Macrame Shower Curtain DIY

Macrame Shower Curtain DIY (click through for tutorial) I’ve been working on our guest bathroom this past month. One of the suggestions Laura had for making a bathroom look more luxe is to get an extra long shower curtain that goes all the way to the floor. It was one of those things I never even thought about, but it made total sense!

So for this DIY, we added macrame trim to a simple/boring curtain that was the right length. The finished result is a custom shower curtain that you can’t buy in any store!

Here’s how it’s done—

Macrame Shower Curtain DIY (click through for tutorial)
white shower curtain
-macrame lace (similar here)
-fabric glue or sewing machine
-fabric scissors
fabric glue

Macrame Shower Curtain DIY (click through for tutorial)Cut a macrame lace strip to be just as wide as the bottom of the curtain. Pin your lace in the location you want it along the bottom of the curtain and use a ruler as you go to make sure the top of the lace is even with the bottom of the curtain.

Macrame Shower Curtain DIY (click through for tutorial)Using a ruler again, add and pin your next line of lace, and repeat with each layer you want to add.

Macrame Shower Curtain DIY (click through for tutorial)Use fabric glue along the top edge of each piece of lace to secure, or sew along the top line with a sewing machine.

Macrame Shower Curtain DIY (click through for tutorial)Add some Fray Check to the ends of all your cut macrame pieces so they don’t unravel, and hang up your curtain to see your finished product!

Macrame Shower Curtain DIY (click through for tutorial) Macrame Shower Curtain DIY (click through for tutorial) Macrame Shower Curtain DIY (click through for tutorial) I’m really excited to share this whole room with you soon. It’s so close to being complete! xx -Elsie

P.S. If you love macrame, check out this macrame table runner DIY!

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Project and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

  • I love it! We recently got our tile done by our carpet cleaners in Thornton and this would be amazing to add to our bathroom! Thank you for this wonderful DIY idea!

  • I am wondering where you got the macrame and the curtain? I’d love to duplicate this exact curtain!!! Or if I could pay to have you make and ship this curtain, I’d be ever so grateful. Thanks!

  • Those doors!!!!! WOW!!! And I am TOTALLY doing this fringe to my main bath!!! BRILL!!!!

  • That is soon cute! I have wanted to redo my guest bathroom for a while now. Where did you find long shower curtains at?

    =) Bridget |

  • That looks amazing! Such a nice detail to the bathroom!

  • They’re usually called duck boards. My parents have one at their house.

    It does collect water underneath, so they’re really only good for specific types of floors. My parents’ bathroom has a drain in the middle so any excess goes under there, but it is a pain having to clean up puddles still (maybe have an absorbent mat underneath?).

    And the wood can be slippery, so probably not a good idea for young or frail people.

    They do look nice, though.

  • For a year I have been in my new house. And have literally purchased half a dozen shower curtains. This is perfect!!!

  • Love this idea! Its fast and easy and a great way to spruce the bathrooms up before the holidays.

    Not being a very crafty person, I have not used fabric glue. Does it hold up to washing?

  • Gorgeous floor!

    How does this hold up in the laundry machine? I would love to try this DIY but am worried that the “tassels” will come out like in a tangled mass after you wash it.

  • This looks absolutely amazing! I don’t need a shower curtain but I may pin this to use on guest towels ! x

  • This looks great! I really like the neutral tones, along with the boho vibe from the macrame. Thanks for sharing this idea!

  • Gorgeous! Did you DIY that wooden mat or find it somewhere? I love the look and been checking around for one, but wonder if water collects underneath? Can’t wait to see the rest, love your style!

  • What a great idea!! I love that you can customize it any way you’d like. I’d been on the hunt for a fringed shower curtain but now I can just make my own 🙂

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