that ONE shot and once I had it, I would put the camera away, as I was so sick of having to find the shot each day.

    still sounds fun though and I shall be following your progress : )

  • Great idea! I have just decided that I will keep a journal of this special year 2013 in which I will be (lol)… 50!!! I will find one good/nice/cool/beautiful/cute/great/special/funny thing which will happen to me every single day. At the end of the year there will be 365 good things. Sort of “Pollyanna therapy”, I’m looking forward it! Have a beautiful new year Elsie and thank you so much for your Beautiful Mess full of life and joy. Hugs from Rome (Italy)!!

  • 14 months ago, I started a “7 seven days, 7 photos” thing on my blog. Taking (at least) one picture a day and posting them every Monday. Some of my blog readers even started doing along and they all seem to be expecting my Monday posts. I thought I’d stop doing this in 2013 but this is so much fun I just can’t 😉

  • I tried a 365 photos project last year (a theme a day), but abandoned in april… I found it fun at first, and very instructive (it forced me to try new things and learn new techniques), but at some point it became one more pressure, so I decided to stop. I don’t think I’ll try one in 2013, but never say never! 🙂

  • Awesome idea!
    I think I’m going to do 365 self portrait challenge 🙂

    P.S. I’m so inspired with you girls, so I bought a couple of canvases! Love you 🙂

  • This is a great idea but my camera is a bit too big to carry around. seems like a lot of people are on here! Maybe I should try to figure it out and do it next year!!!

  • Hi!! 2 years ago I was having a really bad time after a break up, so I tried to canalize all my anger, pain and sadness through photography! And all of that became creativity and wellness!
    I think I’m going to try again, I have to decided if I do a 365 days or a 52 weeks project! but great idea!

  • I´m almost finish with my 365 days project. In 2012 I quit shopping (clothes) and wear a differnt outfit every day. It is really tough taking all the pictures. But I love the project. It is really inspiring!

    Lovely greetings from Berlin, Germany!

  • Every year I always try to start projects and never finish 😛 So this year I’m starting small, instead of 365 I’m going to try and bake 25 cakes, as I want to improve my cake decorating skills. I also started a blog, just to keep track of it and so my close friends could too 🙂 Your blog how to posts really helped with that, so thanks! So not only I am actually going to try baking 25 cakes, but I have to do blog posts about it too!

  • I really want to start one! I think I might use instagram as I always have my phone with my but not always my camera. I’m forgetful though so hope I can keep up with it 🙂

  • This year I did a 365 film project.

    I started January 1, 2012 and watched 365 movies by the end of this month. I didn’t have to watch one a day, but it certainly did help! Falling behind was never fun. It gave me a big chance to see a lot of films that I had missed out on in my childhood, but it also taught me that I CAN set my mind and do something dedicated for that long. It feel incredibly rewarded at the end of this year. I plan on continuing this into next year on the blog….but I’m currently in the process of finding various movie challenges.

  • This is such a beautiful idea! Definitely going to try this, will be starting with you January 1st!

  • You’re on! I am going to try a self-portrait one too, as I am normally terrible at having my picture taken so…two birds/one stone for resolutions 😉

  • I’m also about to finish one, it’s hard but so rewarding. My mom and me have a thing for earrings, so I started one to tell about the stories behind each pair of earrings: http://www.myearswearstories.com . It hasn’t been easy getting to it every day, but in the long haul I loved it, and it brought my mom and me closer together… Definitely try one!

  • my husband is in the final week of his 366 photo project for 2012. http://onceuponasky.com/ it’s a time capsule for our daughter of the year she was born…started two months before she was born. it’s been amazing watching the project develop day by day and now looking back i can’t believe it’s almost over. good luck with your project this year. what fun!

  • What a cool idea! I think I will do one where I draw/doodle something every day because illustrating and art is an area I’d love to expand into. And it’s an excuse to get a lovely notebook! =)

  • Hmmm I love the idea… But I would suck in keeping it up. Can’t you do a dialy automatic reminder to subscribers so that they won’t forget to take a picture themselves too? 😀

  • i tried the project two years ago. i gove up in november, i even don’t know why. but it felt like a big rock was taken away from my soul. but i don’t know why i did feel like that, because take the photos was funny and i had a huge amount of memorys from that time. somethimes i think “ok let’s try it again” but i’m afraid to give up once more.. maybe i will not do a 365 but a 52 (only one photo a week) project. or a 365 day projekt with any pictures not only self portrais. i thiknk in some days it is to hard to face yourself to the world ^^

  • I have been wanting to do something like this, but I never seem to make it. I think I have commitment issues. I am going to attempt a “365-Or-Something-Like-It” self portrait project. I’ll probably Instagram a lot of them (@thinkofthestory), but I am going to try to use my camera for most of them.

  • You inspired me! I’m going to try to do a drawing a day 🙂 and my sister and I are going to take a picture of the two of us every first of the month, so the latter is not a 365 challenge, but it will still make a great memory 🙂 good luck with your challenge!

  • I’ve been doing a 365 photo project this year, and so far I have kept up! Only 4 more days left too. 🙂

    I’m trying to decide what I want to do in 2013. I’ve loved doing the year long project but I’m not sure that I want to do photos again.

  • I really need to get into this. This sounds so interesting. I’ve been trying to write a blog for at least 2 years and I’ve been really failing at it! I have three jobs and no real time to do anything else. Not even unpack my new apartment. So maybe my 365 project should be my blog. And also get in habit of taking better photos. Thanks for inspiring!

  • OK…I’m going to do a 365 project this year. Beginning on January 1st I will take a self-portrait everyday. Although this could be a a tad egocentric, I feel like I need to start seeing the beauty in myself. Even in the moments where I feel gross like when my skin is still breaking out in my mid thirties!!! Ack! Find me on instagram: http://instagram.com/ejsiege/

    Or you can follow my blog (that is being resurrected now, too!)- www. TheChirpingGirl.com

    Thanks for the push and inspiration!

  • i plan on doing a photo-a-day challenge. i tried the fatmumslim challenge last year, but failed. i’m just not sure yet what kind of photo-a-day challenge i want to participate in.
    good luck!

  • Love this idea and had been thinking about doing a photo a day challenge. I love the thought that it urges you to slow down for at least one moment a day and document it. I was so into photography in college and life’s business got me away from it. I’m hoping this can help me get back. Good luck to everyone joining the challenge, so excited to have a community around this great idea!

  • I was planning on starting this project on Jan the 1st too! The downside about starting on that day is that I’m gonna be a bit worse for wear the day after the New Year’s Eve celebrations!

  • I started a sort of 365 challenge last Octobre. The idea is to not shop for clothes, shoes or accessoires for an entire year. This includes everything (also undergarments, stockings the lot!). You’re not supposed to be gifted those items either, but you can swap and refashion clothes or sew and knit with material you already have in your possession. If anyone’s interested, it’s called the Free Fashion Challenge. So far so good. It will be wonderful to see Elsie’s home and other people’s challenges.

  • I was actually planning a 365 challenge as well. I often do ‘Everyday life’ posts on my blog and I figured it would be great to post those once a week – with 7 photos in each post. I’m really excited to try and see how it’ll turn out!
    I did try a 365-movie challenge a few years back. Bad idea. But I managed to get past 150 movies!

  • I am also hoping to start a 365 photography project this year, not only because I want to be able to improve my photography, but because I want to become more comfortable with bringing my camera along for the daily ride. I still get a but self conscious when I whip out my camera in public (it’s that whole east coast, hates to look like a tourist thing that I think rubbed off on me.) I am always so inspired by your photographs ad your home, I’m excited to see the progression throughout the year! Will you have a collective hash tag or photostream for yours?

  • I love this idea! We just moved into a new house this fall and I love the idea of photographing pieces of it throughout the year! Thanks for the inspiration.

  • I have also thought about doing such a project, but I flit around so many different arts and crafts activities that I worry about my focus. I would like to do a paper cut a day, though…we will see when I get brave enough!

  • I think I’m going to give this a try!! It sounds like fun considering how most takes I take at least one picture of something. It will be fun to look back on an entire year’s worth of photos!

  • I think I tried to make this project three times in this couple of years but you inspire me Elsie só I will give it another try this next year. I guess it will be a really good year so I “jump” with you int this project!

  • Indeed!!! I a mstarting a new chapter next week and am scared to death and excited at the same time. I am totally in!!! (and looking forward to seeing yours)

  • I got inspired when you first mentioned this on Everyday Elsie and started to think what I could do as a challenge. I’ve decided on 365 days of the little things. I’m great at photographing the big things but I want to focus on the little things that make life special because I often get stuck in the humdrum of life.

  • I think I’m going to go for the 365 project with photography. I’m trying to be a better photographer as well as i’ve only been doing it a few months and have really been getting into self portraits. It would be interesting to look back at the end of the year and see my improvement.

  • this project is very inspiring and sounds definitely fun ok I’m thinking..I have still time.. :)thank you for the energie!

  • I am currently doing a 365 project on Jux.com. I am 130+ days in, 99% are iphone pics. I recently started syncing my iphone pics with dropbox, so the uploading is easier. Good Luck! Have fun!

  • I’ve done it for the last two years. I started with the intention of just snapping my life, the little things that often don’t get photographed. For the last two years the vast majority of the photos are taken with my smartphone. For 2013 I’m going to attempt to only take them with my DSLR in an attempt to learn to take better pictures, to take my camera with me everywhere I go, and stop being so shy to pull it out.

  • In 2012 I wrote something in my journal (on the computer) every day. In 2013 I hope to add a picture a day to the journal. I took lots of photos in 2012 but want to just capture the every day of my life. I’m also working on writing some of my life stories for my family, and want to commit to writing something every day in 2013 to complete the project! Happy New Year!

  • I’m gonna do it, but starting on march 8th, the day I turn 30. It’s gonna be “365 days of 30”, showing from birthday to birthday and everything in between. I’m hoping lots of fun and learning. It’s also my plan to do a book when the project is finished.

    Wishing you a beautiful and happy new year from Buenos Aires, Argentina


  • I’m going to try this…I’m going to take a picture of my daughter every day. On school days it will be a before school “what I’m wearing” kind of picture and weekends will be more fun. I am also going to try to log my food on myfitnesspal every day this year. Thanks for the inspiration, sounds fun to do the picture thing!

  • It is always a New years resolution to make a yearly album, but it never happens. This year for xmas my boyfriend bought me a camera…so I think this has to be the year to make it happen. Plus I love the idea of making it into a book!!! So I am in! My plan is to use the blog I started and never use…Lets do this guys!!!!!


  • I like how you are using the word ‘challenge’ rather then “resolution.” ‘Challenge’ seems like a more solid lasting word and it is something you can do in or with a group of people. when done in/with a group you get accountability, encouragement and the ability to share your progress.
    I am excited to join in on your 365 challenge. My hope is to to tell stories and explore my current home, of South Korea, through writing and photos from a foreigners perspective.

  • I’ve signed up to a 365 days yoga challenge in 2013, so I guess I could photograph myself doing yoga… see how my posture improves, how much I progress. It could be an interesting experiment. Alright, count me in 🙂

  • I’m currently still working on my 365 project, which I started on my birthday in march. It can feel like a real struggle sometimes, but it’s well worth it! 🙂

  • I’ve been meaning to get a new sketch book and get back in the habit of drawing everyday… and just couldn’t seem to get the umpgh to do it. BUT, you have encouraged me! (hooray!)
    I am actually really excited (…and totally scared … weird? why?)
    nevertheless, Thanks for the idea and inspiration girl!

    I’ll probably (hopefully) document my adventure here: http://www.strawberrymohawk.com

  • I had totally been planning on it, and I think I’m going to start with the self portraits, because that’s the one subject that’s always available. Maybe this way I’ll be able to actually see how fast this blue hair dye fades, and not let it go too long for once!

  • Absolutely love this idea! I want to do it for my photography page. The idea of becoming a better photographer and begin able to see the change over time is fantastic. My friend did it a few years ago and loved it. Here goes nothing! Can’t wait to see what everyone else has to offer!

  • I did it in 2011 and loved it – I missed days but I just filled in – I had to let go and tell myself it was OK that they weren’t taken on exactly that day. I used the iPhone app Project 365. I think I will join you on Instagram this year – @backporchpoet77 – would love it if you followed and we could share 🙂

  • I’m planning on moving and shaking in 2013! My 365 Challenge will be 365 miles. Whether it be walk, run jog or yog, I’m going to move a mile every single day. No, strolling through a mall won’t count. Just me and my goal will spend a mile a day together.

    Wish me luck while I wish you the best!

  • I know myself and I get bored pretty soon with long lasting projects. So the only way to get through it successfully and motivated would be choosing a goal that has to do with others, like helping everyone each day or making a handmade present or gifting something little. Even providing a meal for someone in need would be lovely. You got me thinking seriously now Elsie.
    Thank you for the lovely idea and enjoy your holidays girls 🙂

  • I love this idea. I think I might give it a try and share it on my personal blog….I have to admit though I might not finish…365 of anything overwhelms me!


  • I already take photos every day…for some reason, doing the 365 as a self portrait challenge was, well, challenging! I think I will 365 along with you, though I have yet to decide what the topic will be! jesspantsphoto on flickr. 🙂

  • I have been wanting to do a photography challenge but never pull through, hope to this year

  • This is wonderful! I want to do a 365days of knitting challenge. Photographing the progress of my knitting each day 🙂 thank you for the inspiration Elsie. I shall defiantly be following your challenge.
    Emma x

  • I’ve tried and failed both 365 projects and one 52-week project! I think it will be easier now, as I’m trying to focus on bettering my photography skills. So, I’m with you!

  • This sounds like such an inspiring idea, I think you’ve now got me considering what my 365 project could be 🙂 something do-able, as I can get pretty lazy and procrastinate and end up doing nothing! Thanks for the inspiration x

  • Loved the idea. My challenge will be to photograph the process of finishing and hopefully publishing my book… Will be so much fun!!

    Let’s do this thing! :]

  • I’m doing the same 365 challenge, but I will take one picture every single day of the most important thing in my life, my beautiful daughter. She loves getting dressed as pretty much every character she knows so, this will be pretty fun and lovely to have.

  • I am still contemplating starting a one in 2013….365 handmade cards. They could be complex or just a simple one each day. We will see if I can get up the guts but your post was inspiring.

  • Lets do this! I need to start taking more photos again!! I am due with my first baby in March so she will be my subject. Then I can make an album for her to cherish.

  • I’m moving from Louisville, KY to Cincinnati, OH just after the new year, and a 365 challenge may be fitting. I could start on the 1st as I’m getting ready to leave Louisville and then spend the rest of the year taking the photographs as I explore my new home!

  • I was thinking about something like that as well, i was planning on a 365 photos of my daily life, where i would not be on the photo, it would be symbolic of every little detail that made my day … only thing that is blocking me, is that i don’t have a good camera, only my phone’s ( my mother promised me to get one this year ) so i hope i’ll be able to do it 🙂
    by the way i simply ADORE your blog, i’m a little blogger myself, and you guys are a true inspiration !!! THANK YOU !!!

  • I am so doing this with you!!! This will force me to use my camera each and every day. Thank you for the challenge. (Never have done one of these, but I know this will be fun)

  • I’m gonna do a 365 on instagram-no specific theme, just a daily photo. This will be my first attempt, so I am anxious to get started!!

  • I started a 365 project a couple years back & didn’t even finish the 1st month! I think this was just the boost I needed to try again! My challenge was to photograph something I was thankful for, each day! So I think I will try that one again, too! Thanks for the push I needed!! 🙂

  • Go for it – I started mine in 2010 and haven’t stopped yet. It’s one of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever done, I’ve learnt so much and feel so much more richer for it. You can do it Elsie! (and everyone else who takes part)

  • I am seriously considering this but not for photography. I am going to try and spin yarn every day for a year. It’s my new love and since I want to sell it, it will be a great way to create a lot of inventory for my soon to be open shop. 🙂

  • Yeah! I’ll totally give it a go! 🙂 I’m @ohflan on instagram, hope you check mine out too. Good Luck 😀

  • I’ve been doing one for 2012. So really a 366 project as it has been a leap year.
    I don’t have a fancy camera so it’s been done off iphone apps but I am happy with the result and actually mildly relieved it’s almost done!

  • A friend recently got me a five year journal for my 30th birthday. It has a page for each day of the year and a space to write 2-3 sentences for the next five years. I have never journaled, but I think this is going to be great for me since I have a lot planned for the next 5 years. So I am in for the first 365 days!

  • I’d love to do that! I’m going to an art school, I love photography and painting, so it would be really great to do something like this! right now I’m really enthusiastic, I hope that feeling stays for a few months…(or, who am I kidding, a few DAYS would be great)
    love, sophie

  • Hi Elsie, i am definitely joining this challenge!

    I am setting myself 4 goals:
    *Reading a chapter a day.
    *Writing on my blog and writing a chapter in my story book each day.
    *Drawing a new outfit for my portfolio each day.
    *Taking a self-portrait each day.

    I wish you lots of luck in your challenge. i know that it will hep us all to understand our strengths and weaknesses and to improve in areas that we didn’t know we could. I am happy to join you this year, and I will do my best to complete it 🙂

  • I’ve been looking for a new 365 project. I decided not to buy any clothes for myself this year. It ends January 31 (so I’m off a month). It’s been so good for me that I really want to do something next year, but I just don’t know what. I’m interested to read all of the ideas that you and your readers come up with.

    – Meredith

  • I love the idea of documenting your home in a 365 project, i think im gonna try it!

  • This sounds like a great idea! I’m really trying to get back into photography and after reading your previous experience I’m really interested to try it, thank you!

  • can’t wait to see your snip its of your beautiful casa! I am thinking about buying myself a nice camera so maybe I’ll join ya in a few weeks 🙂

  • My family surprised me with a brand new camera for Christmas. It’s totally out of my league, but a 365 challenge would definitely help me get to know my camera better. My son loves taking pictures as well, so maybe I can get him involved too!

  • This has encouraged me to go for it – since I know I won’t have time to be as inventive as I would like I’m going to really simple straight on head shots of my face for a year. Maybe do a time lapse video or something once I’m done.

    Hopefully I’ll stick to it! January 2013 here we come!

  • I’m a new follower 🙂

    My first time doing the Project 366 was this year. I’m actually working on my final post for it for the year. I haven’t posted my photos since September, so I have a lot of collages to make. I’m definitely doing it in 2013~

  • I am going to join this. I need this as I am starting a life changing journey to lose 140 pounds on Jan 1st. Also it will be a challenge, as I Hate seeing myself in pictures, and I am hoping this will help my journey. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • I actually wanted try to record one second of each day for the next year and in the end just look back & see what I created through the year. I also want to try this photo a day project but, sadly my camera just broke a few days earlier 🙁 but, if I truly want something I’ll make it work 😀

  • i am on one right now! its insane. 365 days of slow fashion! loving it so far but only about 140 days in 😀 your blog has been a HUGE inspiration for me to keep going and growing! i highly recommend them i feel like they are amazing character builders!


  • I’ve been contemplating doing a 365 photography project this year… not sure of what exactly, but I too hoped that it would help improve my photography skills. I love the idea of doing pictures of your home, especially since my goal for 2013 is to turn my home into a pretty and welcoming space…

    though it will probably end up being pictures of my dog. 🙂

  • I have been wanting to give this go. I have such a bad habit of starting a project and not completing it. I am going to do the take a self portrait a day or sketch a day…still trying to decide. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • I’m going to do it! I just got my first DSLR camera for Christmas and I want to use a 365 day challenge to force me to explore the new possibilities (and also post content to my new blog). This upcoming year will be full of changes (I’m graduating from college in the spring), and I want to document every moment and use the photos to reflect on the journey.

  • sooooo great! i was gifted a new lens from my hubs for xmas, and i had this same thought! i too tried a 365 years ago, and now with the ease of instagram i am loving documenting my days. lets do this y’all!

  • I think a 365 project would be really fun and creative. I’ve heard of people who’ve developed a lot as a photographer by participating. I hope I have the dedication to take part too!

  • I started one in September because…well it was a whim 🙂 The goal: to read 200 books in 365 days. I am 38 books in and my energy is weaning a little but my fascination has grown and I am learning a ton! That is what it is about anyways.


  • I love the sound of this project – I have never done anything like it before and I love your theme of home – I’m in!

  • well, lately my memories doesnt work very well. i almost forgot everything i just said. so, i’m curios about taking picture for 365 days, and post it in my tumblr. i think it’s good for me so i can remember all the things i’ve done for a year. so glad that u both inspired me. xo

  • I love the idea of this! Since we just recently moved into our new place in Georgia, I think that a house-focused photography project like this would really inspire me to get each space unpacked and decorated. Thanks for the idea + I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes for you! xoxo, eliza

  • I always find these challenges daunting (I guess that sounds pretty obvious) but you’ve inspired me! I too want to improve my photography, and I think I’m going to launch my own 365 project too–more to come:)

  • I’m planning a 30 day challenge for myself. It’s not photography and 30 days is all I need to kickstart myself for the new year.

  • Love this so much. Im going to give it a go, going to do it with a disposable camera though and see what surprises show up once they are developed at the end of the film. Good luck

  • I did a 365 last year, but it was any subject, I couldn’t bring myself to self portrait! This year I want to do a weekly or fortnightly photo of the same subject. So it would be a project 53! 🙂 Goodluck with yours

  • It sounds really fun to take photos of your home every day. 🙂
    I started one 365 some years ago, but didn’t finish. Then I started another one in 2011, but with a bit different style.
    I was so proud I finished the challenge, so I started another one straight away, but this time only taking photos of my feet and only with Hipstamatic. 😉
    I’ll need to think about this challenge as well Elsie! I still have four days. Hihi.

  • I am so excited to see your photos, I have taken a photo every day since 1/1/2009, so I am looking for more inspiration. It is habit for me now and I still think about what my photo will be every single day.

  • Ofcourse I’ll so it! I always love a creative challenge! 2 years ago I did a 365 challenge of the following things: something I am thankful for, something I would like to pray about, something creative I did. I kept it in a journal and it has been so great to look back on. This time I think I will do something I find beautiful each day….we’ll see.
    All the best with yours and everyone else you commented. GO TEAM!!!!
    cheers to 2013

  • I’d love to give this a try! I think I’ll take a picture of everyday life – there are so many little moments that pass by, I think I’d like to capture them so they don’t get forgotten. Or maybe I’ll try to make something crafty everyday… maybe I’ll be adventurous and do both?

  • I’ve decided that I’m going to do not one, but two! One documenting my daughter’s 6-18 months stage and one for my second year in business running a store. Wee!

  • I’m gonna give it a go, Elsie. Thanks for the constant stream of good advice and inspiring ideas :).

    I’ve felt in a massive rut for the last year… this might just be the motivation to get me totally out of it.

  • I think keeping a visual journal will be this year’s project. I tried one in 2011. I didn’t quite make it every day, but I did keep track of the year and the challenge was well worth it.

  • In 2011 I challenged myself to make something – anything, every day for the whole year. I missed a few days for being sick or on vacation but I did my best and it was very fulfilling! I too did it in a tough season of my life, so funny how a project can really uplift you!
    Best of luck Elsie!


  • This sounds awesome!!! I think that I want to give this a try!!! I think I will base it on my everyday life calling it A day in the life of Courtney and feature it weekly on my blog. Thanks for the great Idea…hopefully I will become a more experienced and creative photographer from this experience.

  • I’m so grateful you posted this. I’ve always thought it was a wonderful way to document the year but I never had the incentive to start. I think this year I’m going to give it a try!

  • i was planning on doing a 365 photo challenge as well. i am usually not good at keeping up with things like that. mostly i get over excited to start and be good for a couple days, weeks maybe months but than the excitement just fades and i let go of the challenge. but this time i really want to rock it!

  • I always love these kind of challenges and I definitely want to try something similar this year, but I’m always a little worried that I will fail. Because when I do I probably feel like I wasted my time in starting this anyway. I guess that’s not true, but I know it can feel like it is.

  • …now to decide… Thanks for the kick-start. I’ve been wanting to do this ever since I watched “Julie + Julia.” Looking forward to following you … and starting the new year out with a little extra motivation. Happy (almost) New Year!

  • I want to try this year. but i think that i take photos all thing without one thing. me, home, travel, eat. all thing what i have new or interesting in my life.

  • I remember when you mentioned this project and I was intrigued. I am inspired to try this one for the new year. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for the past 4 years and it has been rough. I was thinking of keeping the idea open to just a snapshot of life, but I am wondering if it is too broad. I think this project will give me the much needed therapy and a reason to celebrate the many other facets of my life.

    Thanks for reposting this idea again 😀

  • I’m thinking of giving it a try again this year. Since I’m a mom now, I think It will show some growth since the last time I tried it. I would also like to see more beautiful pics of your lovely home decor.

  • I have never heard of it but I’m going to try it. It sounds fun, but will also be interesting in a sense that you have the chance to see how your life changes from day to day. I’m excited!

  • I had never heard of this, but I think I want to try the 365 challenge of doing a self-portrait. Since high school I haven’t really messed with my camera, and I think I want to bring it back out!

  • I tried last year and was able to do it until the first days of April… Then, life got complicated… Despite that, I have a beautiful collection of more than a 100 photos that I simply adore!

    This time, I´ll give another try! My theme is just a picture a day that represents the day: the reason for it to be a holiday, the birthday of the day, the special event or trip or situation, or whatever I consider to be representative…

    Good luck! For both of us, and all of you who are sharing the experience!

  • I did a 365 project from Sept. of 2011 to Sept. 2012. While it wasn’t a true “365” project (I fulfilled my goal of making 103 mustache inspired projects in one year), it still helped me with my creative process and introduced me to new techniques. To see all 103 mustaches, go to http://www.flickr.com/photos/stachtastic103
    I might try another 365 project this year, though I may get caught up in high school craziness.

  • I’ve been toying with this idea but was nervous about committing to such a big project. I’ve been inspired lately by the idea that the time will pass anyway, so why not do something while it does? I’ve decided to take a photo a day from my everyday life. I’ll be sharing my photos on flickr and on my personal blog: http://www.findingjoyinallthings.com. Thanks for the kick start!

  • I’m going to do a 365 project next year with video. I’ve discovered an iPhone app – Moment Montage – which allows me to record a 2 second moment of each day, and at the end of next year I’ll have a montage with one moment of each day of 2013.

    So far I have montages of family holidays, and my friend has used it to record the growth of her baby each day. The video captures fuller expressions and moments more than video can. The montages that I have from the past few months are so much fun to watch to remind me of what I’ve been doing. I can’t wait to see what I can record in a year.

  • I love your idea! First reaction was excitement to join you and shoot 365 self portraits to get to know myself better. Problem is that I know I wouldn’t be consequent. In this case I know myself too well. Still I want to try and have fun taking at least more pictures than I did last year. And that’s still a success, don’t you think?

  • You inspire me! After finding this, I decided that am going to do a photo-a-day challenge for 2012. I really like photography, and I think it will help my skills. I plan on posting them on Facebook. I don’t know if I will get a pic every day, in fact I am sure I will miss some days, but I still want to give it a go. At the end of next year I am going to make a photo album of all my pictures, and then write in the memories that go with them. I can’t wait to get started!

  • I’m an amateur photographer and I’m planning on doing a 365 project this year. I’m excited to see how it will help me discover new techniques and just become overall a better photographer 🙂 I’m going to be posting on my Facebook page and my Flickr! I like your idea of getting all the photos printed and put in a book at the end! Good luck Elsie! I’m looking forward to keeping up with your project!



  • I’ll definitely be doing a 365 project for 2013. I’m already getting a head start. Mine is just about my life. I love looking at that one picture and remember that moment when that picture was taken. I also have an app, Photo 365, that helps people keep a 365 project on their iPhone.

  • Because my 365 project is knitting related, I think I’m going to make it a 52 project… a doll a week. We’ll see how it goes!

  • I’m about to finish my own 365 Project tomorrow! It’s been a longgg year but it’s SO been worth it, I’ve learnt so so much – I’d recommend it to everyone. And on the days where there’s just no time, or you have no imagitation, or you’re contemplating cheating, just take a picture of ANYTHING. You’ll be so glad you didn’t just give up. Here’s mine if you want to check it out 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.294613563939896.68422.294577373943515&type=1

  • I am almost finished my second 365! I started my first on the day my first son was born… So it’s the whole first year of his life. When I got pregnant with my second son, it was a must! His 1st birthday is 18th June… So I’ve got just 19 days of this second 365 project to do. I plan to collate the photos from both into books… One for each of them. I think it’s a lovely thing to have. A pic a day for each of their whole first year. Super proud of myself! I’m thinking of something new to do for 365 this year though… Something more me related!!

  • Yeeey,I`m all in for 365 projects and cheering eachother up!
    I have some new years resolutions on my mind,which I`m going to blog about in a few days and there also will be a 365 days project!
    So if you`re interested in my project,stop by my blog in a few days!
    While I`m looking forward to your 365 project!


  • I did a 365 days project during most times of the last 2 years and it was great. Ive sent one photo a day (made with the Hipstamatic App) to a weblog – easily by Email from my phone. Just a photo about what I did, felt or created on each day, no text. It is much fun to look through this blog now.
    During the past 2 or 3 month I really missed that ritual each evening when i thought about my day.
    So I decided to restart (really restart) at 1.1.2013! Exciting!!! I hope to stand the course 365 times in 2013!

    Best wishes for your 2013 and thank you for your wonderful inspiring website!
    Rike ( Cologne/Germany)

  • i did a 365 back when you did as well! i did every day, all self portraits…i started off w a dinky point & shoot & then that christmas i got my 1st dslr (a canon rebel xsi). now i have a 5d mark ii & a serious hobby (& side business) w photography! my 365 was 100% what got me to love & experiment with photography!
    its a bit embarrassing, but heres my old 365-http://www.flickr.com/photos/danielledynomite/sets/72157608992528445/
    ive been bored with my work lately, so ill prob start up a new 365 on tuesday as well 🙂

  • I’m in! Last year my 365 project was making one sketch per day and posting it on my blog. Turned out, the work it took to document/publish it got more tedious than the actual sketching … I fell off in April. But the daily sketching ignited a routine for drawing on a regular basis, a creative flow that kept on through the year. So it was worth it! This year my 365 project is one portrait or selfie per day through Instagram.

  • That sounds great!! I would love to try this as well, I am 40 wks preggo today and somebody asked me if I would take as many pictures with my second child as I did with the first.(I take photos on the side of my current job, stay at home mommy) I said, “I hope so!” I too love instagram. Its like what I’ve wanted from FB all these yrs;) visual gratification without getting stuck reading all the drama;) anyway If I don’t have this baby before the first(fingers crossed–taxes:) Then I will just continue to take photos of this little one still in my belly. Ok done ranting. Love you girls and your store/shop/blog.

  • Elsie, you are so inspiring! So self motivated. I am going to take this challenge…its a challenge to me…to keep a daily single moment memory of my two daughters every day. Some times I get into the day and get frustrated or mad but I know these are the days to savor. My two girls are 6 yrs and 10 months. So this daily “single moment memory” challenge Im giving myself will make me focus on the important things! 365 days here I come. Just one day to go! Thanks!

  • Going to photograph myself doing something that i enjoyed about that day! every year I get to new years thinking that I wasted the last year not doing anything i enjoy and so this will remind me at the end 2013 all the great things i actually did!

  • I have never done a challenge that long… I did an instagram gratitude challenge in November which was awesome, but I think this sounds really fun! I have 1.3 days {ish} to decide on a topic… but I think I will be definitely be joining you! Thank you so much! I really enjoy your blog!

  • I will start a project like this, but noch a 365 days project. Just a every sunday project! I will try to take a photo of our little family on every sunday! Cause there are way too less pictures of us three!

    I will follow your project! Can’t wait to see your home! that will be fun!!!

  • Such a worthwhile project! I did a 365 Grateful project in 2010/2011, a photo a day of something I was grateful for – http://365daysoflaura.posterous.com/ I’ve (very) slowly created a photo book through Blurb and am just about to send it off for printing (I’m so excited!) It was such a fun project and I still find myself noticing little things in my day that I’m grateful for and should capture on ‘film’.

    And my favourite 365 project is the beautiful photos from Documenting Delight – http://www.documentingdelight.com/

  • I’ve just finished my first 365 project today! it was hard work but seeing it finished was awesome. My 365 project was a little different to the usual 365 idea, which made it more challenging!

    I’m excited to see your journey through the 365 challenge. I’m tempted to start another one tomorrow! Happy nye 🙂 xo

  • I plan to take a city of Atlanta Lifestyle pic everday for 2013. I love the idea of making a book at the end of the year. Good luck to everyone taking a challenge. Cheers to everyone.

  • I’m in! Hubby and I agreed to do one together: A family photo every morning! It won’t necessarily be something super creative each morning but we want to have a daily snippet of our life with a 5 month old..and by the time the 365 days are up, he’ll be almost 18 months!

  • I am in!
    I can’t wait to start! But I only have a few hours left to decide the theme.
    Where does everyone post their pictures?

  • I’m in! I was thinking I’d do a 30 day photo challenge but I think instead I like your idea! What a hefty goal but I will feel so awesome if I stick it through!! I don’t know what my theme is going to be yet but I have a few hours to figure it out! Happy New Year!

  • I’ve got a goal of writing for 366 days. I know I’ll never do an even year – it’s against my nature. But a year and a day? Oh yeah, all over that. 😛

    I’m hoping it will be a good way to improve my writing, and develop it as a real habit. I love your idea of photographing your home, and the photo book sounds like a wonderful goal and keepsake.

    I’m bookmarking your site. I look forward to watching your work over the coming year. Thanks for sharing!

  • I did a 365 in 2011–a photo a day and my “rules” were no flash and no photo editing! (that was tough–lots of dark photos) but I only missed 2 days all year and it was the year my son was born so that was extra fun.

    I was thinking about another photo a day in 2013 and have been mulling it since you posted this–I’m thinking of working on portraits and doing a “family member a day”. I won’t be as strict about editing and if I miss a day I might make up with a photo the next day (which I didn’t do in 2011) but it seems like a fun goal….

  • I received a book with 100 crochet snowflake patterns and 16 different colors of sparkly yarn for Christmas and I plan on making one snowflake a day for a year and then decorate our house with the 300+ snowflakes next year.

    I’ve done something similar before, when my husband was deployed I crocheted a motif every day he was gone and right before he got home I sewed them together and now we have a lacey queen size bed cover.

  • I tried doing a project 365 with photography 2 years ago and never finished. I got to about 200 days… but kind of failed. I think I am going to try again this year! Hopefully I can do it this time!

  • I really want to do the 365 day photo challenge but I just don’t know what theme to go with. When I was a university I did a photo project ‘up’ I’m toting with doing the same but in my every day life which is so so different now. Hmm need to think quick as today is New Year’s Day x

  • I’m super excited about this! Going to do 365 portraits of everyday happiness!

  • Happy New year ladies! I’m in… I’m gonna 365 days of home… so bits and pieces of home too. trying to blog more about design, and were planning a big move out of the city and into the country; so it’s the perfect subject.

  • Happy New year ladies! I’m in… I’m gonna 365 days of home… so bits and pieces of home too. trying to blog more about design, and were planning a big move out of the city and into the country; so it’s the perfect subject. I’ll be posting on my blog and IG @folkloreblog

  • What a great challenge, Im in! I cant decide, so I will start two challenges. One will be to speak a little english every day. I am norwegian and the other day I had to speak english on the phone, and the other person really had trouble understanding me! So its time for some languageaction. My other challenge is to draw something by hand every day. I am so exited about this challenge 🙂

  • I’m starting my second 365 photo project today! It’ll be just photos in general, which will include some self portraits. My first 365 was all self portraits and I actually managed to complete it, it was a HUGE challenge! It was during a really intense time in my life and I think it was almost photo therapy for me and I learned SO much from it and discovered my love for digital manipulation. You can see the flickr set over here if interested: http://www.flickr.com/photos/locatei/sets/72157617673792346/

    It has been a few years since that project… Ready for a new one! 🙂 Good luck with yours!

  • i decided to jump in! i don’t have a specific theme, but i’m hoping one will organically emerge! we shall see! you’re such an inspiration.

  • What an exciting idea! 2012 was a tough year for me and I definitely let my creative side slide due to unforeseen situations. I think this will be great way to getting myself back into taking more photos and start feeling alive again. I’m following you on instagram and welcome you to follow me as well. @simplyoney

    Happy 2013!

  • I googled 365 and found you! I am doing my own challenge – 365 paintings in 365 days (I hope I make it). Here is the link to today’s painting. Day two. http://astalander.blogspot.com.au/2013/01/day-2-365-paintings.html
    I was looking for a support group and it seems I may have just found it. How very exciting. Asta x
    I also run a FB page called The Simply Living Challenge but though that started as a year long project it is now ongoing with a support group.

  • oh and I meant to say that I have just had an idea… you will have a book, perhaps I will too, and/ or an exhibition. 🙂 Asta

  • I was inspired by your 4 goals and this 365 days challenge! I found a goal of using my Notica app to record a day photo+journal everyday on my tumblr blog. 🙂

  • Started my first photo 365 project today. Theme/title for it, “THE HANDS THAT MAKE US.” It’s mostly going to be pics of my Love and my hands everyday doing what makes us, well us, with a probably a few guest hands, including fams’ and friends’ hands throughout the year. I’m excited to be able to look back on any day this year and have the memories. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep up with it!!
    Pic is posted here http://thatrehcychic.blogspot.com/


  • Thank you for the inspiration! I think I am going to join it 🙂 At first I couldn’t decide because nothing seemed interesting enough for me to stay focused but this morning I woke up with sun streaming through my curtains and BOOM! inspiration. I am going to do Mornings, I am so excited to begin (even a day late). #365mornings

  • I’m so excited of beginning my own 365 project ! Thank you so much for the inspiration !

  • This year I made a video of EVERY cell phone picture on my camera. Considering I have over 1,000 photos on my phone its a little overwhelming but it was an amazing way to capture my year. I got my phone right before my graduation from university last year so its pretty much my life post-grad. And I am pretty dang proud of it (also my very first project with my new Adobe Premier software). Feel free to check it out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1Cwt0Fm3pg

    xoxo – Sarah

  • I am going to do it too! I turned 30 on the 1st Jan so I think it will be interesting to do it this year. I also want to show how the birth of my bub in May effects me and most importantly I want to get back in front of the camera instead of always being behind it. Which means doing my hair, wearing decent outfits and not using pregnancy as an excuse to look like a slob!

  • Hi, I did this the 366 project last year (2012), and to be honest, it was HARD. You need motivation and discipline to make it work (especially on days where you’re too sick to get out of bed, etc), but the reward is totally worth it. Good luck! x

  • I once gave away one thing every day for a year. It was lifechanging.
    This year, I’ll try to take a picture with my inherited Konica autoreflex every day. I’m excited to see film photos once again!

  • Great! Your challenge sounds fun – I`m so looking forward to seeing your pictures! I have also challenged myself and I tell it about in my blog on a daily basis during the year 2013. I have challenged myself to take care about my wellbeing in one way everyday the whole year 2013 🙂 Year 2013 is going to be one of the most challenging years in my life to take care about my wellbeing. That`s because I`m for instance a mother of one baby and one toddler, I want to lose my pregnancy kilos and I want to work and develop my blog. Let`s see how it goes!

  • I really do love artist Lisa Congdon’s “365 Days of Hand Lettering” challenge (taken in 2012). I think it’s very inspiring. So far I enjoy watching your pics too ^^

    I like the dedication this type of challenge requires and how it allows you to actually see how things are evolving (your style, what’s important to you during the months, year…)

    Hopefully all this inspiration will turn someday into actually doing such a thing myself! 🙂

  • I would love to do a 365-challenge about my book project. To write at least one sentence a day. It would help me finish my book a lot faster if I had the disciplin to sit down and write something every single day. Maybe that should be my challenge this year, doesn’t hurt to try, right? 🙂

  • Hi! I just fond out your blog, really cool!

    I’m also doing a 365 project this year!! I have a tumblr 365appleshots.tumblr.com and a Blog in portuguese (I’m brazilian.

    My thing is taking photos with the IPhone. I know… people don’t like a lot this kind of photos, but was my way of making myself take more pictures this year. Maybe next time I make a 365 project with a cool camera! 🙂

  • Thank you for saying that you completed just 1/3 of your self-portrait project. The obstacle for me was the fear of missing even one post, rendering the 365 project incomplete.
    You saying that you learnt so much, even though you missed some days, made me realise it is ok if I don’t do it every single day.

    I’ve started my own challenge where I sketch a shoe every day. So far so good! =)

    Peilin Peekashoe from Singapore


  • I follow Fat Mum Slim’s 365: http://fatmumslim.com.au/
    She provides a prompt for each day, lots of fun.

    Last year, I did one shooting my jewelry. Lost momentum when I went on vacation. Also thought I was beginning to offer any potential burglar an easy visual shopping list!
    My skills improved greatly, and I highly recommend trying it out!

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