Make a Crepe Paper Flower Garland

Make A Crepe Paper Flower Garland-8

Make A Crepe Paper Flower Garland-8Here in central Texas, spring has officially arrived and the warm weather is making its way in. Everything is in bloom and I could not be more excited to see all the wildflowers start to pop up around town. Unfortunately, the flowers won’t last more than a few weeks, so to keep the spring feeling going all the way through summer, I created a delicate crepe paper flower garland to adorn my mantel. Now I can enjoy the pretty spring florals inside and outside of my home.

Crepe paper flowers may seem a little intimidating to try, but they can really be as simple or as complex as you want to make them. So start easy and work your way up to the more complex flowers. And I promise the crepe paper is more forgiving than you might think! And when they are all strung together on a garland, you really won’t see that one misshapen petal or gap. I promise!

Make A Crepe Paper Flower Garland-8

crepe paper rolls in shades of pink, yellow, peach, and green
floral wire
-hot glue
wire cutters

Make A Crepe Paper Flower Garland-8Step 1: Begin by making your crepe paper flowers. Begin by wrapping a small bean-sized piece of paper in a square of pink crepe paper to create the center of the flower.

Make A Crepe Paper Flower Garland-8Step 2: Fringe cut the black crepe paper and glue it around the pink center of the flower.

Make A Crepe Paper Flower Garland-8Step 3: Cut 3-4 petals from light pink crepe paper and then pull on each side to stretch out the crepe paper and create a ruffled look. Hot glue the petals around the center stamen, overlapping the petals as you go.

Make A Crepe Paper Flower Garland-8Step 4: Repeat with different flower colors, petal shapes, and sizes until you have a large assortment of about 24 flowers. For the leaves, just fold a piece of green crepe paper in half and cut a leaf shape, leaving about 1″ on the bottom fold uncut. Then pull the leaves on each side to ruffle and twist the uncut portion of crepe paper between the two leaves and fold in half to create a double leaf.

Make A Crepe Paper Flower Garland-8

Make A Crepe Paper Flower Garland-8Step 5: Twist the green covered wire together to form your garland base, then hot glue the green floral wire to each flower and twist and glue the flowers and leaves onto the base wire.

Make A Crepe Paper Flower Garland-8

Make A Crepe Paper Flower Garland-8

Make A Crepe Paper Flower Garland-8Step 6: Once all your flowers are added, come back and glue on the leaves to fill in any gaps or empty spots along the garland. I love the look of the flowers clustered in groups of 2-3 flowers and then the leaves filling in the spaces between the groupings.

Make A Crepe Paper Flower Garland-8

Make A Crepe Paper Flower Garland-8Once complete, you can use small clear Command hooks to hang the wire garland on your mantel. You can also lay it down the center of your table as a gorgeous spring runner, or bend it into a circle and twist the ends together to make a wreath. Wherever you display it, it is guaranteed to bring a little spring into your home! xo. Kara

Credits//Author and Photography: Kara Whitten. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.
  • Wow! I would never have guessed those flowers weren’t purchased at an expensive store. They are beautiful and I love the color they bring to a room! I don’t think I’m talented enough to make them though! LOL

  • This is sooo beautiful! I love it! SImple and elegant. I have never made paper flowers, much less with crepe paper, but this has me wanting to try it out! Maybe just one or two to start with and then work my way to a garland! LOVE love LOVE IT!!

  • This looks so lovely!

    I echo Stella’s request – would you be up for doing another tutorial just on assembling flowers? I could use some tips on how to cut the petal shapes and also how to assemble the larger flowers (particularly because my crepe paper strips aren’t that big!) – thanks!

  • Wow, this is just what I need in my life as Stockholm is still covered in snow. They look so real and at the same time Wonderland-y.

    I’m putting together an Easter/spring arts and crafts compilation blog post and am wondering if I may share one of your pictures (with a link back to your post of course)?

  • I LOVE this pretty Spring garland!

    It’s so beautiful and seems fairly manageable for a crafting beginner, like me. I do have a question — you give instructions for creating that light pink style flower, but do you have directions for creating all the assorted flower types shown on the garland? Obviously, they’re all unique and require different colors, cuts and assembly. I’d love to see a few more step-by-steps!

    Thank you!

    • While all the flowers look so different, it’s really all the same process. Start with the center of the flower and glue on petals around the center overlapping as you go. Then try changing up the petal shapes to skinny rounded ones, or thin pointed ones, and add more petals to create all the various looking flowers.

  • This is so cute, and I LOVE the wood stacked in the fireplace like that!


  • I love this. I think I might try and turn this into a springtime wreath for my door!

  • Wow! This is one of the prettiest DIY paper flower projects I’ve ever seen.

  • They are absolutely beautiful, I love the colours!

  • Love the DIY tutorial. It looks so amazing. Will try it for sure to decorate my room 🙂

  • This looks so real, at first glance I wouldn’t even know it’s made of paper! I haven’t actually crafted with crepe paper for a long time but I loved the feel of them when I was young. ❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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