Make Your Own Heart Sweater

Heart Sweater 1Hi friends! Today we want to share a super quick and simple method for sewing your very own heart sweater! We've seen this trend all over this year and love the simple statement that a big heart can make! Enjoy…
Heart top steps1. Make a heart pattern with paper and place it on the sweater to make sure you love the size and shape. 2. Once you've created the perfect pattern, use it to cut a heart out of your fabric. We used polyester fabric because it has some stretch and won't fray. 3. Simply pin it in place and sew it on using the zigzag stitch. 4. Wear your new sweater proudly. You did it!! 
Heart Sweater 2


Heart Sweater 3

Have fun stitching up something cute! XO. kinsey + elsie 

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