Live an Inspired Life

Paint by numberI don't know about you, but it can be hard to stay inspired this time of year. It's cold outside. It gets dark really early. The holidays are all but over (for a while anyway). Maybe it's just me, but these seemingly simple factors can get me feeling like I'm stuck in a rut. So I've been trying to dream up ways to keep myself staying inspired and motivated. And it's got me thinking about what it means to live an inspired life.

I first want to clarify that I'm not talking about living an inspiring life. An inspiring life is pretty lofty, like a hero. I think Steve Jobs led an inspiring life, or Audrey Hepburn or Eleanor Roosevelt. Trying to live an inspiring life puts the focus on others. I'm not sure it's wise to go about life trying to impress or gain approval from others. Instead I think we should focus on ourselves. Try to impress yourself. Try to top your best efforts. Set up your life, so in the end you will look back and be proud. And that's what I mean by living an inspired life. But how in the world do you do that when we all feel so busy and tired, and well… uninspired?Art studio1. It's about attitude, not circumstances. 

Wouldn't it be cool if every single day we faced big opportunities that could change our lives? What if every day was the Olympic race we'd been training for or the job interview we'd been dreaming of for years? Guess what, it's not. Every day is just that: It's every day. But it's the little steps that propel us forward. The same attitude you would apply to a big important event, that's how you should approach your everyday tasks. For example, let's say your dream was to write a novel. And you think, "If only I had a book deal, then I would wake up early every day and write." Wrong. You should do that anyway, without a book deal. You've got to have the attitude of the inspired even if you don't have the circumstances (yet).

2. It's your choice.

Inspiration is not always going to find you. There are times when you just don't feel it. Maybe the weather has you feeling blue (that's how I'm feeling this week!). Maybe you are going through some painful circumstances, like a break up or losing your job. Maybe you have started receiving a lot of criticism over your work, and it's got you feeling like you don't even want to create anymore. Or maybe you're just tired, feeling worn out and in need of a break. We all go through situations like these. And chances are, your heroes went through them too. It's hard. But it's your choice how you will deal with it. You can choose to press on or be defeated. The power is in your hands! This may sound like a responsibility or chore, but I think it's super empowering. It puts the ball in our court.

3. Start NOW.

I've heard a lot of comments to the effect of "one day when I have X, then I will be able to live an inspired life." You can fill in the blank with your own perceived limitations: money, a better job, more space to create in, a more supportive relationship, more time (!!!!), etc. Don't wait for life to be perfect. It never will be. Start living your inspired life now. Maybe you don't have tons of extra money to start a creative hobby. Did you know that's why I started cooking and then food blogging? I was living on a really tight budget, but I knew I needed a different creative outlet in my life. I figured I had to eat, and I was already spending money on groceries. So I started to research cooking online and using what I had to learn and create new recipes. And it's turned into a major part of my career. I'm so glad I didn't wait to start!Paint brushes4. Make goals and do them.

It's no secret that Elsie and I whole hearted-ly believe in making goals. We often participate in challenges, like 4 Simple Goals, New Year's Resolutions, and our annual Birthday Goal lists. Goal making can give so much structure to your dreams. Try it! It's ok to start small, just as long as you start. But if you're feeling it then dream big, and make a tangible plan to get there. Break it down into steps. Document and reward yourself for progress made. Start a challenge or set a goal today and watch yourself gain confidence and feel inspired as you work to accomplish it.

5. Get out and dream.

Sometimes you just need to go somewhere and fill a notebook with a ideas. It's necessary. You can do this at home, if you are able to escape there. I often find myself compulsively cleaning when I'm home. And that's because my house is, apparently, always a mess. Ha! So sometimes it's good to get out. You don't have to go to Europe to find yourself. (But you can, of course. 🙂 Here are 10 places to get inspired. If one sounds interesting or doable to you make a plan to go there this weekend and dream, make goals and start living inspired. Good luck!!! xo. Emma

  • wonderful post!
    I had gotten in a rut several months back of just being tired and overwhelmed with life and as a result, i wasn’t making much time for myself to create and be creative. This is essential in my life. It energizes and refreshes me.
    I made myself take the time and as usual, it was worth it. 🙂

  • Hi! I was inspired by you to make a cloth chandelier for my home. I absolutely love how it turned out. I’ve featured it in my blog and linked it to your page for the tutorial 🙂 I also shared a few things I did differently. You can see it here…

    Thanks for being an inspiration!

  • Love this! What great thoughts…This year, I’m trying to get past my natural tendency to worry about what people think and to just do what I love because I love it. It’s hard but it’s a model I want to set for my daughters too so I’m taking the risk. <3 em

  • This is EXACTLY what I needed today! Thank you for the words of wisdom, Emma! I’m about to hop over to see 10 places to get inspired!!

  • Thank you! I am feeling completely wiped from the lovely weekend and this is just what I needed to here!

    much love,


  • I love this post; it’s so timely and encouraging. My absolute favorite time of year is Winter/Christmas and now that those are behind us and all of the regular routines have started back up it’s sometimes hard to find new inspiration or motivation. For me I’m most inspired when I’m learning. As a jump start this year I decided to stop waiting and bought myself a ukulele . May sound small but for me that’s something I’ve been wanting to do for years and I feel so accomplished every time I learn a new chord or song! Thanks for the encouragement and wise words!

  • Wonderful post! This is exactly the positive thinking I needed to be reminded of. It’s time to go! Thank you!

  • I see that I’m not alone when I say I needed to hear this today! It has to be the drab winter weather blues but I’m feeling blah and sometimes manic depressive – one day happy and the next ugh.

    I’m going to bookmark this post and share it with family and friends!

  • You are so right. I always find myself looking for excuses why I can´t start RIGHT NOW.. That´s why i made a list of things I want to do soon. I hope I can at least tick some of them off my list.
    Again, your blog is so inspiring. Xx

  • Thanks Emma! I’ve been struggling with the mundane lately, so I definitely needed this. Much appreciated.

    Love, Jo from Finland

  • Emma, your post was wonderful, and much needed by myself, and I am pretty sure many others, especially this time of year when it’s so easy to get down in these short dark days of winter. Thank you for sharing so openly and encouraging us all to push ourselves thru each day when we sure don’t feel like it. It helped me to see the sunshine, even though it’s not out today.

  • What a great and true post! These months sure are grey and loooong, perfect time to stay at home and be creative 🙂
    I want to start right away after reading this!

  • I am a long reader of this blog, but never left a comment. I always liked your articles on inspiration, goals, motivation and so on, but never felt like saying anything, but this rant is just something that I need so much right now. Emma, you put it all so nicely that it moved me. Thank you.

  • Thanks for this! Agreed, this time of year can be tough! Def pushing forward and making these resolutions a reality.

  • Thank you for this post! It definitely can feel dreary this time of year especially where I live in Utah with all of the winter smog! It’s good to be reminded that we have control over what we make of our lives no matter the outside circumstances.



  • ahhh I love these inspiration posts! one of the main reasons I keep coming back to ABM… the best thing is that you and Elsie are so living out what you say on the blog, you’re a great example for us. setting the simple goals has been so life changing for me these days!

    my latest blog entry was about finding inspiration where I am now (I’m in europe, but it’s not always inspiring, hehe!)

  • Thank you. This has been my focus lately too! Amid planning for a move and possibly working two jobs, I still want to make time to do the creative things I love. Thanks for reminding me that it takes work!

  • A million times yes! I’ve been in this mindset lately, but can always use all the encouragement/reminders possible. Thanks for this.

  • It’s true that inspiration doesn’t come find us. We go searching for it and making actual actions on it. Idea can come to your mind but if you never work on it, it can never come true.

  • So inspiring! We find ourselves cleaning whenever we are home too. It’s just easier to work in a clean/organized environment. But it is the first step for us in our process to simplifying and organizing our lives and blog. Thanks for the post. Sometimes a little encouragement helps. We all have our down days.


  • So inspiring and true! And as a matter of fact, I’ve found the more I create, the more creative I get!


  • This was really interesting to read, thank you Emma 🙂 It is so easy to get lost in everything sometimes that you forget little goals along the way make a huge difference!

  • My best friend forward this blog to me and I love it.. How inspiring because I am going through that change now.. It’s crazy and I love all of the ideas! Thanks B

  • YOU ladies are inspiring! this was EXACTLY the kind of advice I needed to read. This is my last semester of college, studying Design and I’m realizing every day is what I choose to make of it. I’m only limited by my own will power and attitude. It really is so helpful to see girls like you who are achieving your dreams, because it reminds me how capable I am as well.
    Thank you!

  • I loved reading this. I definitely get a little uninspired after the holidays, so I’ve decided to push myself a little and signed up for a new sewing class. Last January after wanting to sew for years, I forced myself to take a beginning sewing class and it literally changed my life – I sew almost every day now, have become decently skilled, and most importantly, it connected me to my creative spirit in a way nothing had before.
    I just had to choose to start.

  • It sometimes is scary to start doing what you have always dreamed about, but it is definitely worth it to start working on your goals now. NOW is the perfect time, not some time in the future 🙂

  • This words are so true and just made me get more strenght to not give up on blogging and doing the things I love,although it sometimes gets hard with all de daily life stuff!
    Thank you Emma!


  • Love your post totally inspiriting.
    I’m only 19 but I have felt very repressed creativity because of the environment I grew up, but instead of rising up and speaking my mind I kept it all to myself. When I turned 16 and my parents were encouraging my little sisters and brothers to be creative, I felt seriously resentful against my whole family and I guess subconsciously decided to give up EVERYTHING. I gave up my “secret” art lessons stopped keeping up fashion trends just quit everything. I was waiting for someone to beg me to continue, someone to tell me I’m great. I lost a good gap of two year doing nothing feeling uninspired because I wouldn’t let myself and leaving the blame to my parents. I was waiting for inspiration in the form of praise to hit me in the face.

    Its only now that I let myself be inspiration once again after I removed myself from that stubborn child like state of mind and decided to go back to what I love.

    For to find Inspiration I list the reason I’m doing what I’m doing!!

    I hope this is actually relevant, I’m just sharing my experience I guess

  • Totally needed this. I’ve been in such a rut…creatively but also just feeling like life is at a standstill. Suppose with the holidays over and the next proper thing to look forward to being the nice weather, it is easy to get pouty when you’re still stuck in the snow!

    I’m doing a giveaway with the most adorable Etsy artist who creates little cross-stitch hoops to evoke smiles. Would love you to check it out!


  • Thanks Emma.

    That was what I need today.

    And thanks for all the previous posts – they’re all wonderfull and give people the feeling of a connection – somehow. 🙂

  • You girls are my inspiration! After finding your blog on web I am drawing, painting, textile stamping and dreaming every day! 🙂 Thank you soooo much!

  • Emma, I used your cake pop tutorial for my daughter’s first birthday party (Madeline themed, triple cute). Red velvet mix, chocolate melts. I COULD NOT BELIEVE how well they turned out!!! Thanks to you, I finally looked like I knew what I was doing in the kitchen!
    Totes plan on using that again! Thank you sooo much!!

  • This post it just what I needed! The dark cloudy weather has gotten me down a bit lately. Im ready for spring!


  • I just wanted to drop in and say that this was one of your best written articles so far. Thank you for posting this!

  • Great points! I think starting now is most important to me because I tend to procrastinate so, so much. It’s a terrible habit and leads to nothing good.


  • I love this post because I feel the same way. It’s about creating dreams for yourself and striving to pursue them. Each day can be trying and tiring, so I always try to have little quotes or verses around my home to keep me ‘inspired’. It’s a great reminder to keep pushing forward to live the life I really want to live. Great post!

  • So inspiring! Thanks for posting! It really can be hard to keep inspired and I am always amazed by you and all your teams ability to keep generating new and fantastic ideas for content and crafts!

  • Thank you so much for this article. I think it’s really helpful for a lot of people at the moment. ‘Don’t wait for your life to be perfect, it will never be’: so true:)

  • Thank you for writing this! I’ve been in a creative rut for over a month, and I always feel so guilty for not just cranking out pieces whether I’m feeling inspired or not. This post has my wheels turning. I love it!

  • Thank you. Sometimes I find my life really frustrating and I often forget that feeling good much more is a head thing than caused by the circumstances I wish I was living in.

  • Awesome post! This is just what I need today on this snowy day where all I want to do is put off everything I need to do.

  • What a wonderful and inspiring post. Although its summer where I am, I suffer from ‘I don’t have enough time’ syndrome occassionally. This was a great kick in the pants post!

  • Thanks so much for this post! It was definitely the pick me up I needed to the start of the week… especially in the middle of winter! You’ve inspired me (and others) to keep up the creativity. Nice job!

  • Thanks for this great reminder Emma! These “life posts” have just been so needed lately and I greatly appreciate them. Sometimes, especially when the weather is so terrible, it is easy to become withdrawn and feel like your creative spirit is crushed, but it is important to keep on acting like the sun is shinning!


  • Emma,

    I appreciate your thoughts today.

    I have been working on setting long term goals, and shorter term goals. It has really been helping me. I set goals for ever week based on my monthly and yearly goals. It really helps me to keep what is important to me in check and to make sure that I am really doing what I want to be doing.

    Thank you for confirming my thoughts and for giving me new things to chew on, like, How I have to look for inspiration, it doesn’t always come to me…

    Thanks a lot lovely, You are truly living an inspiring life, though you are thriving for an inspired life.



  • I would say you live an inspiring AND inspired life! Impeccable timing with this post – thanks!

  • Thank you so much for this post! I’ve been struggling with living a more positive life. recently (past few weeks) i’ve found everything irritable. i’m trying to find more pleasures in life, like how i used to. like waking up earlier. working out to get my body started. then winding down with tea and reading my favorite blogs.

    this post just added to my soon to be routine!! it came in a great time! thank you so so so much!!

    also i love your post about how you organized your blog post. could you please share more? like either how you organize posting blog posts, or organization tips around the office?

    thanks again! 🙂


  • This post could not have been timed better! Definitely something I needed to hear today. Thanks for sharing! Pulling myself up by the bootstraps and keep on going!

    Thank you 🙂

  • I started to make jewelry for a benefit for a friend of a friend. Its to raise money for his cancer treatment. Now my mind is buzzing with creativity! I was in a rut, because I was so stressed out at work and my anxiety was taking hold, but I realized that I can’t worry about things that I don’t know what the out come will be…so I decided to start making more jewelry and art (I do digital art) to where I can sell at the next comic convention…here’s hoping!

  • I love your post. Only, for getting a change I’ve just come from Europe to New York – and because it’s something new and exciting I don’t really notice the bad weather here 🙂

  • I’ve just recently started reading your blog and find it such a pleasure to read & see! But I’d like to thank you especially for this post – it comes at the right moment for me. I’m trying to stick to all of the 5 points..getting more inspired & creative a step at a time. Thank you!

  • A great post and beautiful pictures, as well. Start now – that is something I should tell myself more often and then actually do it!
    I hope I can manage it this year – I just need to use the times when my baby girl is napping to create and not for cleaning…

  • This is great and much needed. Winter ALWAYS puts me in a bad mood.

    ‎xo Ashley

  • Beautifully said and something I think will be on a lot of people’s minds.

    I recently started thinking about this myself, a topic I talk a lot about actually, but I have found something that has really worked for me. Instead of hoping and wishing one day I would have my ideal career, I thought the only way I will get there is if I put myself into the mindset of that career and believe that, although I may not get paid to be this person, I still AM this person. Be who you want to be, it’s the secret to happiness, which is the secret to feeling inspired.

  • I am just so thankful for this post. It couldn’t have come at a better time. Winter is always tough for creativity. The days all start to blend together, you are often stuck inside waiting for the snow and ice to melt, or you’re nursing a cold/flu which really drains the life out of you. These are just a few of the things that I’ve been experiencing, that a lot of people are, and it’s so easy to feel defeated and uninspired. But I’m very glad you posted this, because it made me feel less alone and reminded me that, no matter what, I have to do the things that I love!

  • Thanks for this post Emma 🙂 It’s good to have a reminder every once in a while 🙂


  • This is exactly what I needed to hear right now. It’s hard enough to stay motivated even though it’s summer over here on this side of the world! I love your writing Emma, keep it up!

  • I sooo needed to read this today! because going for my dreams hasn’t been easy at all…and I’ve been quite uninspired lately (in multiple facets of my life). Thank you for this.

  • What a great post! I love the inspired vs. inspiring bit. And all of it. Thanks so much for the encouragement 🙂

  • This was a great post! I’m definitely guilty of thinking that once I reach a certain point in my life, I’ll start living the inspired life that I aspire to. But you’re right that the time is now. Thanks for inspiring me to start today!

  • What a fantastic post! So truly, deeply inspiring. Thank you for these words. Desperately needed them today 🙂 Timely and sage advice. So appreciated!

  • thanks so much for this post…..I have been struggling the past few days to stay positive and creative and it has been so gloomy, thanks for you great suggestions and advice 🙂

  • Just the boost (or kick in the butt!) reading to get me going! Loved and whole-heatedly felt every single word! Thanks for the inspiration to lead an inspiring life of mine!

  • What an encouraging, lovely post, Emma! You write wonderfully and your words are beautiful and contain wisdom beyond your years. Thank you for sharing this with us, this is exactly the kind of thing I needed to read. You’re amazing! xo

  • Emma! Thank you. I felt like you were talking to me. Ah. I am a grad student and I just finished a paper late and I am feeling so burned out on school (and its only the third week!) I feel like my life will start when I graduate in a year. For now I am in the strange in-between stage. This post was exactly what I needed to “inspire” me to keep working hard and not to slack off. It WILL pay off! It IS worth it. And thanks for the therapy session. My check is.. eh… in the mail 😉

  • Man, I wish it were that easy… it’s not when you’re clinically depressed (to the point where just willing yourself to not want to die takes up all your energy). Sometimes being uninspired isn’t your fault…

  • I keep an inspiration notebook for jotting ideas, and I find reading a lot helps me be inspired. These are such good points to remember, especially starting now!

  • Such a perfect time of year to post something so inspiring, thank you! I live in Seattle and it gets SO gloomy and drab. As an upstarting craft~n~thrift bloggie, I intend to keep these kinds of posts in mind to pay it forward and inspire readers alike.
    Thanks again ladies.

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you. Much needed post for those mid-winter blues 🙂

  • Emma (and Elsie) this is absolutely 100% what I needed to read today! Thank You Dear Ones for this post (and all that You Ladies share with Us). Thank You! Xxo.

  • Thanks for sharing this Emma 🙂

    I feel like that too sometimes. Well a lot of times lately, with all the cold dark days where you just want to cuddle up in bed and stay under the blanket.

    I love the ideas you mentioned here and I also love the fact that I can relate to what you said.

    I can’t wait for your next inspiring post 😀


  • I always read your wonderful posts and have been for a while but I have to say that this one could not have been better timed for me!I am smack bang in the middle of life changing decision and, whilst I am trying my hardest to stay on top of things, it is really tough sometimes to keep focus. Little pieces of light, like your post, help keep the perspective in the right place sometimes!!
    Love you blog – thank you for all the great things you post!

  • well, this is a very inspiring post–just perfect to push me to do some creative work! 🙂

    p.s. love this blog <3

  • This post was completely relevant to how I am feeling at this very moment!! I have actually been the type to say oh if I had x, I can do this but not until then… This has definitely inspired me to get my but in shape! Thank you! 🙂 <3 your blog

  • Ooh I needed this. The weather is horrible up here in NYC, and I’m finding it very hard to motivate myself – so thank you!

  • This is fabulous we’ve been posting a lot about how to stay inspired over at my blog and totally agree with what you’re saying. Here in London the weather is soooo cold and there’s hardly any daylight which can easily make a gal feel miserable. Thank you xx

  • So wonderful. Thank you so much. Had a similar in spirit revelation that it’s not about being “right and wrong” or “perfect or imperfect” but “happy or not happy”. Choosing to be happy. Glad to be in good company.

  • One of the best things I have read in months…simple, not fussy and complicated with lots of instructions…just easy. And right when I need it the most ( and it sounds like some other do too!). Thanks.
    I think I am going to start filling up a notebook today and start setting some little mini goals 🙂


  • Lovely post, Emma! 🙂 Just today I thinking that it is so easy to relapse (ahem, well might as well call it a relapse) when the weather is dull and it’s flu season, but with some encouragement and a good cup of latte one can get on track again, at least it worked for me.


  • Thank you Emma. I needed to hear what you had to say. I love when that happens. I will use your advise wisely. Reading your blog I see that you do live an inspiring life.

  • Wow, thank you for writing this. I really need to hear these words during a difficult, uninspired time in my life. So lovely!

  • Emma, you post is very uplifting. I am at the bring of loosing my job and I have to support my two small chidren. I have benn reading about the way you both advice how to start a blog, must admind that I am not at all familiar with the internet. I do not want to sit an wait for my chance-I want to make it and right now I am in process of finding out which blog is the best to start with as a complete newcomer. I will work onn it and if faith allow me to to have a blog that belongs truely to me. I owe this courage to you and Elsie. Thank you for the words of wisdom. Any advice is gratefully taken.

  • This is a fantastic post – great thinking points for things that run through my head each and every day, but I never take action. Thank you!

  • Amazing post. It’s so hard to remain inspired on a day-to-day basis, especially when I’m doing things like hoovering the carpet or washing the dishes. Sometimes I find my day job really drains my inspiration and leaves me… dry, for want of a better word. But I’m going to print this off and pin it up somewhere I can see it to remind me to stay inspired. Thank you!!

  • Great post. I often find myself with too many ideas and not enough time (or organization) to finish (or start) them all!! I do sometimes have dry phases where I have no inspiration whatsoever, and I agree that it’s all about attitude and putting yourself out there.

  • Emma, what an inspired post (har-har)… but really, it hit home with me. I work from home and am a stay-at-home-mom and I find it hard to stay inspired and focused. A little effort goes a long way and your ideas are very doable!

  • “Try to impress yourself. Try to top your best efforts. Set up your life, so in the end you will look back and be proud. ”

    Great distinction! What is funny to witness though is that the most inspiring people I know are the people who are just living their own inspired life.

  • Fabulous post at just the right time! I’m in my senior year of school for interior design and starting to get burned out. Over the weekend I listened to some speakers on volunteering (my favorite was a Native American from the Eagle Butte reservation… such an incredible culture to learn about) for my upcoming spring break habitat for humanity trip in South Dakota and felt totally re-energized and inspired after the day! It was really refreshing to get creative energy and inspiration outside of our creative realm. I’m going to check out your 10 places to get inspired now. Anyway, thanks for sharing!


  • This was lovely and inspiring. I’ve been meaning to start taking more pictures but am always filled with excuses…today is the day it changes!

  • Emma you’re ace, that post was straight to the point, dont know if you’re living an inspiring life but that post certainly inspired many.

  • Hi Emma (and Elsie),

    I’ve been reading for awhile, but I’ve never commented before. I can very much relate to this post, I live in Alaska. Our winters are dark, sometimes very cold, and it can be incredibly isolating living here. Finding inspiration during this time of year is challenging. What a wonderful post.

  • Holy Shenanigans, this spoke to my heart! I am an interior design student and I LOVE my career path, but lately I have just been feeling out of it! Nothing inspires me, and I lack motivation, but this post has been an eye opener! It reaffirmed that INSPIRATION comes from within! Thank you so much!! You have made my day, and most likely my semester!
    XO MeiLynn

  • Beautiful Emma! Thank you for inspiring.. I strive to be more creative and do not want to give up on tight budget too…

  • This post is so great and much needed during this time of year. I feel inspired after reading it and ready to get back into the swing of things! Thanks for posting! xo

  • Wow well that is an inspiring post!! I try to set myself little goals too, keeping to them, and pushing yourself towards them is the difficult bit, managing to keep yourslef motivated! At the moment they are mostly financial goals, learning to live better within our means, saving for our first homes, and finding ways to make money online, so if I have to leave my day job for any reason (moving away and children being top of the list) I am still able to contribute to the household costs. I am getting there slowely, but I have decided 2013 is the year to push forward with it all

    Thanks for the inspiring post ladies!

    Daisy Dayz Blog

    Daily Craft Inspiration

  • THANK YOU for this post. Such great reminders and suggestions. I needed this today!

  • Great post. I particularly like the part about approaching each day as though it were the big event. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  • Emma, thank you for this post. I’ve been feeling so down and uninspired lately with reasons I can’t identify. It’s like I’m stuck in one place when I usually have lots of ideas and tons of stuff I wanna make happen in the short free time I get! This is exactly what I need right now. Thank you!

  • This post is amazingly timely. I just recently attended a seminar that was titled “relax and lead,” geared towards effective practices for managers and leaders within businesses- specifically how to create effective goals. My various jobs and skills make this knowledge indispensable, however the seminar was only half management related. The bulk of it was more of a motivational seminar/discussion – first in identifying the difference between toxic and authentic goals – and the toxic goals we create all start with “I will be happy when x happens…” Our default setting is already set to happy, sense of well-being, sense of self-worth, goal oriented.. these are things we have within us at all times, its those toxic goals that cause us dissatisfaction. I just couldn’t believe it when I read your post, its so fitting that you (and everyone else) are saying the same basic thing. But you are absolutely right! Wonderful post, I love your site to pieces!

  • Really nice post.I will take this as an advice.I can’t stop myself from mentioning one of the best lifestyle blogs I have been through-Leadlife blog by Sean Hughes.It was really motivating.

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