Make Your Own Flower Petal and Walnut Scrub

Flower Petal and Walnut Scrub (click through for tutorial)Hey friends! Kayleigh from Oh Honey Blog here. I’m thrilled to be joining the ABM team and can’t wait to share all things DIY with you in the coming months! If you’re anything like me, your skin is less than radiant this time of year. Between cold temperatures and harsh air from heaters, my skin looks pretty dry and dull. Luckily, all it takes to refresh winter skin is some homemade exfoliating scrub. This one is made with crushed rose and chamomile petals. If flowers don’t make you (and your skin) feel spring ready, I don’t know what will!

This flower petal scrub takes just a couple minutes to whip up, and I love how colorful and fragrant it is. I’ve been keeping my jar of scrub by my sink so I can use it first thing in the morning. It makes my skin feel instantly refreshed, and pampering myself with pretty floral bits isn’t a bad way to start the day!

Flower Petal and Walnut Scrub (click through for tutorial) Supplies:
-culinary grade dried rose and chamomile buds (you can also find them in any health food store)
crushed walnut shells
-moisturizing oil (I used olive oil but also love almond or hemp seed oil!)
-an airtight glass jar
-blender, food processor or a sharp knife

Flower Petal and Walnut Scrub (click through for tutorial) Step One: Measure out 3/4 cup of flower buds and pulse a few times in a blender or food processor, or roughly chop until the pieces are the size of red pepper flakes.

Flower Petal and Walnut Scrub (click through for tutorial) Step Two: Measure 1/4 cup of crushed walnut shells and mix with the chopped flower buds, and then place in a jar.

Flower Petal and Walnut Scrub (click through for tutorial) Step Three: Add in 2 tablespoons of moisturizing oil, stir well, and seal until ready to use.

Flower Petal and Walnut Scrub (click through for tutorial) Flower Petal and Walnut Scrub (click through for tutorial) Use your scrub on your face, hands or anywhere else that needs a little TLC. I love that it’s gentle enough for every day use and makes my face soft and dewy! I can’t wait to make it with hibiscus flowers and lavender next time. It will last a few months if you keep it tightly closed, away from direct sunlight and heat, and free of water. xo, Kayleigh

Credits // Author and Photography: Kayleigh Kosmas. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

  • Ooooh, this looks awesome. I bet it works wonders for your skin…but not only that, it’s a beautiful decoration as well! It kind of reminds me of potpourri – I bet it smells beautiful, too!

  • Hey Tara! I haven’t had any issues so far – the petals are pretty small. If clogging tends to be an issue for your sink though, I’d try wiping it off your face with a wash cloth then scraping the bits into the trash!


  • Yum this looks delicious! It reminds me a lot of the LUSH Buche De Noel cleanser (which also has ground almonds) that I like a lot. It’s always nice to be able to hand make versions of your favourite products. Adding in flower petals for spring is such a nice touch! xx


  • This is gorgeous! I’ve been working on a DIY tutorial for bath salts but I used the flower whole- going to try peeling the petals now! 🙂

  • With so many DIY scrubs, this is the first of it’s kind! It must be such a treat to use this in the morning, and it looks beautiful in the jar as well!!

  • Oh, it looks so wonderful! I love all natural homemade scrubs and masks!

  • Hi!

    I totally fell in love with the hexagonal spoon on your post. May I ask where have you bought it? It really looks lovely!!
    Many thanks!

  • Kayleigh, what a beautiful post!

    But I have one question, where’s Bisou the cat?

    I can’t wait to read more of your posts around here, congratulations on the new project!


    – Chloe

  • Cool! I have all of these ingredients at home minus the rose pedals. I will be making this soon. A good body scrub is where it’s at! -Katie

  • This looks like such a gorgeous scrub! I love skincare DIYs ♥

    Amy // Snippets of Amy

  • This is so pretty! I have lots of pretty dried petals from last summer that I could use. But I’m a bit worried, what kind of mess does this make in your sink and your pipes?

  • Besides looking beautiful, it must also be so amazing. I would definitely try that out myself or do it as a gift.

  • This looks so beautiful, and it’s so extraordinary to find a scrub with walnut shells!

  • Gosh with such a pretty thing i would never forget to scrub again! It looks so gorgeous and i bet it smells just heavenly!
    Thanks Kayleigh for the lovely DIY idea! 😉 xo

  • This looks so pretty and seems like it smells amazing!

    Technicolor ♥ Heart

  • Good point Eliza! Thanks for Thea heads up! x

  • This looks amazing!!! I love love love a good scrub and this is definitely going to the top of my “to try” list!

    The Millennial Blogger

  • This is such a beautiful idea! x
    Izzy |

  • Hi Ladies! Love your site, thanks for the amazing content! You are such an inspiration. Keep doing 🙂
    I’m waiting for you on my blog // Hugs, Sophie

  • The finished product looks gorgeous!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • This is so lovely! Great hiring choice, ABM! I’m excited to see what else Kayleigh comes up with 🙂

  • Just a little heads up—if you have acne-prone skin, the walnut shells might be too abrasive for your face. Same if you’re using any retinoids/retinols or chemical exfoliants 🙂 I bet this is amazing for feet though!

  • omg love!! you have the best ideas 🙂

    Xoxo Jessy

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