Make Your Own Essential Oil Diffuser!

Make your own essential oil diffuser! (click through for tutorial) Like most people, I love my house best when it is clean and when it smells good too. I think I care about the fresh scent thing maybe more than usual because we have two cats (and two litter boxes), and I’m always terrified that we could become that house that announces multiple pet ownership to guests when they first walk in the door and take a sniff – NOOOOOOO! I have used candles in the past, but I’m also trying to make our house as healthy and natural as possible these days, so I thought it would be so fun to learn how to make my own essential oil diffusers so I can freshen the house without any icky toxins or chemicals. The best part is it will literally take you under a minute to make your own in whatever scent you choose!

Make your own essential oil diffuser! (click through for tutorial) Supplies:
essential oil of your choice (You’ll want a total of .5-1.0 oz per diffuser depending on how full you want your diffuser to be.)
sweet almond oil
diffuser reeds
-glass or ceramic jar with a small neck or opening (I reused a container from an empty diffuser.)

Make your own essential oil diffuser! (click through for tutorial) Clean out your container with hot soapy water and rinse well. Add in a ratio of 30% essential oil and 70% almond oil. Swirl the jar to mix. If the opening in your jar is too small to pour in the oils without making a mess, you can mix them together first in a glass measuring cup or bowl, and then pour them in with a funnel once mixed.

Make your own essential oil diffuser! (click through for tutorial) I used a sweet orange oil and added in some peppermint oil as well. Smells so good!!

Make your own essential oil diffuser! (click through for tutorial) Place 8-12 diffuser reeds in the jar, and give the oil some time to travel up the reeds before you start really smelling the scent. When the scent starts to lessen, simply flip the reeds upside down and the sent will be renewed. Repeat the process when the oil is gone!

Make your own essential oil diffuser! (click through for tutorial) Make your own essential oil diffuser! (click through for tutorial) Now, wasn’t that easy?? There are so many combinations you can do besides the sweet orange/peppermint too. Try lavender/lemon/rosemary, grapefruit/lime/wild orange, or sandalwood/sage/lavender. The combinations are endless!

As I was making this, I was on hold with both an airline that had “temporarily” lost my luggage and a tax office that was saying we still owed taxes I had already paid, so you can bet I appreciated the aroma therapy from the oils!!

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions

  • i feel really stupid but you wrote to use 30 and 70 percent, but could you possibly put that in terms of ounces? i have tried and tried to make essential oils and get totally confused with the ratio…

  • What other oils are good to use besides sweet almond oil? I have kids with nut allergies so I’m hesitant to try sweet almond oil.

  • Sorry, I am craft handicapped. Your ideas are fabulous, Where do I find the reeds for this project? And the Almond oil? I think I might be able to do this project with a little help. Please if you don´t mind. I would be ever so grateful! (and smell great too) Barb Karr

    • Hi Barbara! They are both from amazon and linked in the post under the supplies. 🙂

  • A good smelling home can elevate your mood and help you to release stress. Giving personalized touch to diffuser reeds can be great. Thanks for sharing this idea.

  • Yes! The kitties!
    I don’t have pets (although grew up with dogs and cats), but have actually used essential oils to keep them out of the garden. And guess which oils scents are most hated by cats and repel them?? CITRUS! So I’d be careful with the scents in the home being overwhelmingly citrus, if for nothing else but the kitty-babies’ comfort.
    FYI, I’m a doTERRA person, too. 😉

  • I think the smell of a home can really put your mark on the interior. Having personalised reeds is a great way to do this, thanks for sharing.

  • Very cool idea – instead of buying reed diffusers that can cost form 10-50 dollars for a one time use. This way you just buy the essential oil and can keep using the same jar. Can you recommend what are the best reeds to purchase, and what materiel, should it be bamboo etc. for the DIY diffuser, and where to get it in bulk.


  • This is such a useful post! Would definitely try !and the pictures are so beautiful!

  • I had the problem with my cat, after one month I had to stop refreshing my appartment with essential oils. My Cat was never in contact directly but the air was enough to give him a lot of buttons (I needed to go to the vet to find what was the problem, I didn’t know).
    My cat is really a “Diva”, so I am quite sure that a little “test” could be enough to be sure that yours is not allergic or sensible to essential oils!

  • I really love this idea! I find a lotof the pre-made diffuser scents overpowering.

  • I LOVE Young Living. So much goodness in their oils and on their farms! This is an excellent idea!!

  • People recommended different oils (some say not to use mineral oil) but sweet almond oil or safflower oil are the two most suggested 🙂


  • I would start with that and then add more if it’s not strong enough, some scents are stronger than others anyways!


  • Yes! I have been reading a lot about that lately. It seems like the problem is more so large quantities being ingested or applied directly to skin but I haven’t done certain essential oil things around the house if I thought they would somehow get it on their paws or skin…

  • Crazy! I think we posted this DIY at the same time… Love essential oils and their crazy versatility. The uses are endless… So many things you can ditch or switch to enjoy a home with less chemicals. I’ve completely changed over my cabinets with basic essential oils. Find me on Everoil for daily eo tips (Facebook and Instagram)!

  • I really love using Aura Cacia oils for bath & beauty recipes. They smell lovely, are priced well, and it’s a great company. Sometimes I will try their pre-mixed oil sprays. Chill Pill is a favorite.

  • Hello,
    i love the idea of making a oil-diffuser by myself, but i don’t have almond oil on hand. Is it possible to use an other oil? 🙂

    Thanks for your idea,

  • Oooh I’m definitely going to try this. I have an old bottle on the side and I just saw a video about essential oils to use in pregnancy. If it’s a combination of 3, would you just use 10% of each?

    Going to hunt some reeds down in the UK.

    Debbie x | UK Lifestyle blog

  • I definitely gonna try this one too! I can imagine orange with cinammon in my living room 🙂

  • Fantastic! I didn’t realize how simple it could be to make a diffuser.

  • I love this! Although I like candles, I’m always worrying about them probably causing a fire so this is the perfect DIY! Plus, the ready made ones you can buy in stores can be pretty pricey so home-made is tons better!

  • Amazing idea, I will try this with my self-made essential oils!

  • I’ve been using of those automatic air fresheners for some time with the idea to change it for essential oils. I think that the time for an update came!

  • I hate the taste of grapefruits, but their smell… best thing for an infuser 🙂

  • This is such a great idea! I never actually thought about making my own – I usually just buy them from the shops! I might have to give this a try as mine has almost ran out!
    xo April | April Everyday

  • Pinning this so I can try it in my apartment! Great share =o)

  • I need to do this! I don’t use candles (unless pure beeswax) anymore either. I do have an ultrasonic EO diffuser, but am not comfortable diffusing around young babies (my youngest is 3 months) and think a reed diffuser would be safer. I buy all my oils me from Plant Therapy. I love that the author of the biggest essential oil safety book advises them. Also highly recommend aromatherapist Lea Harris’ Facebook group!

  • Excited to do this! I can’t believe it can be this simple. I’m thinking of trying lavender, lemon and peppermint. Thanks for sharing. xx

  • This is so simple and cute! I will definitely do this in my new apartment!

  • I love doTERRA oils! Their pure single oils and oil blends are fantastic, I especially love balance when anxiety and unease rear their ugly heads.

    If you need a good essential oil source that is in a lower price range (because I know some brands are pricey!), I highly recommend Edens Garden. Some of their oils are not therapeutic grade, but they are hard to find elsewhere and are perfect for scenting rather than applying to skin or ingesting. Things you can’t find elsewhere like vanilla and chocolate! And rarer essential oils too.

  • Your diffuser is beautiful! One suggestion though…make sure your kitties have plenty of fresh air, as cats’ bodies can’t process essential oils like we can. Peppermint and citrus oils are especially difficult for them. I would think a reed diffuser would be preferable to the type of diffusers that spread a fine mist into the air, but make sure they can’t knock it over and get it on their skin either. Just a quick word of advice for all the animal lovers out there! Essential oils are wonderful but they contain a LOT of highly concentrated compounds that are just as important to use safely as anything else.

  • I’m totally gonna do it this week!
    This is so simple I cannot believe I haven’t done it earlier.
    Thanks for the tip!

    – Chloe

  • Mountain Rose is great, as is DoTERRA!! You can get roller balls off amazon and carry your favorite mixes with you, as well!

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