Giant Jenga

Diy giant jengaWhile we were in Austin a few weeks ago we had a fun evening out with some of the folks from BonLook. At this rooftop bar, they had a giant Jenga set. Whoa! Apparently this is a thing. But this was my first experience with a giant Jenga. It was a blast!

7Trey and I immediately decided we needed to create our own set for fun backyard times at our house. You could probably guess how to make it :), but here’s how we made ours:

How to build your own giant jengaFirst, you need to buy enough 2×4 boards to cut into forty-eight 10 1/2 inch pieces. You can cut the boards yourself or have them cut at your local lumber yard. Try to avoid wood that has large knots or holes in it. Next, sand all the edges so everything is smooth and can slide easily across each other.

DIY giant jenga set www.abeautifulmess.comLast, I painted the ends in five different colors: Grassy Meadow, Field Poppy, Safe Harbor, Panama Rose and Crumb Cookie. I went back and forth on whether to seal the wood. In the end I decided not to, because I was concerned that the surface might become less… slidable.

Giant jenga via www.abeautifulmess.comIf you do decide to seal, also keep in mind that some sealers (like polyurethane) can change your paint colors (like tinting your whites more yellow). Although I do plan to keep my Jenga set outside plenty, I will probably store them in the garage during the seasons with a lot of moisture to keep them from warping.

Giant Jenga…. the end! www.abeautifulmess.comThis project is pretty inexpensive (especially if you substitute the wall paint for craft paints) and could make a really cute gift to a family or friend who loves outdoor games. It might not be gift season just yet… but it’s never too soon to start planning. 🙂

Diy giant jenga www.abeautifulmess.comAfter making this set we took it to Hope’s birthday party, and it was a hit. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve gotta go dominate at some giant Jenga! xo. Emma

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