Make Your Own Guest Room Mini Bar

Make-Your-Own-Guest-Room-Mini-Bar-Click-Through-for-Tutorial-1-7I, Kara, absolutely love having guests come to visit, and what better way to make them feel welcome than to make your own guest room mini bar for them to use during their stay? With everything from dry shampoo and makeup removing wipes to a notebook and pencil, and even a few cans of sparkling rosé, your guests are sure to feel the love so much so that they may never want to go home!Make-Your-Own-Guest-Room-Mini-Bar-Click-Through-for-Tutorial-1-7Make-Your-Own-Guest-Room-Mini-Bar-Click-Through-for-Tutorial-1-7Supplies:
metal tool box
-white spray primer
-spray paint in color of your choice
-painter’s tape
-snacks, beauty products, magazines, etc… to fill the mini barMake-Your-Own-Guest-Room-Mini-Bar-Click-Through-for-Tutorial-1-7Step One: Tape off the metal hardware on the tool box to keep it from being painted.

Step Two: Spray paint the tool box with the white primer and let dry for a few hours.

Step Three: Spray paint the tool box with the color of your choice. I painted only the exterior of the box to keep the inside safe for food items.

Step Four: Once the paint has dried for a few hours or overnight, remove the tape and fill with all your guest room provisions. Here are a few of the items I included in mine: dry shampoo, makeup removing wipes, pink Himalayan bath salts, magazines, notebook and pencil, nonperishable snacks, canned sparkling rosé, and bottles of fancy lemonade and water.Make-Your-Own-Guest-Room-Mini-Bar-Click-Through-for-Tutorial-1-7Make-Your-Own-Guest-Room-Mini-Bar-Click-Through-for-Tutorial-1-7Now that was simple, wasn’t it? Who knew a little bit of spray paint could transform a tool box into such a cute mini bar?! I haven’t had the chance to break this out for a guest yet, but I am excited to share it with the next guest who comes to stay the night! I know I would love to have this when I go to visit my friends and family, so I am sure they will love it! xo. Kara

Credits // Author and Photography: Kara Whitten. Photos edited with the NEW A Beautiful Mess Presets for Lightroom.

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