Loving my iPhone camera remote!

Love the Muku Shuttr remote for iPhone Hey friends! I recently impulse purchased a Movo wireless remote and I thought it would be fun to share it here because I know some of you would love this thing!

Muku Shuttr remoteSo, disclaimer time. I get it- selfies are silly. But you know what, I still LOVE them. I love seeing my friends posting creative selfies too. If you’re with me and you love them too, this post is for you! If not, shield your eyes! ♥

Playing with an iPhone Shuttr remote… SO fun!So this is the only iPhone remote I have tried, but it’s super easy to set up and use and it works flawlessly. In this photo I’m pointing it at the phone, but you actually don’t have to do that. You can hide it behind you or in your pocket and be up to 30 feet away from your phone and still snap photos. I love that I can snap 5+ options of each photo I set up to choose from.

The remote come with a little stand that helps your phone stay up, but I’ve been enjoying getting creative and propping it up with found objects. Look at this little rig I made with tape-

Setting up a selfie with tapeSetting up a selfie with tapeFunny, I know, but it totally works!

Playing with an iPhone Shuttr remote… SO fun! This is the photo I snapped with my tape rig. I love that there is no awkward outstretched selfie arm. Hooray!

Playing with an iPhone Shuttr remote… SO fun! Here are a few photos I snapped (remote under the table) at coffee this morning. I have a LOT to learn, but I already feel that I have more creative options, which is always a good thing!

Playing with an iPhone Shuttr remote… SO fun! Here’s a photo I snapped while painting a couple days ago.

Playing with an iPhone Shuttr remote… SO fun! And a puppy selfie, of course!!

Setting up a selfie with the Muku Shuttr remoteI’m so excited to continue experimenting and learning. I’ll share more on my instagram soon. XO! Elsie

Credits// Author: Elsie Larson, Photography: Sarah Rhodes and Elsie Larson

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