Looks Like Rain…

Emma 1Emma 1Emma 1Emma 1Hey guys! It's looking like rain today. I love rain, but I have a wedding to attend tonight so I'm crossing my fingers that it holds off for a bit. I wouldn't mind a rainy weekend, though. Sounds nice. Rain, art journaling, hot tea and reading magazines… yea, that sounds about right. 

Emma's Wearing: Dress c/o Shop Sosie, Top/DIY, Shoes c/o Minnetonka

Elsie 1Elsie 1Elsie 1Elsie 1Elsie's Wearing: Dress c/o ModCloth, Belt/UO, Bag c/o Chicwish, Boots/Hunter. 

Happy weekend! Elsie + Emma

  • you guys are completely adorable!

    xo Emilie @ http://www.hungrydelights.com/

  • I love both these links! Would love it if you could check out my blog: http://made-with-stars.blogspot.com/

  • bottom line… i need some moccasins ;o)


  • Elsie,
    What is your day job besides the blog, so interested. Trying to get ideas for after college 🙂

    Lindsey Marie

  • You both look adorable! I love Emma’s outfit most, especially those shoes!!!
    xo Heather

  • I love to walk in the rain wearing just my Rainslicker and Wellingtons and seeing Elsie wearing her Wellingtons makes me very happy, she looks so adorable with her Wellingtons on, they are such a lovely colour.
    hugs and Kisses

  • Wow Elsie, you look really dishy wearing your Rubber Wellingtons, they look so good on your bare legs, I get the hots when I see Girls wearing Wellingtons and you have made me very happy.
    Hugs and Kisses

  • You both are SO cute. i love both of these outfits



  • I really like your Hunter boots, the purple is a really popular colour this season. I’ve always wanted a pair of Hunter boots, but they are really expensive. I could really use some rain where I live.


  • oh my goodness I love both of you girls’ outfits! I just wore chambray with a mint skirt the other day and I’ve been wanting some hunters like crazy!!

  • Hi Elsie 🙂

    What is the name of the color of your boots? I bought a pair which I thought was burgundy (more like yours), but they turned out to be more purple-ish. I love them though!


  • Emma love the minnetonka booties, I would die for a pair but they’re quite difficult to find in the UK. Also love Elsie’s bag, cute felt!

  • lovely outfits! great inspiration for someone who lives in England 😉


  • Although I love the summer and sunny weather, there’s something so relaxing about rain. It’s like you get an excuse to just cuddle up in the sofa with a good book.

  • Hello lovelies, you both look beautiful in this spread.
    I just wanted to show you the drinks trolley I found, after being inspired by both of your drink carts! I originally wanted a wooden one like yours Elsie, but I ended up finding a pink 1950s steel one for only $5!
    I hope you’re both having a great day,

    Laura xo

  • Wish I could see Elsie’s dress better! Love the boots though!


  • I adore your style! I’m always looking forward to reading the SIster Style posts!
    Elsie’s bag is amazing.


  • Both beautiful looks! Love Emma’s dress with the denim shirt and Elsie’s bag is so cool!


  • Those Minnetonka moccasins are to die for. I absolutely love them.

  • I just looove this satchel bag. It’s so beautiful.
    And Emma’s hair is gorgeous!


  • beautiful looks! you both look stunning, have a nice weekend!


  • OMG I love the bag it reminds me of the Cambridge Satchels but in an awesome denim pattern. Great styling as usually girlies
    Becky, K.

  • I absolutely LOVE your gray bag!! Check out my blog: http://thechicstreetblog.blogspot.com/

  • That bag is a perfect statement accessory!



  • Both of your pairs of shoes are amazing!

    xo Jennifer


  • I love the color of Emma’s dress!!

    Xo, Kelsey


  • I really like those purple hunter boots. I would love to get a pair of Hunter boots, but they’re so expensive. We could definitely use some rain.


  • I Love rainy days too, cuppa tea, nice book and i’m completely satisfied! Absolutely in love with Elsie’s bag, so pretty!


  • I love both of these outfit. That color of rain boots is beautiful! I am sorry about the rain hopefully it clears up before the wedding.

  • I gave you the versatile blogger award. i hope you’ll accept it, treat it as something nice and join the fun. here’s the link: http://agnus8.blogspot.com/2012/08/wyroznienie.html


  • I hear you! I had my first cup of tea this morning since it’s been hot out and it tasted wonderful! Love the rainy day outfits. I’m kind of stoked about colder temperatures because that means I can now wear my many cardigans again.


  • While you guys are hoping for rain, I’m wishing it would stop! Fantastic Autumn outfits!

  • Oh gosh! Both outfits are so cute!


  • Ahhh! I knew those would be Minnetonka boots! I LOVE them!!!
    Will definitely have to buy myself a pair when I come to America in October

  • you ladies are beautiful.


  • You girls look so lovely! Got to love those rain-y day outfits. Elsie, your bag is FANTASTIC!


  • Lovely outfits. And that grey bag! Want! Right now it looks like it’s only available in brown, bummer.

  • I love rain too! Sometimes I wish that I could live in Seattle:) But I love Colorado as well.

    CA-Yoot clothes ladies;)

    Stephanie May*


  • I heart rainy day activities! Must Emma own the cutest collection of moccassins ever?! 😛

  • Yeah, I love it when it rains, especially on the weekends. Stay inside, watch movies, beautiful grey skies, and cool breezes.


  • Everything about both of these outfits is wonderful! A rainy weekends sounds like the perfect anecdote to what a crazy week this has been!

  • has rained in forever har, cute outfits, have fun at the wedding – oa behindthestagebeauty.blogspot.com

  • Good luck with the weather tonight! Here just started raining after a perfect summer day!
    Love Elsie’s bag!

    Hugs from Portugal!

  • I love your hunter boots! So cute 🙂 I wish it would rain here 🙂 we need a break from the heat.

    xoxo Sarah

  • Oh this winter I definitely need to get myself a pair of Hunters!

    I wouldn’t mind a rainy weekend either, it sound lovely! Hope it’s a great wedding nonetheless!

  • such beautiful outfit, hope the rain stays away for your wedding (well, obviously not your wedding, as in you’re getting married, but the wedding you’re attending). I love cosy weekends inside when it’s raining outside 🙂

    Pip x

  • Beautiful outfits! I love your grape coloured wellies, perfect for a rainy day!

  • I love your bag Elsie! And on the rain topic, I love rainy weekends. They’re perfect.


  • I’m officially obsessed with that Chicwish bag! Its all cute, but that is one awesome purse. 🙂

  • I l♥ve the Minnetonka El Paso’s! Seeing Minnetonka moccs always makes me think of my mom 🙂 She used to buy me a new pair of Thunderbird’s every year when I was little!

  • Adore the rain boots and satchel! I have cotton candy pink Hunters and wore them everyday in WA. Now I live in AZ. Consequently they now collect dust Boo!
    Happy Friday!

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