Fashion mixology (A Beautiful Mess)Are you ready for a fresh round of Fashion Mixology? If you haven't read our mixology posts before, the concept is this: We take 8 pieces of clothing and make 8 different looks with those pieces. Shoes and accessories don't count. The goal of this feature is to inspire confidence and ideas to stretch your wardrobe farther! It can be easy to wear items the same way every time, so we try to find ways to spice up our wardrobe. For this edition we partnered with Libby Story. They sent Kinsey four pieces to style, and she mixed them with four pieces from her own closet. Enjoy!Mixology collage 1Look One// Sometimes I want to have a girly look without all the frills and lace. For this look, I paired a patterned skirt with a denim jacket and button up, so the girly vibe of the skirt is toned down a bit. 

Look Two// This look has two of the same elements as the first but much more casual. I turned the skirt into a tube top, paired it with some jeans and threw my hair into a top knot. What I like most about this look is that, while it's casual, it can change drastically with the type of shoes you choose. I might wear some knee high boots with it during the day to run errands, then throw on some heels for a date night.Mixology collage 2Look Three// Mixing unexpected prints is one of my favorite current trends. I paired this rich, earth toned vest with a girly lace top. This is something I might wear on a photo shoot or client meeting. 

Look Four// This style is my go-to during the week. It's comfy and casual, yet put together enough for really any occasion I might be thrown into.Mixology collage 3Look Five// This look has "me" written all over it. I'm head over heels for this high-low dress. Plus I can't say no to a good felt hat. If I'm ever having a down day, an outfit like this is always gives me a boost of confidence. 

Look Six// Take a maxi skirt and turn it into a dress! I layered a braided belt over a lace top to complete the look. This would be perfect for a date night, especially Valentine's Day since the main color scheme is maroon and pink!Mixology collage 4Look Seven// This is a trick I've used the past two winters. Don't think I'm crazy until you've tried it. I took the maxi skirt from look four and six and turned it into a scarf! To do this, simply attach the ends together with a hair band and hide the ends at the back of your neck underneath your hair.

Look Eight// Try adding top layers over a dress, giving yourself a brand new skirt! Didn't get enough? Check out all our past Mixology's in our archives

Outfit Details: Patterned skirt, (look 1+2) thrifted. Button up blouse, (look 1,2,8) Love Culture. Denim Jacket, (look 1,4,8). Brown boots, (look 1,3,8) Rack Room Shoes. Ombre Jeans, (look 2,3,7). Clogs (look 2) Lotta. Floral lace top, (look 3) JCPenney. Vest (look 3+5) thrifted. Patterned Scarf, (look 4) street shop in India. Moccasins, (look 4) Minnetonka. Maxi skirt (look 4,6,7) XXI. Lace top, (6+7). Suede wedges, (look 6) Sole Society. High-low dress (look 5+8). Felt hat (look 5) XXI. Studded Boots (look  5+7) Charlotte Russe. Braided belt (look 6) thrifted. 

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