Make Your Own Beaded Phone Case

Beaded iPhone Cases DIYHey, guys—it's Katie here! I'm forever on the lookout for adorable phone cases. Maybe it's because my phone lives a pretty hard life in and out (and in and out) of the ol' purse, but I'm constantly roughing up my cases and switching them out. I came across a beaded case recently that was really cute but out of my price range, so what better time for a DIY?

When I was first planning, my main concern was making sure the beads wouldn't be popping off all over the place while I'm out and about. After mulling this over for a bit, my solution was stringing them up with a needle and thread to help them stay put! Spoiler: they totally do stay where they're supposed to!

-glass beads in whatever color you choose
-blank phone case (I got mine here)
E6000 glue
-small needle and thread

Step 1- thread the beadsStep One: Plan out what kind of design you'd like. I decided a shimmery/stripey case was right up my alley and pretty straightforward for my first attempt. Start stringing your beads on your needle and thread.

Step 2- begin gluing rowsStep Two: Once you have a good little run of beads, open up your E6000 glue and apply three or four generous rows along the bottom of the case.

Step 3- use pliers or a toothpick to arrange the beadsStep Three: Use a pair of needle nose pliers or a couple of toothpicks to help you line your beaded rows. My stripes were seven rows deep and then I would change colors, but obviously feel free to switch this up however you'd like.

Step 4- continue gluing beadsStep Four: Continue threading and gluing toward the top. To make sure the beads are as secure as possible, use plenty of glue! When you reach the top, snip your extra little bits of string.

Make your own beaded iPhone casesAs you can see, the only slightly tricky part of this tutorial was beading around the camera hole, but as long as you take it slow, it's really no trouble.

Customize your iPhone case-- click through for tutorial DIY Beaded iPhone Cases Make a custom iPhone case!I decided to buy a multi-pack of blank phone cases so the gals and I can have a crafting night soon! I've been scheming my next designs, and I think my case will feature a heart…or maybe a slice of pizza…or possibly a cat? Okay, so I haven't totally decided, but I know it's going to be cute! Happy crafting, friends! xo. Katie

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