Make Your Own Gradient Planters

DIY Gradient Planter (Click Through for Tutorial) _ Hello lovelies! I’m Kara from the blog A Kailo Chic Life, and I am so excited to be joining the ABM team to bring you colorful DIY projects every month. I jumped into the creative world 12 years ago with my company Kailo Chic and have been sharing my love of prints, patterns, and all things colorful with the world ever since. So thank you for letting me share my passions with you!

I have made it my New Year’s goal to add more plants to our house. The greenery just livens up every space and makes it feel so fresh and alive. But along with all these new plants comes the need for more planters. These DIY gradient planters are so colorful, and the unique shape makes them perfect for pretty much any room in the house. Plus the fact that you can customize the colors to fit your decor, well, that’s just a bonus!

DIY Gradient Planter (Click Through for Tutorial)_Supplies:
-large planter
-small planter (you want to make sure the bottoms of the two planters are roughly the same size)
-spray paint in several colors to create your gradient
industrial strength adhesive
-plants, soil, and white rocks

DIY Gradient Planter (Click Through for Tutorial)_Begin by taking the planters outside and use the spray paint to paint bands of color around the planters. The smaller planter will be turned upside down when you attach the two planters together, so take this into consideration when spraying the layers. You might also find that you need to go back over layers at the end to create the perfect gradient effect.

DIY Gradient Planter (Click Through for Tutorial) _Once the paint has dried for an hour or two, use your industrial strength adhesive to line the bottom ring of the smaller planter. Then set the larger planter on top and let the glue cure for 24 hours.

DIY Gradient Planter (Click Through for Tutorial) _The final step is to add your plants, dirt, and decorative rocks. If your planter has a hole in the bottom, you may need to add a drip tray under the planter, or cover the hole with plumbers putty to prevent the water from getting all over the ground.

DIY Gradient Planter (Click Through for Tutorial) _If sealing up the drainage hole, remember to add a few rocks to the bottom of the planter to keep the plants roots from staying too wet after watering. Once your plants are in, you can add a few decorative rocks to hide the soil, and then place them near a bright window. These planters will even work outside!

DIY Gradient Planter (Click Through for Tutorial) _ DIY Gradient Planter (Click Through for Tutorial) _ DIY Gradient Planter (Click Through for Tutorial) _I love the subtle gradient of color in these planters! And after making these two, I have a feeling I will be adding new ones to every room of my house. So, what colors will you choose for your planter? xo. Kara

Credits // Author and Photography: Kara Whitten.




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