Make your own Alcohol Ink Pumpkins


It’s pumpkin time! While there are literally thousands of ways to decorate a pumpkin, these alcohol ink pumpkins might be one of my favorites. I recently began experimenting with alcohol inks, and while they are messy, they make the most unique and gorgeous patterns. Almost like a cross between marbling and paint dripping, but still so totally different. And you can’t beat their vibrant hues! So grab a few alcohol inks and a white faux pumpkins and let me show you how to make your own alcohol ink pumpkins!


white faux pumpkins
alcohol inks in watermelon, peach belini, raspberry, and pink sherbet
-squirt bottle with rubbing alcohol
-plastic sheeting and rubber or latex gloves
gold paint (optional)

Make-Your-Own-Alcohol-Ink-Pumpkins-7Step One: Begin by laying out your plastic sheeting (alcohol inks are messy!) and putting on your gloves. Then spray down your pumpkin with the plain clear alcohol in your spray bottle.

Make-Your-Own-Alcohol-Ink-Pumpkins-7Step Two: Slowly drip your alcohol inks around the pumpkin in bands of color. I started at the top for a few and at the bottom for others and I found that if you start about 1/3 of the way up from the bottom and drip rings of color around the pumpkin slowly working your way up to the top, it created a nice layered look. But really you can’t go wrong with these as long as all your colors coordinate.

Step Three: The alcohol will flow wherever there is already alcohol, so if you get some blank spots, just spritz them with the clear rubbing alcohol and squeeze a little more color there. Keep spritzing the pumpkins with clear alcohol and layering on the colors until the entire pumpkin is coated.

Make-Your-Own-Alcohol-Ink-Pumpkins-7Step Four: Place the pumpkins on a clean piece of plastic sheeting and let dry. Once dry, use your gold paint to paint the stems and add a few gold splatters if desired.


The alcohol inks come in a large variety of colors, so play around and find a combo that you like. I tried a few blue pumpkins, but I wasn’t thrilled with the results as I mixed in yellow and it turned them all an ugly shade of green. So my suggestion when making your own is to stick to shades of one color when making your pumpkins to avoid unpleasant color mixing.


Make-Your-Own-Alcohol-Ink-Pumpkins-7I am so excited that they turned out even better than I had hoped! While you are in the middle of adding the alcohol inks, it can get a bit nerve wracking, but as long as you stick with that similar color palate, you really can’t go wrong. Once they dry, the colors blend and get absorbed into the pumpkin and create the most beautiful and vibrant marbled and dripped look. They really are a show stopper! xoxo. Kara

Credits // Author and Photography: Kara Whitten. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.
  • I would love to put the on a wooden heart. Would that work? Would I have to paint my heart white first?
    Thank you! They are beautiful!

    • I am pretty sure they would be fine outdoors. The first time I used the ink I didn’t use gloves and it dyed my hands for a week. So I learned the hard way that water won’t make it run!

  • Question. I know you used fake pumpkins for this, and the result was gorgeous. Would it work on a real one, or would the texture of the outside not work with the inks?

    • I haven’t tried it, so I can’t be sure, but I think it would work. The inks adhere to porus surfaces, so I think it would easily absorb into the pumpkin skin.

    • With a real pumpkin, you would need to seal the surface with clear or white spray, let dry well, then work with the inks. On a pumpkin–color background, colors in the orange/red family might co-ordinate better.

  • Wow this is an easy project and turned out beautiful!


  • These pumpkins are amazing! You did an awesome job!


  • So colorful! Never would have thought to use alcohol ink to paint a pumpkin, but wow!

  • Heck. Yes. The most stylish seasonal decorations around!


  • Whoa that painting next to the pumpkins is gorgeous where did you get it?

  • Now THESE are some fall decorations I can get behind! Never been much the fan of pumpkin decorating until seeing these pink beauties.

  • I’ve never even heard of alcohol inks, the end result is so festive and spunky! Excited to dabble in this new art form.

  • They look super cool! Although I am not sure I am ready to give up on carving 🙂

  • These are perfect for a unicorn party or something. I would’ve loved it back when I was a little girl!
    I do really like the simple, faux white pumpkins too though. Thanks for the link to them 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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