Make Your Own Buffalo Plaid Stamp Set

Make your own buffalo plaid stampI love the simple and graphic style of buffalo plaid, and judging from its popularity, odds are you love it too! Wouldn’t you love to be able to add the simple plaid pattern to any of your crafts? Gift bags? Scrapbook paper? Cards? Even textiles? 

Buffalo plaid stampAre you nodding your head yes? Well then you’ll love this simple technique to make your own buffalo plaid stamp set. Now that my little infomercial is complete, check out how simple these stamps are to make.

Add a buffalo plaid pattern to your crafts with this easy DIY stamp set.Supplies:
-wooden block (in size of your choice) or acrylic stamp block (if using this stamp mounting foam)
stamp carving kit
this stamp mounting foam (for acrylic stamp blocks only) or foam tape (if using wooden blocks)
-craft blade
-cutting mat
-steel ruler (optional)

Add a buffalo plaid pattern to your crafts with this easy DIY stamp set.Step One: Use the diagonal lines on your cutting mat as a guide to cut diagonal grooves in the rubber from your stamp making kit. The kit comes with two tips for the cutting tool— it’s up to your preference to find which one you like best.

To keep the width of the groove even, keep the pressure uniform across the length of your cut. Try to keep the grooves the same width as the space between them.

Step Two: Cut out your rubber design to be a bit larger than the wooden block. Cut out a piece of mounting foam the same size, peel back the adhesive side, and press the rubber onto the adhesive. If you aren’t using the static cling mounting foam made to work with acrylic blocks for easy storage, then you can use foam tape instead.

Add a buffalo plaid pattern to your crafts with this easy DIY stamp set.Step Three: Use a craft blade to cut grooves into the rubber, tracing the outline of your wooden block. It’ll be tricky to cut all the way through while the block rests on top of the rubber, so remove the block and finish cutting out the rubber using a steel ruler as your guide.

Add a buffalo plaid pattern to your crafts with this easy DIY stamp set.Step Four: Peel off the back of the static cling mounting foam, and your stamp is ready to mount onto an acrylic block. If you aren’t using the static cling mounting foam, peel off the back of your foam mounting tape and stick the rubber onto one side of a wooden block.

Repeat this process with an uncarved piece of rubber for your solid square stamp.

Add a buffalo plaid pattern to your crafts with this easy DIY stamp set.For a true buffalo plaid design, follow the above pattern with your stamping. When beginning your first row, you might find it helpful to cut out a square piece of paper (the same size as your rubber square) to use as a spacer. Make sure you keep all of the diagonal squares going the same direction. You can see I messed up on one square in the image above.

Add a buffalo plaid pattern to your crafts with this easy DIY stamp set.You can also leave out the solid square stamp to make a simpler plaid design as can be seen in the pink gift bag below.

Add a buffalo plaid pattern to your crafts with this easy DIY stamp set.This is a great technique for dressing up plain gift bags and creating backgrounds for your scrapbook pages or even album covers. I’m dying to try out these stamps with fabric paint to make a table runner too! –Mandi

Credits // Author and Photography: Mandi Johnson. 

  • What a creative idea of using the diagonal striped stamp to make plaid pattern.

    For a thrift project, Instead of buying rubber, I will recycle leftover ropes to form the diagonal lines. Just glue gun the rope diagonally on any square block. Using rope can also create interesting texture.

  • How sweet! What a lovely finish to just about anything! I love stamping, and this stamp needs to be in my collection 🙂

  • Amazing and it looks so easy, when I view the photos, hmmmm.
    Wonder if I dare try…?

  • You guys made DIYs look so easy! I love this stamping idea – I had absolutely no idea how you could create such a uniform buffalo print design.


  • Great idea! It reminds me Scandinavian style. 🙂 I have to do this myself.

  • this is such a great idea to add a personal (&uniqure!) touch to gifts, thanks for the idea <3

  • Ah! This is so simple but so awesome! I love that about you ABM people…everything is so genius but at the same time I’m thinking, how has no one does this yet? Awesome!

  • I love this idea! Now I have another use for the linoleum cutters from pumpkin carving that are sitting in my craft box ❤

  • This is so neat! I love the idea of stamping this design on wrapping paper- I’ll definitely be filing this away for next holiday season!

    Mostly Salty Blog

  • Wow! Looks so perfect.
    And not that complicated to make. I’ll try!

    Tks 🙂

  • Awesome tutorial! I am wondering how did you design your own washi tape? Do you have a tutorial for that on how you did it? Or did you design it then send it some where else to have printed etc.?

  • Great idea!

    I’m new blogger. I’d be happy if you would check out my blog! 🙂

  • Wow, it’s amazing how professional this looks as a finished product! I’ll bet this would be awesome for spicing up wrapping paper as well.


  • So cute!!! I definitely want to try this out!
    Little Beauty Blog
    Elizabeth x

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