Magical Italy…..


hi! i just wanted to drop in and share a few photos from our trip… it's been so wonderful.
this is my first time on the internet all week…. 

2this is the view from the lovely house we stayed at for a few days…beautiful. 



and the beautiful family we love so much… 



a few photos from Positano:





it was a really nice time and so beautiful!

🙂 helping pack kits…


and a few photos from my classes:



i wish i had group photos of each of my six classes. Oops! 


(the view from our classroom!)

and a few photos from a little walk in Napoli…  


(love this font!)




ha! 😀

and the top 8 things we have loved about Italy…

1. new friends!
2. pizza-pizza
3. a normal sleep schedule
(the most sleep i've had all year and it's AMAZING!)
4. colorful buildings
5. tiny cars
6. this boy taking lots of photos…


(these photos are so adorable that he took of the girls…)



7. Ivy & Yindi
8. Best coffeeeee of our lives!


LoveLove from Italy! Elsie + Jeremy too

  • Oh my goodness my dream is to go to Positano someday thank you for the photos! Glad you are having a great trip!

  • WOW your trip really looks AMAZING! I wish I could get a chance to go to one of our classes some day… How does sweden sound? 😉 Your such an inspiration! Johanna

  • i am so jealous! this trip sounds like a dream, i must go someday. thanks for posting all these beautiful pictures :]

  • Elsie! I’ve had a tough day, so seeing the wonderful italy photos made it so much better!:) they are beautiful! it looks wonderful there!

    p.s. i LOVE your outfit in the car picture.:)

  • Ah! I’m going to Italy in May and this post has got me all excited! Positano especially looks amazing 🙂


  • ooohh I’ve been anxiously checking your blog for updates, so excited to see these pics! Looks like you’re having a great time. Enjoy the rest of your trip – you deserve it!


  • Wow Elsie, Magical is right! The view from your room is breathtaking…and to be able to share that time with Jeremy had to of been the best ever. I’m so glad he was able to join you. I love colorful buildings, and I love little ally ways between buildings like the pictures you took. Such a beautiful place to visit. What a lucky girl you are to have been able to do this.

    Wishing you safe travels home.


  • ahh these photos make me so excited to visit Italy- i am going this fall and couldn’t be more excited! thank you for sharing!!! xoxo-ak-xoxo

  • I love it! Wish I could be there. I WILL go to Italy someday. It’s absolutely official. Beautiful pictures. I love seeing two of my favorite bloggers together 🙂 So neat.

  • Oh, Positano… I miss it so much! My semester abroad that turned into a year abraod was the best time of my life, have so much fun!!!

  • Wow! Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures! What a lucky girl you are! Enjoy!

  • So glad that you’re back (more blog posts)! The place you stayed at looks like an absolute dream…

  • Awww! How cute! I’ve been addicted to your blog, and this was a treat! I especially love your outfit with the checkered shirt and belt.

    Go you!

  • eek it’s so beautiful! I went to Venice with my dad last April, and the coffee was marvelous…but we didn’t get to see mountains and sea.

  • Oh Elsie I am soooo jealous! I work in an Italian restaurant & have learnt so much about Italian food over the last year but still haven’t been to the homeland!

    Looks like you had a great few days x

  • Ciao 🙂 ! I took 2 of your classes in PACS and I had total fun! you’re really lovely and I want just to say thank you :)!!!

    I listened to Jeremy’s music and it’s fantastic! hope to see you again one day… gorgeous photos 😉 manu

  • Hi elsie just wanted to say I finally got your new line, “Lucy” and “Clark” today. Amazing. I love allt the little desserts…:)

  • Hi Elsie…i was with you in 2 of your amazing classes!!!

    Thank you for funny and cute projects!!!

    You are very nice!!!

    Many thanks…



  • I just emailed you the photos of your classes 🙂 Loved them and loved you. 🙂 hugs from Italy

  • I follow your blog every week and I’m so surprised to see you in Italy! I’m an italian girl…I live in Sardinia and I’m so happy you’re appreciating my country! I’m trying to imagine you, with your personal and wonderful style, in the little Positano’s street… amazing!!
    Enjoy it very much, kisses and huges from an unknown fan!

  • !!

    the photo of you and Jeremy holding hands in the car (at least, that’s what it looks like) is so cute.


  • elsie I was a crazy girl in 4 your classes thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuu I knew elsie of Love Elsie!!! WONDERFUL!!! It’s unbelievable

  • Wow, Oh Wow, Oh wow, such beauty! Loves the pics, thanks for sharing. (I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve checked in on your blog. You’ve been a busy gal!)

  • Hi Elsie! I had a great time in Italy too. It was very nice meeting you. And you were right about the “fabric” of my bag. It is called “oilcloth” in English. Good luck with making one…..


  • looks like such a lovely vacation!

    i’d love to go to italy one day!

    even more now since i’ve seen this post. 🙂

  • Elsie… I just got home this week from the exact same area of Italy! We stayed in Sorrento and even had a view out our windo very similar to yours… Love the Positano pictures, that was one of my favorite places. Hope you had as great of time there as I did.

  • oh great! i didn’t know you came to Italy! That’s amazing. Hope you loved it!Seems so by the pictures!

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