Make Your Own Coffee Syrup (Gift Idea)

12Do you have any coffee lovers on your holiday gift list this year? (If not, feel free to go ahead and put me on your list!) This is a cute little idea for making your own flavored coffee syrups that you can use at home to take your morning cup of joe to the next level. If you are making these as a gift I highly recommend making 2-3 flavors. We made vanilla, raspberry, and caramel flavored syrups.

For the vanilla syrup you need: 2 cups water, 2 cups sugar and 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract (the clear kind is much preferred here). In a small pot heat your water and sugar over low/medium heat, stirring constantly until the sugar has dissolved. Now stir in your vanilla extract and pour into your dispenser.

For the raspberry syrup you need: 2 cups water, 2 cups sugar and 1/2 cup fresh raspberries. In a small pot heat your water and sugar over low/medium heat, stirring constantly until the sugar has dissolved. Mash up the raspberries a little and then stir them in with the syrup, allow this to mingle for 3-5 minutes. Pour through a fine-mesh strainer to filter out any large raspberry pieces and seeds. Then pour into your dispenser.

For the caramel syrup you need: 2 cups water, 2 cups sugar and 1/2 cup caramel (store bought or make your own). In a small pot heat your water and sugar over low/medium heat, stirring constantly until the sugar has dissolved. Now stir in your caramel until well combined and pour into your dispenser.

You can add decorative labels or ribbons to these when gifting them. Elsie made these labels by wrapping a piece of craft paper around the bottles and then hand drawing simple labels for each syrup.


Enjoy! xo. Emma + Elsie

  • I love this idea, but I have not been using sugar and I was wondering if there is anything I could do using honey, or maple syrup that would turn out the same? Sorry if someone else has asked this already.

  • You never mentioned how long these syrups will last. I’ve been doing some research and it’s not very long, about a month in the refrigerator. If you make these do small batches or freeze up to 1 yr.

  • What is the approximate shelf life on the raspberry syrup, if kept in the refrigerator?

  • does anybody know if this would work with artificial sweetener, like splenda? this looks awesome! such a good idea!

  • Hi, Just wondering what kind of size cups, measuring cups or are normal mugs okay?
    definitely going to try these out! 🙂

  • Just found this on Pinterest….definitely going to try right now (just made a pot of coffee)!!

    Thank you for your beautiful blog too – it’s lovely.

  • Cool! I’ve made pancake syrup this way too. Just boil it down a little longer to make it thicker.

  • YUM!!! i love the caramel!! i made my own with peppermint essence and it is TO DIE FOR!!

  • I have literally just stumbled across your blog while googling for vintage shops in San Fran for my trip in Oct. This blog is absolutely fantastic, so glad I found it, can’t wait to explore.

  • The idea may be too simple, but it’s really unique enough that recipients would love to have a try! Adding a fruity or milky flavour to morning sips can really be fun, and with more variants, more dynamic way of celebrating the sunrise.

  • thanks very much for this great post! i had a lot of interesting thoughts while reading this which i might just put into action right away. thanks

  • So excited to do this when I move to Ohio this fall!

  • I need to make sugar free coffee syrup…just sub Splend/sweetner for the sugar? Use the granulated Splenda type sweetner, as used in baking?

  • Where do you reckon I can pick up bottles like these? I’m loving your DIY ideas, I wouldn’t have thought of them myself, but completely doable! inspired! x x x

  • Love it! I have been looking for a mothers day gift. Do you think this would be a good gift for mothers day for my mom?
    Please if you have an opinion please let me know!

    Thanks for the idea Elsie!

  • Please state that this needs to be refrigerated! I made mine a week and a half ago, and it has molded! There was never any mention of this being refrigerated and since regular coffee syrups don’t need to be, I assumed this didn’t either since there was no mention of it.

  • I have a question!! Do you know how long the syrup stays good? LOVE this!!!

  • Just found this via – going to give it a try! Always see them in Starbucks or wherever – plus I’ve got a few coffee drinkers on my various lists (Christmas or otherwise – I realise I’m slightly late to the post!)…

  • Great idea! Just want to know wheather the recipe of caramel syrup is right ’cause it says you need caramel syrup (1/2 cup) to make it…? Is this a mistake, and should it just say caramel…? Thanks!

  • Okay, I really dig making my own syrups, and have thought about making them for gif ties, but WHERE DID YOU GET THE AWESOME BOTTLES?! I’ve been looking for exactly those, you rascal! Please tell!

  • Thanks! You make this sound so simple and fun! I can’t wait to try it 😀

  • Ha!! My husband just asked me yesterday if we could make our own coffee syrups. Thx- I’m on it! Love the simple, cute labels, btw.

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  • I made the raspberry syrup today, and it’s delicious! Thank you so much for posting this recipe 🙂

  • I buy these syrups all the time to flavor my iced tea and water. Raspberry and peach are my favorite and I can’t wait to make them myself now! Thanks for the recipes!!!

  • just made the vanilla one… but i added some almond extract 🙂
    it’s delicious!

  • WONDERFULLY AMAZING!!!! I know I’m late to comment, but I just couldn’t resist!

    Thank you,


  • Any ideas of how to make pumpkin flavored ? I always hate when fall is over and it runs out at all of the coffee shops

  • This is seriously the best gift idea I have ever seen!! I want to make this for myself!! I will definitely be doing this for all my fellow coffee loving friends!!

  • What is the shelf life of these syrups? Were you able to store them on the counter? Or did they have to be stored in the fridge? Thanks! I can hardly wait to hear what you found!!

  • brilliant. any attempts at a chocolate/mocha flavor? this girl just ordered a home espresso machine & ever since i clicked ‘order’ i’ve had my heart set on doing it all home.made (just like everything else in my kitchen & home)

  • Thats great! Do they need to be refrigerated and how long do they last? Thanks, jen.

  • For the Caramel. Do you use the syrup for sundaes or the kind you would put in your coffee?

  • Love this! I am attempting this weekend 🙂 Did you see that this post is featured on this list: Deliver Love- DIY Food Gifts for Valentine’s Day >

  • I am dying to know how long these keep for? because I’m going to be making these for e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e! 😀 thank you so much!!

  • Awesome idea, do you know how to make pumpkin spice? that’s what my girl loves. could you do sugar free just by subbing splenda or truvia for the sugar part?

  • How long will these last (do they go bad?) and do any of them need to be put in the fridge?? Looks yummy!

  • For the Caramel flavored it says caramel syrup. Does that mean the kind you put on ice cream or the caramel syrup you would put in your coffee? Thank you!

  • you inspire me. 🙂 Thank you. i send the good vibes right on back to you. Please keep on inspiring!

  • I made the caramel one and left it on the counter (I thought this would be okay because they are not normally refrigerated if you buy them in the store). It has only been about a week and a half, and there is black stuff, probably mold, forming on the top.

    The shelf life is either not very long at all or they need to be refrigerated…

  • I too would like to know the shelf life of these. They are simply adorable.

  • We love peppermint extract in our coffee…any ideas on that?….BTW< I had just found your page on pinterest...ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!! THANK YOU FOR SHARING!!

  • Definitely will be doing this as a treat just for me! Do you think you could do other flavors? My favorite and a friends favorite is Irish cream, could it be done? But still will be doing it none the less 🙂

  • How come the caramel syrup contains caramel syrup? You can’t post recursive recipes!

  • mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…………..
    just received a box full of nespresso capsules, gotta do this right now!
    do you think it’s possible to make this with cream instead of water? hmmm… am gonna make both of them & keep the creamer version in the fridge!
    will send ya the link if i post the results, thanks 4 inspiring me 😉

  • Love it! And so easy… We were inspired to make our own label too:
    Thanks for the inspiration!

    • I see many people asked without it being answered what my very first question was, where do you store them and how long do they last? Has anyone else discovered?

  • Lovely! You got great ideas here. The creativity is above par. Two thumbs up! 🙂

  • you got great ideas here. i am so much impressed with the creativity. two thumbs up and continue what you’re doing! 🙂

  • Another great flavour is gingerbread! It tastes just like the Starbucks Gingerbread Latte. 1 cup water, 2 cups sugar, 2 1/2 tsp ginger, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp vanilla extract.

    I’m curious how you store you syrups. I’ve been keeping mine in the fridge, but the syrup crystallizes. Do you know I it can be kept on the counter without going bad?

  • Wait…so one of the ingredients of caramel syrup is caramel syrup? *scratching head*

  • Your syrup looks so beautiful in those bottles with the kraft paper labels! Just found your blog and love it – beautiful 🙂

  • Can you give me any suggestions on where I can purchase the bottles with the pouring spout?

  • How do you keep it from crystalizing I just tried it yesterday and it´s already making sugar crystals

  • what a great gift idea! I like the cute labels as well. Just ask Santa for an espresso machine and you’ve got Starbucks in your kitchen.

  • This is an absolutely DIVINE idea. Totally love it. Considered it pinned!

    Maria xx

  • The dollar store in my town carries those bottles, looks like I need to go stock up. I’ll be trying this for a coffee bar for thanksgiving.

  • Beautiful post! Thank you for the reminders to be patient and exercise self control. Your words are such a blessing!

  • This is such a brilliant idea- and they sound so easy to do. I love the labels too- now I’ve just got to hunt down some beautiful bottles worthy of the syrup. Thanks 🙂

  • great idea, but if you already have caramel syrup at home, why make… I don’t know… more of it? I mean… Making caramel syrup out of caramel syrup is a bit strange. Still, love the whole idea, and the bottles are beautiful 🙂

  • It is so cool , I love this post , Thank you for your nice post ,

  • I absolutely LOVE caramel syrup in hot apple cider – tastes just like melted caramel apples. SO GOOD! i’m definitely making one for myself and a few lucky friends! thanks elsie – you are incredible, amazing & a HUGE inspiration! xoxo

  • this is great. i think i am going to add this to my list of things to make for my family for christmas. thanks for such an awesome idea!!

  • I’ve been looking for DIY gifts for the holidays and this one is perfect! these are definitely added to my list….if not for everybody else, for me!

  • I make a special syrup that I call coffee liquer…it can be added to coffee,milk,icecream or used in a White Russian. It also make a great gift. I am going to be making it this weekend in fact.

  • “For the caramel syrup you need: 2 cups water, 2 cups sugar and 1/2 cup caramel syrup.”

    Wait… you need caramel syrup to make caramel syrup? Can you clarify this?

  • I really wanna try this because I work at a coffee shop and I wanna see how close they compare! Thanks for this 🙂

    -andrea lynne rose

  • Love this! & mostly love the gorgeous little brown paper labels, lovely, lovely, lovely!


  • Adorable!! Love the idea!! Who doesn’t love coffee?? Love the bottles as well 🙂

  • But I got a question:
    FOR HOW LONG can we keep our siroups in home??

  • Love this!

    I don’t know why people do not understand the concept of the caramel syrup… this is a thin liquid syrup that mixes easily into your drink… instead of the thick goopy syrup that doesn’t mix well or fully dissolve in your drink. I actually love both but, for coffee I prefer the thin liquid pump syrup.

    I buy the Torani Vanilla and Caramel pump syrups for my coffee and my guest love my coffee bar. I’m soo excited to make and share my own home made syrup!

    I have similar bottles that I bought at Cost Plus World Market.

    Thanks for the great idea!

  • I’m a little befuddled. For the caramel syrup you need 1/2 cup of caramel syrup. This is probably like a Zen koan, but I’m not sure why I’d do anything more if I already had caramel syrup. Is the recipe for that caramel syrup the same?

  • This is such a simple but amazing idea. I’d love some caramel syrup. I work at a coffee shop and I’m always drinking warm milk and syrup, it’s so nice!


  • Great idea! Any notion on how long they are good for, as far as expiration goes?

  • These syrups are perfect for a gift! I think all the ladies at work would definitely enjoy a few of these for the office. 😉

  • Great idea. I think this just solved one of my last remaining Home Made gift quandaries! I have an Aunt and Uncle who are pretty coffee crazy, and this will be perfect! Thanks!


  • I’ll try it! I love flavoured sirups for coffee (or milk!) It’s such a great idea 🙂 THANKS!

  • how do you come up with all those ideas? ))) it is just great!! will definitely use it for a gift! thank you.

  • This is a great idea, specially for men…I am always lost abput them! I have to buy gifts for three mens in my life: my dad, my friki-brother and my lovely boyfriend and I don’t want to give them a tie! Please I can use some help!!

  • Last night I ahd a dream that I met you two, and that you were designing costumes for a show I was in (actress) and I freaked out when I saw you and screamed “I read your blog everyday! I can’t believe you’re the costume designers!” and then we all went out for coffee and cupcakes.

    Ahaha, too much melatonin, I think.

  • Hmm This is such a good idea with so many different flavor possibilities!

  • i am definitely going to keep this in the back of my mind for christmas! a great idea!

  • This is such a cute idea! And reminds me how much I really love glass coffee mugs!!

  • Perfection! Where can you find the bottles/pour spouts that isn’t wholesale-only?

  • I love all of you DIYs!! Always such great ideas!

  • I am getting on this for him indoors! He’ll love his very own coffee syrup blend!

  • This is so incredibly creative! Last year I made a sea salt scrub with different smelling essential oils and it was a huge hit, I think I’m definitely going to have to try these this year! Where did you find the dispensers? Thanks 🙂

  • Wow. There is nothing better than fresh syrup… This is incredible!!

  • So endlessly amazing!!! And simple too!! love it!!

  • this is so clever and so perfect! why did i never think of this, my coffee and chai tea will be so happy. others too, such a great gift 🙂

  • What a great idea! Now I just need to find the time to make these and I’ll be all set for family gifts 😉 Thanks for the great tutorial…I will definitely make use of it!

  • This is excellent and a much more budget friendly option for even my own use. I might share but we’ll see how delicious it is first!

  • Add me to your list of coffee lovers as well! Such a cute idea.

  • This is such a wonderful gift idea for the holidays! 🙂 I will definitely try making these. 🙂


  • no way!!! this is way too easy, we are crazy for not making our own!!! thanks girls!!

  • great idea! my hubby and i are both coffee addicts and he is all about the syrups!

  • Fabulous idea. How did you make the labels?

  • I wanna know how you made the labels! what kind of paper is that? I’m totally smitten with the bottle presentation!


  • I have never heard of putting any syrups in coffee? Is it an American thing? (I live in Europe). Sounds interesting though… Does it suppose to be used instead of sugar?

  • Should these be refrigerated or are they okay on the countertop? Just wondering. The fruit in the raspberry one made me wonder.


  • Very cool! I’m wondering if you need to keep the raspberry one in the fridge? And also, what do you mean by ‘caramel syrup’ in the ingredients for the caramel one? I’d love to try these but want to make sure they turn out as amazing as yours :-)Thanks!!

  • These look fantastic! I’m going to give this a try at the weekend as coffee syrups are quite tricky to get here. I just wondered what caramel you used to make the caramel syrup?

    Thank you for another great DIY!
    – jayne

  • LOVE the packaging. I am not much of a DIYer, but your ideas certainly inspire me to try!!

  • Love this. You’re blogs stunning and full of great ideas!

  • This idea is just amazing!
    You can use small little bottles and make many other flavours in a wooden box!!

    If I make it, I come back to show you a photo! 🙂

    Thank you for sharing this briliant idea!

  • How fun! You need a peppermint syrup! I just bought my first peppermint latte of the season this morning and boy would I love to make them myself!

  • I definitely have loved ones who will enjoy this. Who needs (insert name of expensive coffee place here)?! To complete the feel you could also give them a mix-CD of coffee house-esque music to jam to whilst sipping their new brew 😉 Thanks!

  • Such a great idea and I’ll definitely be making this soon. I just made and posted a recipe for italian soda but it included a store bought syrup. How much better would italian soda be with a home-made syrup?

  • Love this! what a cute idea, this would be perfect for my boyfriend as he never wants anything but loves coffee. He often has hazelnut so i guess i better start experimenting!!

    Thank you 🙂



  • this is amazing! i am definitely gonna try make these and invite some friends over for coffee party time! xx

  • Brilliant. Him indoors is a coffee obsessive and this would be a great thing for me to make him! thanks ladies!

  • Um….I’m a little confused by the ingredients for the caramel syrup – I’m supposed to make caramel syrup by adding caramel syrup? Could you clarify?

    Thanks bunches! The bottles are super cute!

    • you don’t add carmel syrup, you add actual carmel…the thick kind. when added to the water/sugar it turns into a syrup

  • Elsie, you are an actual genius! I am obsessed with mint hot chocolate from the coffee shop at work, and although I have a huge mint bush in my garden, I never even thought of making my own syrup! Better still I can now make them for Xmas gifts. Winner all round!

  • Might sound stupid, but you make caramel syrup out of caramel syrup? I mean… if I already have it at home, why would I substitute it with itself? (no offense, really, just curious)

  • Yum what a nifty idea!! 🙂 I used to work in a cafe and I loved trying all the syrups out in my coffee!


  • You cannot put a syrup in coffee!!! I’m Italian, that’s outrageous!

  • Love the sentiment, but using caramel syrup to make caramel syrup? I get that it makes it go further, but it kind of ruins the homemade aspect…

  • what an adorable idea! the boyfriend would love this!
    do you think you could do it sugar free? if you used splenda or stevia?

    • I found them at the Dollar Tree. The bottles even have plastic caps for over the spout

  • Neat! I love this idea, altough here in Sweden most people like their coffee black and strong and not sweet at all. But you could use it for tea too right? 🙂

  • Yum!! This is so cool! Raspberry syrup is really good, I love it in my green tea frapps…so good!

  • this is THE GIFT I have been looking for! I´ve been looking all over for a gift for my vanilla-syrup-loving friend and well. I have it!
    Thank you!

  • Great idea! My husband has a huge obesession with hot chocolate with black cherry syrup from the coffee shop…I wonder if I could make a black cherry one!

    My favourite is cinnamon!

  • Excellent idea! In my family i am the coffee addict, so maybe i should e-mail your link to them?:) The caramell syrup is a must try.
    xx, Niki

  • Eep! Perfect timing, I’ve been wanting to make some gingerbread syrup (since we don’t have Starbucks here and I need a gingerbread latte)! I can’t wait to try out this idea now 🙂

  • Thank you Emma! I’ve been looking for something unique and cost-effective for my mum for Christmas and you’ve pretty much saved me. 🙂

  • You seriously read my mind! I was literally just thinking about how nice it would be to have flavor syrups for my coffee in the morning. And these sound delicious! I particularly like that you used fresh raspberries. I’ve tried recipes with raspberry extract before and not liked the end flavor. I can’t wait to try all three!

  • Excellent idea!! I would love to make some of these for home 🙂 We are absolute coffee addicts!

  • Oh yummmmmm! This could be a “one for me, one for the pressie pile” kind of craft-making. Your blog is full of loveliness!!

  • Your DIYs are always so perfect! I’m going to have to try this one for my coffee aficionado friends! 🙂

  • You are incredible. You can literally put your mind to anything and you’re successful with flying colors. You constantly blow me away. Hands down the most creative person I have encountered. You inspire me daily!

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