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hi. late night posts… i love them. 

first of all, i promised lots of people i would tell you a little bit about the cleanse we just did. i usually don't blog about these kind of topics so i feel like i should say that i am (obviously) not a health expert and i am not recommending this for anyone else. there are lots of different ways to cleanse, i am certainly not an expert and i am not giving advise. i just want to talk about my own experience. :) 

 it was a modified version of the master cleanse/lemonade diet (link). i say 'modified' because we didn't follow it exactly… we still had coffee every single day and naked juice towards the end of the fast. i've done lots of fasts since college, but this was the best experience i've had. i think it's definitely because jeremy and i did it together. that was really good for me. 

we decided to do this cleanse because for the past few months (since our Italy trip) we had been eating a lot of fast food (usually very late at night), our eating habits were pretty uncool and i was really unhappy because of it. it's weird, but stuff like that can have a huge effect on me emotionally. i just don't want to be a 'fast food person'…. it's like a fear. we wanted a fresh start. so we waited for a good time (no guests, which is becoming more and more rare for us…) and we started the cleanse together. 

the first few days were, of course, pretty rough. after that, we started to feel a little bit better each day. we both had some weird cleaning moods that we got really obsessed with. Jeremy was working on his yard and I cleaned out my closets and then pretty much reorganized my whole house in about three days. strangely, we both felt a little bit less creative than normal. we didn't work quite as much on our own music/art during the cleanse, but it was sort of nice to be in the mood to do other things that we normally wouldn't make time for. 

it was a good 10 days. the benefits (besides the obvious perk of shedding a few pounds) for me were feeling really motivated to make small practical changes, feeling really clean and healthy and having a fresh start! it was the perfect way for us to begin the summer. 🙂 thanks for letting me share. 


let's see… what else do i want to talk about? it's 4:08AM… i can still hear the band recording downstairs. i love it here. 

so cooking dinner for 7 boys wasn't a big deal at all… it was super fun. i made tacos, taco salad, brownies and a version of these carrot cake muffins.

3633367341_4673584130other stuff… the Red Velvet Art site is getting a little makeover and lots of updates this month…. you'll notice these are finally gone….. 


our friends page and about page are updated. yay! 

and i am getting sooo sleepy, so i'm gonna have to pick back up tomorrow. 

one last thing…. 



xoxo. elsie 

  • what did you finally eat when it was all over??

    thanks for sharing your experience, now I’m actually thinking about doing a cleanse. we’ll see =)

  • that’s so awesome elsie! i’ve been wanting to do a clense for a while now, so maybe i’ll check out the one you did! always great to hear from personal experiences than just a website or lable! thanks for sharing that experience!

  • thanks for sharing about the clense! i have been feeling like i need to do one for a few months now… it’s great to have feedback on these kinds of things…

    happy birthday silje! we must be birthday twins! mine is today as well 🙂

  • Congrats on the cleanse! I did the Master Cleanse last fall, and I also had a really positive experience. The hardest part for me was giving up diet soda, but looking back that was the BEST part for my health, so it was totally worth it.

    I also noticed that my mental strength/will-power/self-esteem were improved after the cleanse. I felt very strong, and that I could do anything, and that I was worth it. 🙂

    Maybe it’s time for me to do it again?!?! I could use a dose of all that! (And I’ve been eating a lot of fast food again – very bad.)

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Thanks for sharing. My husband and I have been wanting to do something similar. And those carrot cake muffins look amazing. Carrot cake is my favorite.

  • I did the Master Cleanse & lasted 7 days and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. The first few days are definitely the worst; intense headaches, horrible mood swings. The best part was around the 4th day I woke up with amazing energy!!! Overall it had a ton of benefits & I’m happy I did it. So happy in fact that I’m starting it again on 6/25!! I’m glad you you did it & that you shared your experience 😀

  • Love that pic of you, Elsie! beautiful! The website looks great! I love the “friends” section and how it changes to show the names! Very cute!!!

    Can’t wait to see you again next month!!! xoxo

  • Hi Elsie,

    do you have a link of the modified version of the cleanse?

    I went to wholes food last month to get info on it, but their dietician wasnt there. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • Hey Elsie…good job on the cleanse..I am actually doing a 21 day cleanse. This is day 16…The 4th day was the hardest. I understand what you mean about the cleaning thing..I cleaned out my closets too! That is too funny! I have 5.5 days to go…I do feel better and feel good that I have been able to to this. I have not ever done a cleanse until now. Not easy, but a good thing to do!


  • hi elsie!
    I did a 7 day cleanse this week too! It wasn’t a fast, but it detoxed, and I feel wonderful. So cool that Jeremy joined you. I would love to do one with my husband too.
    miss you, wish we could go for cherry limeades and make stuff together….

  • hey elsie,

    thanks for sharing your experience with us! i was just wondering because i remember you mentioning that you eat gluten-free what you modified in the carrot muffin recipe – they look delicious!

  • Question!! Did you make the design for your blog or did you get a template from somewhere else? I want mine to have the links & pics on each side of the blog. Any suggestions/instructions would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

  • did you get the information for your cleanse from a website? i’d kinda like to look into it (everyone’s seem to have had such a positive experience), but i have no idea where to start, and any help would be greatly appreciated!

    congratulations on making it!!

  • hey everyone….
    to answer a few questions. no, i don’t have a link to the modified cleanse (b/c what i meant by that was that we took the basic info and made it work for us by including coffee & juice!). 😀
    the first thing i ate when it was over was a cobb salad & it was amazing. so funny.
    also…. the carrot cake muffins were *not* gluten free b.c i was making them for a group of guys. i used whole grain flour and subbed honey for sugar to make them for healthy for Jeremy ohh… and light cream cheese, of course.

    anyway… have a great day! 😀

  • Oh… one more thing I forgot.
    I learned about this cleanse from real people (in college), so i have never studied it online or otherwise. if anyone has a good link or reference, feel free to share! 😀

  • http://mastercleansesecrets.com/step3.php Here is a link that I found…I did the research on the Master Cleanse diet. And, I have to say that you have inspired me Elsie! I think I will do it. We eat out a lot and I feel horrible. I will miss my sushi, though! 10 days though. And, the health, emotional and physical benefits is what I look forward to. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Hi Elsie! I’ve been thinking about doing the Master Cleanse. Your enthusiasm in your post gave me the will power. I have a few questions though, during days of the cleanse, did you eat anything at all or was it just the lemonade diet? What time of the day did you do the salt water flush? Did you have the feeling that you needed to go the whole day? How much weight did you put off? I hope you can answer my question so I can start my clease. Thank you so much in advance!

  • Sounds tough, but an awesome challenge! Perhaps I’ll try it too. I think I also saw this diet on the cover of a magazine while in line to buy groceries today. Must be popular!

  • Thanks for posting about your cleanse. I know what you mean about not wanting to “be a fast food person”. I can totally relate. Right now I am trying to incorporate more fruits & veggies into my daily eats as a sort of cleanse and to retrain my body to crave healthier food. I’m following a book called Green for Life, which encourages participants to consume smoothies made from all-natural raw fruits and greens along with their normal eating routine. Like you, I am modifying the plan a little, but so far, so good! Check it out if you have a chance…

  • hi bianca,
    i didn’t need to do the salt water thing this time (i HATE that part, i did it another time and it sucks!!) and no, i didn’t eat any food the whole time. that’s the way it works bc. after a couple days you don’t feel hungry. 🙂
    ok….. thanks for your interest, everyone. it was fun to share something different on here. back to crafts now. 😀 xoxo.

  • The cleanse sounds pretty good and rewardding. Me and my mum heard about something similar, where you only have liquids for a certain preiod of the day, and we were planning on secretly getting the whole family into it…never got round to it though. But maybe we should this summer! 🙂

    PS: I don’t know if you’ve found this yet, but I found a little something about making colourful chalkboard paint I thought you’d like. I posted it on my blog. Here’s the post: http://imagination-abeautifulworld.blogspot.com/2009/06/chalkboard-paint.html

  • I have a feeling I may want to do this after our vaca in NYC! Something to get me back on track. I’m going to look into it, thanks for the info!!

  • Hi Elsie… My hubby and I did the Master Cleanse for 10 days at the beginning of the year and had a great experience. I definitely think it’s easier to do it together! Congrats on doing it!

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