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vivianna's mug decorated with one our cute vinyl stickers.

Picture 8

the british office. oh myyyyy. we watched the whole two seasons in a couple of nights. <3 loves. 

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Seonna Hong's House tour.

i'm a huge fan of her work from way back. her house is amazing.

here is a peek at her art too. it's magical….

Picture 14

Picture 15

Picture 16


working tonight on two new kits that will be out at the end of the month. here are a few sneak peek at some of the new glasses that are coming soon (also a restock of the classic black and red nerd glasses and more…) 

Picture 11

Picture 9

so cute, right? 

i love. 

Picture 10

i've been a little quiet this week. it's only because there is so much happening here at RVA. we are really excited about the coming season and all of the new cute stuff that we will be carrying in the shop and creating together in our class.

i am also working on new embroidery patterns this week, so if you have requests i'd love to hear them! 

XXoo. Elsie

  • I don’t know if you’ve ever made a snail but I’d love to see one, and a hot air balloon please!

  • I would like to see an embroidery set where you could piece together a face….so we can all have a boyfriend pillow like you (but of our very own boyfriends). But the idea would be a standard face pattern and then different types of hair and facial hair would be included in the kit….would work for females too.

  • How about embroidery patterns of things with wheels…roller skates (old style) skateboards, razor scooters, roller blades, etc?????

  • i like all of the previous embroidery pattern ideas that everyone’s already listed. their all awesome ideas.

    can’t wait to see what you guys are coming up with!

  • I love the face idea from Cheryl! I want a boyfriend pillow!

    And a boston terrier embroidery pattern would be true love for meeee.

  • embroidery requests 🙂

    – Christmas theme
    – Alice In Wonderland 🙂
    – pandas & deer
    – baby themed (for onesies, quilts, etc!)
    – dogs! I’m partial to chihuahuas <3 🙂

  • europe things…
    big ben
    eiffel tower
    fun things like that

    or keys and hearts are always fun too 🙂

  • Wowsers! Another lovely post!

    The mug is adorable….

    I want a house like Seona’s lol

    And the glasses are fierce!

  • I always love new alphabet designs!

    Maybe some of your cute girls…

    I would also love to see random flowers and cities…

  • Oh, the british office is so great! But you know there’s one more episode, right? It’s an extra long episode (kind of like a movie) that was made after the show was cancelled to tie up all the loose ends.. You’ll love it!

  • I agree with malin….. its like two longer episodes, called the christmas episodes. Very good at tying up all those loose ends 😀

  • well, i have to admit, i really love cheryl’s idea. would be cute!!!!!!!!!!!! you should def. do this! 🙂

  • I love love love that photo of miss Viv!! (I saw it on her blog the other day)

    And embroidery patterns? Um- OMG. This is the best best best news I’ve heard in a longggggg time. How many are you thinking of doing? I hope there is a package deal available so I can “collect them all”. 😉

    I love your handwriting.. so fonts (like you’ve done before), words, quotes (perhaps some of your painting words like ‘old love story’ and ‘taking over the world’)..

    i think a panda themed one (balloons, faces, and anything else your little mind comes up with) would be DIVINE.

    also a bubble tea one (with different straws, cups, bolba balls, cups already made like your paintings from awhile back etc.).

    ooh, and a woodgrain/faux bois/trees/forest/tree stumps themed one.

    Alice in Wonderland.. oh yes!

    eco themed – oh yay!

    and Halloween Elsie-style.

    (I better stop before I come up with a 203920-48203-43234 3 2483843976545 more ideas).

    xoxo miss Elsie.

  • The British office is my favourite. David Brent is so awkward and when he sang Freelove Freeway I laughed and laughed. When I feel glum I think of that song. 🙂

    I would love to see embroidery patterns involving my old childhood games…..hoolahoop, skipping rope and hopscotch, and one of your cute girls on some roller skates. I love roller skating! I always picture myself to be Olivia Newton John in Xanadu……

  • how about robots and people in outer space with planets & etc? and owls and maybe a little halloween ghost?!

  • oh i really miss the british office and i love the green glasses.

    i agree with the panda theme, as now people here in thailand are a little crazy about this cute little baby panda.. 🙂

    have you seen coco avant chanel? i can’t wait to see it. my big boy is taking me on monday!

    love love xoxo 🙂

  • Yaaaay for the office! Did you get my tweet about the special xmas episode, it was the last ever, you have to watch it!

  • Yep. All these stuff are very cute! And the nerdy glasses are such a unique pick! Oh well, lots of luck to your class!

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