Make a Family Photo Board Book

How to easily make a children's board book- perfect for learning family names!Reading is kind of a big deal at our house, but as much as we value books, we love family most of all! I remember seeing this family photo board book idea on A Cup of Jo and thinking I would love to try making something like that for our kiddo. It turned out to be a great project that Lucy just loves! We enjoy looking at each page and watching her point at the faces when we call out the names. Pretty soon she'll be spelling the names, and then you know what comes next…. Ivy League college applications!

After a couple of tries, I figured out a quick and easy way to make this board book using common crafting tools and supplies. It looks pretty nice, and I think it'll hold up well too! Check out the simple instructions below.

How to easily make a children's board book- perfect for learning family names!Supplies:
-5" x 5" photos & cover images printed onto matte/luster photo paper (I used Canon luster photo paper.)
-spray mount (permanent)
-X-acto blade replacements
-duct tape or clear packaging tape

-cutting mat
-steel ruler
-X-Acto blade

How to easily make a children's board book- perfect for learning family names!Step One: Cut 5" x 5" pieces of chipboard. It's important that each size is exact, or your final pages will be a little wonky. But if you don't mind the wonkiness, then I don't mind, and I doubt your toddler will mind either. Not all people need to be perfectionists!

Step Two: Cut your photos to the same size as your chipboard squares— 5" x 5". I printed two 5" x 5" photos with names on them onto each sheet of photo paper, and then trimmed them down to their exact size.

If you don't have a printer at home, you can take your 8.5" x 11" files to a copy store, or go to a drug store to get 5" x 7" photos printed, and then cut them down to size when you get home. It is important that your paper be photo quality though, so it can hold up to being handled frequently. Also— if you don't have software to add names to the photos, you can use a Sharpie paint pen to add white or black writing on the photos.

How to easily make a children's board book- perfect for learning family names!Step Three: Use duct tape or packaging tape* to connect each page together. Leave a tiny bit of space between each page for the thickness of the photos that you'll adhere to them. Carefully trim away the excess tape with an X-Acto blade.

*For the first book I made, I used duct tape for this step, but I wasn't happy with how thick the tape was, so for the second book, I used clear packaging tape and found I liked how it turned out much better.

How to easily make a children's board book- perfect for learning family names!At this point, check to make sure you have enough chipboard pages for each photo you plan to put inside the book. Don't forget to add photos of family pets!

How to easily make a children's board book- perfect for learning family names!Step Four: Arrange your photos onto a clean, disposable surface* and spray with an even coat of adhesive. Make sure the back of each photo is evenly coated (all the way to the edges), but try not to use too much adhesive or it will build up under the paper and goop will ooze out the sides of the page.

Carefully match up the corners of your photo to the corners of the chipboard piece it's going on. Starting at the outer edge of the paper, smooth the paper onto the chipboard with the back of your hand. For aesthetic purposes, I think it's more important that the outer edges of the photos match up with the chipboard than for the inner edges to meet up. If you cut them perfectly to size, it won't matter– it'll be a perfect fit!

*Do not lay new photos onto a backdrop that has already been used, or it will get adhesive onto the front of your photos.

How to easily make a children's board book- perfect for learning family names!Step Five: Once all of the pages have been filled with photos, it's time to add the book's binding tape. I used white duct tape for this because it matches the background of the cover photo I used. Simply smooth the tape onto the front cover alongside the binding, then smooth it onto the edge of the binding, and then onto the back of the book. Trim away the excess tape.

How to easily make a children's board book- perfect for learning family names!Step Six: Spray adhesive onto the back of the cover photos just as you did the inside photos, and put them in place, smoothing from the outside in.

Note about adhesive: When I first attempted this project, I tried using Mod Podge to affix each image to the chipboard, but it was wrinkling my photos and warping the chipboard— not to mention it took forever waiting for each spread to dry before continuing to the next one! I considered using an ATG gun (basically just double-sided tape), glue dots, or rubber cement, but in the end, spray adhesive won out because of it's durability. Spray mount, though less forgiving when placing each image, worked like a dream! I know from past experience with Scotch's Super 77 Spray Adhesive that it holds very well over time when the appropriate amount is used. (Do not— I repeat DO NOT cut corners when it comes to buying quality spray adhesive! It's not worth it!) The luster finish of the photo paper I used protects the images from sticky hands and will hopefully last for a long time!

How to easily make a children's board book- perfect for learning family names!How to easily make a children's board book- perfect for learning family names!Once I figured out the best method to use for making this board book, it was really easy and surprisingly quick! Taking the time to accurately cut each page was the bulk of the work involved, but it goes much better when you frequently change your X-Acto blade. Cutting chipboard will dull a blade pretty quickly.

How to easily make a children's board book- perfect for learning family names!How to easily make a children's board book- perfect for learning family names!How to easily make a children's board book- perfect for learning family names!How to easily make a children's board book- perfect for learning family names!This board book was a fun little project, and simple enough that I know I will do it again soon. I think the next book I make will include photos of Lucy's favorite places and favorite things. She'll be spelling I-C-E–C-R-E-A-M in no time! –Mandi

Credits // Author and Photography: Mandi Johnson. Photos edited with Stella and Valentine of the Signature Collection and Pearl from the Fresh Collection.

  • i know this is an older post, so you may not see this, but round about figure how much do you think the final product would cost? thanks!!

  • Hi! This is super cute! I wondered if you sprayed anything over the photos at the end to protect them? If not do you suggest a spray or solution that would work good?

  • I’m curious how this held up- thinking about making one for my daughter for Christmas and was wondering especially if the binding held up over time!

  • I forget which typeface it was— probably either Gotham or Brandon Grotesque -Mandi

  • Seriously! It’s so not worth a couple of dollars saved and a project ruined, right?! -Mandi

  • I forget which one it was. It was either Gotham or Brandon Grotesque. -Mandi

  • I love love love this idea!

    And I was preaching about paying extra for quality spray mount on my blog just the other day after a bad experience with the cheap stuff!

  • OMG this is too cute. You’re so talented and creative! Looks so fun to make this one day.


  • Loved the idea!! I’m from Brazil and I’m living now in NY for a few months. My mother’s birthday will be next month and since I’m going to be away from her I thought about giving her a more personal / handmade gift. Now I think I found it! I won’t actually make a photo board book (cause I’m pretty sure my mom knows all of our family! hahaha) but I’ll use the cardboards to make a different photo album with pictures of me and her. I think she will love it and thank you for the awesome inspiration!

  • I absolutely love this idea! It would be a wonderful gift for friend’s baby showers, too!

  • This is really a lovely DIY! Thanks for sharing this with us. Would be great to take this idea for book making and write and illustrate a little story for the little ones.

    rae of lovefromberlin

  • love love love this idea!! I will definitely be making one of these for my little girl.

  • I think it probably depends on the size of the pages. If you’re using thick chipboard (it comes in different weights, I think) and small pages, it might be weird too have too many pages, because it would start looking more like a block and less like a book. Bigger pages might be less weird. But I can’t say for sure, since I used smaller pages. I’d say, just check out regular ol’ published boardbooks and see how thick they get— you’ll notice they vary slightly, but usually aren’t lots of pages. -Mandi

  • I got mine from where you get posterboard and foamboard in an art supply/craft store. It was in a huge sheet, and I cut it down to smaller pieces. I was originally looking for the 12×12 chipboard, and couldn’t find it at the stores I visited. -Mandi

  • Thanks! Her table is actually a side table from our living room (she’s borrowing it until I can make her a different table). I made it with a vintage tulip base and a round table top. The chairs are from Overstock. -Mandi

  • Hehe! When I used to write for Apartment Therapy, I lived with my brother, so naturally he was in house photos, and would always get comments about his looks. It drove his girlfriend crazy. He has a non crazy girlfriend now who would probably be flattered to read your comment. 🙂 -Mandi

  • Super cute! For those who want to make their own board books, but don’t want to do the measuring and cutting of chipboard, there’s a company called Bare Books that I discovered a few years ago that sells all sorts of blank books, including board books:×8/

    They’re great for all sorts of mixed media bookish DIY projects. 🙂

  • Aaaah Mandy is awesome. I always wanted to do this because our families live like an ocean away and ended up making a lazy version of this only recently. sigh. This is beautiful!

  • WOw THis is a great idea! If I had time I may make one for my baby niece since she lives far away from family but with a family photo book she will recognize us instantly!

  • That is such an adorable idea!
    And it’ll be so great when Lucy grows up and finds this again, you can be sure she’ll cherish it.

  • This is wonderful!! I am going to make one for nephew who lives in Portugal and does get to see everyone so he can learn our names. Thanks you.

  • Love this! Any thoughts on the maximum amount of pages that this book could realistically hold?

  • Such a cute little photo book… Lucy is the cutest girl ever..


  • Such a cute idea, love it 🙂 x

  • I don’t have a child, but I just want to say that this is SUCH a cute idea!

  • I’m pretty sure this will be on my handmade gift list to the littles! Great tutorial!

  • Can for one second we talk about how freaking beautiful and simple and elegant this is? I wish I wasn’t completely inept in the craft department so I could at least attempt this! Oh, heck might just give it a shot!

  • Thank you for adding that modge podge did not work! That would have been my first attempt and fail 🙂 Awesome DIY idea!

  • Any tips on where to find sheets of craft/chip board? Im in Canada and have tried Michaels (they only sell 12″x12″) or the alternative matting board (which is way expensive)… Have also tried places like home depot etc… No luck!!

  • TOO CUTE!! My nephew would love this – he loves looking at photos and naming everyone he knows! Great idea.

  • I just love your projects! They are beautiful…

  • This is the cutest idea! I so want to make one now!

  • Oh, this is adorable! There are no kids in my family but I do have friends who have kids, and this is an amazing idea for them to start spelling. I loved it 😀

    (I’m the cool aunt)

  • This is so cute, and such a beautiful and clever idea x

  • Love this idea and just in time for Holiday gifts! I’ve seen Lucy’s table and chairs a few times in posts now it’s so cute, where is it from?

  • what a fun idea for kids to learn who their family is
    nice post!

  • I love this! Such a great idea! I will definitely be making some for my sons Christmas presents!

  • Omg, that is so cute! I will definitely try to make one, when I go on trips ^_^

  • Absolutely love this! I can see an entire series of books. I’m planning to do “Cousins” first. For the grandchildren who do not get to see everyone on a regular basis. Perhaps a yearly family edition to watch them all grow up. The ideas are endless!

  • Wow this is such a fantastic idea. I really appreciate that you already trial and error-ed the different adhesives b/c I was sitting here thinking, I wonder if Mod Podge would work…

  • I love this idea.
    Its the perfect present for young childs.
    Sooo cute!

    Greetings & Love

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