Strawberry Mojitos!




Last weekend Emma and I made strawberry mojitos. Little known fact… mojitos are my favorite cocktail! We used this recipe plus ten blended strawberries. It's the perfect DIY happy hour. If you want to make a "mocktail" instead try subbing club soda or sprite for the rum! Have a lovely afternoon! Elsie 


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  • Looks amazing!

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  • Mojitos are my favorite too!! Mango and raspberry mojitos are my favorite!!

  • YUM! mojitos are my fave.. strawberry sounds delicious! xoxo jcd :: do stop by, im hosting a jewelry giveaway: cornflake dreams

  • the *mighty*Mojito* is my favorite cocktail as well…I adore mint. :*)

  • Sounds delicious! And I have that same lemon decanter! I can’t wait for the weather to warm up on the east coast so I can use it.

  • These are my favorite!!! I’ve been searching for the perfect recipe for summer bbq’s!

  • Mmmhhmmmm they look so good! Btw, what color do you use to dye your hair? I know you have mentioned previously that it is from a box, I was wondering if I could get the details? Thanks!

  • i ALMOST ordered a strawberry mojito the other day… instead i got a blended mango margarita :o) …was also good!


  • I’ve never never never had a mojito! They look really really good!

  • Umm I love Mojitos…thanks for sharing the recipe…certainly going to check it out!

  • Mojitos are my favorite too, although I am particularly inclined to coconut mojitos. Yum.

  • Mojitos are my favorite as well. Have you ever tried a passionfruit one? They are delicious!! Cheesecake Factory has a pretty good one, or BJ’s Brewhouse has a wildberry one as well.


  • mmmmm thanks for Sharing! I might have to write this one up – Sounds like the perfect summer beach drink : )

  • Ohhh yum yum yum!!! What a fun idea!! My sister and I always make stuff when we’re together, it’s like a thing. I don’t know why! 🙂 Ill have to try one of these for sure!

  • mojitos are the only drink i’ve really liked besides rum and coke. so i guess i’m a rum girl.:) TGI Friday’s has the BEST tropical berry mojito shakers! you should try them sometime.

  • Oooh yummy! I’ll have to try this! [I’ve never had mojitos before]
    Thanks for sharing!! xx

  • Mojitos are my favorite too! They’re also really good with raspberries or blueberries muddled in 🙂

  • that sounds like an excellent favorite drink! i must try it with extreme urgency!


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