Make Your Own Flower Vase D.I.Y.

Metal flower vase
Another reason to bring flowers home from the market! This DIY mixes hard and soft elements to create an interesting modern vase. Bring home your favorite blooms and display a grouping of similar vases at your next get together.

You'll Need: A few round, glass jars in varying sizes and widths, a sheet of metal screen as shown above (found at most hardware stores), wire cutters, yarn, scissors, gloves.

Note: Wear gloves to keep your hands safe while working with sheet metal. Not responsible for missing fingers.

DIY vase
Measure the height of each glass and add about 1". Then measure around the circumference of your glass jars and add 2". Cut your metal screen along the straight lines to avoid sharp points (sharp points shown above). Make sure to measure twice and cut once!

Once your metal screen is cut, wrap it around your jar to be sure it's the right size. The ends should overlap about 1".

DIY vase
Choose yarn (or twine) in your favorite color and start at the bottom of the overlap and tie a knot. Wrap your yarn through three times in each little triangle (as shown above). It secures the metal screen to form a vase and adds some color and interest. As you can see, the sharp pointy parts have been cut off the top edge to create a smoother line.

Metal screen flower vast
Make three or five for the biggest impact. Spray paint your metal before you tie it together and use coordinating or contrasting yarn for a completely different look.

Ditch the flowers and add tea lights to create interesting votives as the nights grow longer. Any way you customize it, this simple DIY will add a lot of interest to your table scape. Have fun! XO, Rachel

  • This is so pretty! And I get new and creative ideas from this to decorate vases.. Thanks!

  • Love this and have to try it!

    This type of sheeting when heavy enough can also make a wonderful cover for baseboard heaters. We did that years ago, and since it was an apartment we attached it with wires that blended in so there was no damage, just a great look.

    Recommended: getting at least one metal file.

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  • Wow! Great color combination… Simple but yet having elegant look. This post is really good i would definitely recommend this…

  • I like the way the flowers were rearranged on the image. Thanks for the tips on how to arrange a simple seasonal flower. It helped me a great deal.

  • Flowers are awesome and if you can make vases by them self that is great it can save you a lot of money. Http://

  • how cute! i have heaps of these jars hanging around. in fact last month I posted on my blog a list of ideas for cute ways to use them…

  • What a great idea! Last night I was looking at a radiator cover and wondering what I could make with the metal….thanks for thinking for me!

  • I love the idea of putting votives in these! it would be great for a nighttime BBQ. yay DIY!!

  • totally smart. i think i might try these with tea lights and add a handle to hang them like lanterns!

    xoxo jules

  • I’ve been in love with those metal sheets for years but never found something to do with them – now I do!


  • Beautiful vases! Since I moved to Canada (almost 4 months ago) I haven’t had any flowers in the house. I can’t believe how expensive they are here. But with these vases, it’s worth the money 🙂

    Ladylike at Predator Ridge

  • Hi Elsie!

    I just did a little drawing of you, I hope you’ll like it: 🙂

  • Love your sewing e-course! Do you have a button that I can put on my blog for that course? I’d love to share it…

  • All thing you things in your hands can be more bueatiful, you are so creative.Great!

  • It’s always the simple things that make maximum impact! Love the wool detail xxx

  • What a fun DIY! Thanks so much for sharing! Maybe I’ll use this at my graduation party! <3

  • What a cute project, I can’t wait to make these.

    They would look great at a wedding…or on my mantle!

    Thanks for sharing.


  • Very cute! I found a box of empty jars being throw away a few months ago & snagged them before the trash guys did. Now I have just the thing to use them for.

  • i think i’ve seen a very similar style at Z Gallerie and One Kings Lane for a ridiculous price!! Going to try this. This looks super easy.

  • What a great idea! I’m going to have to make some things like myself. I love fresh flowers. I bring them home every week. So cute! XO, Rae

  • So pretty! such a great idea, thank you for the post elsie!


  • I’m already obsessed with putting everything into mason jars, so this would be great! way to add to my addiction to a silly glass jar 😉
    Smoking Crayolas Blogspot

  • Oh wow, those are adorable! Thanks so much for always sharing such inspiring projects 🙂

  • These are so beautiful and a great way to capture the end of summer flowers too. Thanks!

  • YES. I needed some inspiration for those glass milk bottles I’ve been collecting. Thank you, thank you! (It was starting to get a bit much… to the point of being given an ultimatum at home to either recycle them or do SOMETHING forgodssake!)

  • This is such a cute idea! Hopefully I’ll get some time to make a dew this weekend. Thanks for sharing!!

  • This is my favorite DIY post you’ve ever done. This is a definite must try for me. These will make great Christmas gifts. Thanks!

  • What a great idea! My husband and I were just at the hardware store last night and I was wondering how to put the decorative sheet metal to work! Love this!

  • cute cute cute! I’ve seen something like this before – super stylish!



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