Balsa Wood Diamond Ornament

Diamond ornament diy Hey, it’s Laura again! I don’t know about you, but I love seeing all the cool 3D things people create with paper. There are tons of clever little boxes and animals you can make, but I got extra excited when I discovered all the gemstone templates that exist online. Make my own diamonds?! Yes please. I thought the diamond shape would make a fantastic ornament for my Christmas tree, but I didn’t think a decoration made out of only paper would store very well from year to year. That’s where the balsa wood comes in! The wood makes the design much sturdier and doesn’t change the overall geometric feel of the diamond.

Diamond suppliesSupplies: Balsa wood (I used 1/32 inch thick), diamond template (I used this one), printer paper, cardstock paper, X-Acto knife, gold craft paint, ornament hooks, super glue, screw eye hooks (13/16 inch).

Diamond steps1. Print out your diamond template. Place template on top of your balsa wood and use your X-Acto knife to trace over the outline of the template to cut out your panels. 2. Print another template on a heavier cardstock and use scissors to cut out your template. Pre-fold your template and flatten back (this makes it easier to fold once your wood is glued on). Attach each panel to its designated spot with super glue. 3. Assemble the diamond by using the super glue to attach the tabs in the appropriate spots. Before you glue the top piece down, make sure to screw your eye hook into the middle of the top panel (this is what you’ll attach your ornament hook to). 4. Paint the diamond with the gold paint. Once it’s dry, you’re ready to hang your diamond!

Diamond ornament diy
Diamond ornament diy abeautifulmess.comIn addition to making a few solid gold diamonds, I added a coat of glitter to some to add a little variety (just paint a coat of Mod Podge and sprinkle loose glitter on top). I love how these ornaments turned out. They add a punch of gold-plated fun to our tree, and I can tell everyone that I got loads of diamonds for Christmas. Score! xo. Laura

Credits // Author: Laura Gummerman, Photography: Janae Hardy and Laura Gummerman

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