Love Notes Photo Book

Love Notes Photo BookLove notes1Today is my boyfriend's birthday (the big 27!). As part of his birthday present I made this little love notes photo book for him. I'd like to think it's equal parts romantic and cheesy! The idea was to give him 27 love notes for his 27th birthday; I've been working on the notes all month. And I got to use my new sewing skills for stitching up the book. Here's what I did:Love notes steps1. Cut out 27 paper pages (5×5) and 27 fabric covers (same size). I stuck with a mostly orange and brown color scheme to keep things coherent. 2. Stitch photos to one side of the paper (I only used about 15 photos, the rest of the pages were blank on one side). And stitch the fabric to the other side, leaving one side open. This creates a pocket for each note. 3. Punch a hole through each page, in roughly the same place. 4. String the pages together with yarn. 5. Add the notes to each pocket. 6. Take a look at your huge stack of love notes and worry that maybe you've gone a little overboard… Love Notes BookMost of the notes were like daily letters, but I also wrote a few lists (top 10 favorite things we've done together, etc.) and you can use the photos as a prompt for notes (all my photos were memories from our relationship). Just be sure to tuck those notes into the corresponding picture pocket. 🙂 Thanks for letting me share my cheesy love notes project with you! xo. emma

Photos were printed via PostalPix.

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