Make gift tags from Instagram photos!

Make gift tags from Instagram photos!Hi guys! I LOVE giving gifts. Picking out and wrapping up weird, romantic or sentimental gifts for the people I love is one of my favorite things to do. I have so much fun filling up that tree! With that said, I'm not that great at wrapping gifts. I'm messy. I'm not a perfectionist. I can't wrap a picture perfect gift to save my life. Instead, I gravitate toward fun, easy-going wrapping solutions with a handmade touch! 

Today we want to share fun and easy way to make personalized gift tags for the holidays. Use your favorite Instagram memories from the year to create these quirky little tags! Since we'll be doing some quick-and-easy photo printing for this project, it felt like another great fit for our Canon USA collaboration.Make gift tags from Instagram photos! Step One: Use a photo app like #ABeautifulMess to add 'To:' and 'From:' to your favorite cell phone photos. Use photos that naturally have some white space or use your app to create white areas for writing before you add the words. Make gift tags from Instagram photos!  Step Two: Print your tags at home using label or sticker paper. You can find it at any office supply store! We printed ours on Canon's MG7120. It's our go-to for the fun, smaller projects.Make gift tags from Instagram photos!   Step Three: Trim your labels and get ready to have fun wrapping gifts. It's that easy!!

Wine cork stampI also used wine corks to stamp my kraft wrapping paper with a little white acrylic paint. This year I've been decorating my plain craft and white wrapping paper with paint and sharpies. Make gift tags from Instagram photos!    Make gift tags from Instagram photos!    Our tree is already beginning to fill with gifts. I can't wait for our family and friends to see these cute little tags we printed with the pups photos. It's getting REAL festive around here. Cheers to messy, personal, happy gift wrap! xo. Elsie  

Credits// Author and Photography: Elsie Larson

  • I love the look of Kraft paper and have been using it for my wrapping this year. Unfortunately, I have been having a hard time getting tape to stick to it. I’ve tried regular Scotch tape, packing tape, and masking tape. Any suggestions?

  • Just printed mine! They look super cute!

    Thanks for the inspiration yet again!!!

  • I just made my Christmas Gift tags using this idea. PERFECT way to personalize for each person too 🙂 Love it so much! Thank yoU!

  • I’d love to know how you made your braided yarn ribbon. I’m trying to figure it out with 2 colors and can’t get it!

  • I love this idea! And was so excited to do this for Xmas! BUT I’m so confused: how do you make the white boxes where you’ll right someone’s name using the ABM app? Thanks!

  • Hi! It’s in the “geometric doodles” pack in the A Beautiful Mess app.

    Thanks for asking! Elsie

  • Hi! It’s in the “geometric doodles” pack in the A Beautiful Mess app.

    Thanks for asking! Elsie

  • Hi! It’s in the “geometric doodles” pack in the A Beautiful Mess app.

    Thanks for asking! Elsie

  • Hi! It’s in the “geometric doodles” pack in the A Beautiful Mess app.

    Thanks for asking! Elsie

  • Hi! It’s in the “geometric doodles” pack!

    Thanks for asking! Elsie

  • Thanks Les! Currently (at my house) the printers don’t have a permanent home so we are always moving them around! In the new space I’ll be sure to share the new storage solutions we have planned! Good question!


  • Hi Kim! That white bar is in the new “geometric doodles” pack!

    xo- elsie

  • such a cute idea! how do you create the white bars on your app? I can’t seem to figure it out! :>

  • How did you get the white boxes using ABM app? I see you’re doing it in the edit section but I can’t work it oh? Please let me know, I really want to use this idea. Thanks.

  • This is adorable! Love them! I wish I had that printer!

    Lulu xx

  • This is a great idea!! How do you create the white area on photos using the a beautiful mess app?

  • I modified this and used prints from my printstagram calendar plus white correction tape! I linked back to you. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Hey E, how do you add the white space behind text? I wanted to try this but most of my photos are busy. Thanks!

  • Love this idea especially for all the teens in our family and extended fam 🙂 Thanks!!

  • Good idea! I tried the app but the writing “to and from” is just tooo big.. how do you change the size?

  • I love the idea of “messy, personal, happy gift wrap”. Beautiful gift tag ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  • That’s so sweet! I particularly love the paint idea as I love to make wrapping paper with brown paper and stamps, paint etc!

  • how did you arrange the photos to print that way? what program? I have the printer and the app already:)

  • This is really a great idea! For the past couple years I have been using craft paper to wrap all my presents and I decorate it with paint or markers, but I usually just write on the paper To and From. Never thought about printing my own labels (Duh!).

    My question is how you got all of the photos cropped and to fit exactly how you wanted it to on the photo paper? Maybe i just have to play around with the printer settings to figure it out. I’m not a pro at printing out pictures yet since I don’t do it too often.

  • OooOoo I love this idea, soo cute! Love the gold plant hangers in your living room too! <3 xoxo

  • Do you guys know when there might be an update to fix some of the glitch issues with the app? Mine keeps freezing ever since the update.

  • love this!

    also – I saw this DIY makeshift xmas tree on another blog I follow and thought you guys would love it…just wanted to share 🙂

  • I wish I had a printer because if I did, I’d totally be doing this with pictures of my fur children.

  • What a cool idea. I need to download your app asap. Love the stamping, too. Can I steal this idea?
    Cheers from Germany,

  • Great idea love it, definitely going to try this. And wow how stylish is your living room?! Love the couch colours and cushions ( and pooches too).

  • This is so adorable….but how do you make these white spaces using the abeautifullmess app ? Or is this feature inly available for the iPhone version 🙂

  • Can you maybe explain how to create those white areas with the abeautifullmess app ? Or is this just available in theiiPhone version ?

  • This is inspired. I will definitely be doing this for my Christmas presents this year…

  • Great idea, they look great! I love homemade wrapping.

    Aysha x

  • This looks like such a fun idea. Though I would need to either find myself apps or edit them in Photoshop before printing them out…!

  • Loooveeeeee… I am a full believer in only buying kraft paper and decorating it instead of buying a bunch of rolls of different paper. But making my own “to and from” tags are beautiful!!

  • Splendid idea! Guess what I’ll be doing tomorrow since I’m wrapping gifts? YUP!

  • I love these! So adorable. Pretty much all my presents are wrapped for this year, but I’m saving this for next year.

  • This is such a fun way to use Instagram photos! Thanks for the great DIY!

  • What a fun idea and way to make presents even more unique and fun! Definitely planning on doing this for my family this year!

  • I love making my own gift wrap out of butcher/parcel paper too! Maybe I’ll try these tags this year!

  • Such a cute idea! I love using your app and using it not only for photos on instagram but for gift tags is fantastic! And I love your tree and the fact, that you already have presents lying underneath! I wish we could do that as well but unfortunately my boyfriend doesn’t like the idea of having the tree in here so early and the other reason why it wouldn’t make sense is that our little daughter would unwrap all of the gifts within minutes! 🙂
    So I guess we have to wait until Christmas Eve and until then I enjoy seeing your tree and your presents!
    Thanks for sharing this cute idea!

  • So sweet! I wouldn’t want to throw those away! Love it!

  • This is such a fun idea! I like the polka dot print made with corks, too. So creative!

  • Love Love Love this tag idea!
    But I have been playing around with your app and I can’t seem to figure out how to add the white space to add the “to” and “from”!!!!!!
    Can you help prompt this step for me, plz!!!!

    Love your sweet living room!

  • this idea is SUPER cute….specially with your app! (which as an android lover, have been dying for and purchased EVERYTHING as soon as i could!)

    i have a random question!

    i know you guys have a new studio house!(woohoo!) but i was wondering how do you house all your printers?
    you guys have (what seems like) a lot (although im sure its just 2 or 3)
    i only have one and i feel like i cant find the right place in my small room!

    maybe, before you guys move to your new studio, you guys should do an abm at elsies house tour to give us readers ideas!



  • I love how you can even see the pups in the last photo, it really ties everything together. I love you guys and all your creative ideas, your blog really is addicting and very inspirational at the same time to us fellow bloggers, so thank you. 🙂


  • LOVELY idea!

  • That is really, really cute. I am waiting for a xmss. xa

  • This is such a good idea to personalize things 🙂


  • I love these cute little tags! I especially love that hand painted paper. I normally use brown craft paper to wrap my gifts and accessorize it with washi tape and ribbon, but I really love the idea of using paint to make polka dots. It looks so fun!


  • Can you tell me which type of Canon printer you used here? In the market … many thanks!

  • This is so cute! I definitely want to do this. I love homemade wrapping! 🙂

  • I really love the way your gift wrap matches perfectly with your room! Mine NEVER does. I have aim for that this year to help the decor flow a little better

  • This is such a genius idea! So clever, and so thoughtful and personal too! x

  • As a girl who owns 60+ Sharpies, I love any projects involving them, and that includes cute gift wrap. If you think of any other new ways to work with them, I’d love to read that!

  • This is so cute! One of my coworkers is OBSESSED with Instagram, so I just shared this with him!

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