Make Your Own High Low Skirt

Project restyleMake your own high low skirtWe love the high low skirt trend. The breezy hemline makes this trend perfect for these hot summer months. You can see Elsie sporting this style here. We thought it would be fun to create our own high low skirt from an existing (thrifted) skirt; making this a project restyle. Here's what we did:High-low skirt diy1. Supplies: skirt, knee length or longer, scissors, sewing machine. 2. Begin by cutting a U shape into the front of the skirt. Make sure you've marked off the highest length you want to cut plus an inch for the hem. We had a two layer skirt, so we first cut the inside layer, and repeated the process with the second layer. We definitely suggest cutting away small portions at a time and trying it on between each cut, to make sure it's not too short and that the U shape is wide enough. In the end, our U shape cut out was from one side hem to the other. 3. Once you have the desired length and shape, sew the hems and you're finished!Diy high low skirtMy skirt was knee-length to begin with, but you could also use this technique on a maxi skirt. This would create a much longer final hemline. Have fun changing up your wardrobe for this season! xo. Emma+Kinsey

  • Your skirt is adorable, and it looks great on you! I’ll definitely try this on some of my skirts. Thanks for the instructions!
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  • Your shoes are so pretty, where did you buy them?? – Please respond to this 🙂

  • Just used this tutorial on a long maxi skirt and it turned out great! Can’t wait to blog about it 🙂

  • Great idea and lovely outfit!

  • This is really and great!
    Seems so simple to follow. Thank you for this!

  • This skirt turned out so red hot, yet so classy at the same time! Love it.

  • awesome,,, i am gonna try this ,, superb


  • I love your skirt and your smile!

    Bye, m.c. modadicoppia

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  • Fun love it! Did this to a dress I made from a bed sheet last month. So in love.

  • Love your “new” skirt!
    I do not have one to try this, may be i could get one in a flee market ¿?

  • Love it! Will definitely be trying this.

  • Love, love your DIY skirt project! So glad I found your blog today – definitely following you now!

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  • Pretty! I love the idea of doing it with a maxi skirt, that would be amazing. xx

    Rose Eva

  • Great tip you guys!!! Have to try it with my skirts!

  • Lovely Idea 🙂


    The Bootlace

  • lovely your asymetrical skirt!


  • Lovely, lovely DIY. I love the high low skirt trend. I’ve heard a few different names for it like the roller coaster hem skirt and a mullet skirt. Haha, high low skirt is definitely my favourite name though. You girls are doing such a great job on this blog, as always. x

  • That skirt is soooo pretty! In love right now 😀 I’m gonna try it 🙂

  • Quite simple actually, love it!

  • Oh so that’s the actual name for them! I call them mullet dresses or skirts…

  • Ohh lovely! So, soo cute! I love your posts, so inspiring 🙂
    Keep up the good work!


  • So adorable! Emma, you are so pretty!

  • this is a great idea, i love Emma style always, you guys have the most amazing clothe

  • This is so cool! I love it <3

    Xoxo Sarah

  • Lucky for me, my baby bump is making all my dresses ‘high low’! Good thing it’s in style this season, I haven’t had to buy any maternity skirts/dresses 🙂

  • This is awesome! I love all the DIY’s you do. And Emma you always look so beautiful, you both do.

  • I love this idea! Thanks for sharing! I have many knee-length skirts amd have never thought about that. I’ll try for sure.

  • I know you hear this all the time but you girls are really, very clever and inspiring. We have a label here in Australia that I think you would both adore. It’s called Gorman- beautiful vintage shapes and lots of colour- if you get the chance, I think you’d love the website…

  • What a smart idea! I love the high-low trend as well, so I can’t wait to try this. I just got back from the desert and did a little outfit photo diary – take a look!

  • Cute! Something I’ve been considering doing for a while. Your skirt turned out fantastic, so I’ll definitely have to try it on mine now! 🙂
    xo Heather

  • WICKED! I love this trend too, so I’m looking forward to hacking up some cute skirts soon. 😀


  • My “high-low” skirts are actually maternity skirts that still fit. Heh.

  • o goodness this is too cute and the hi-lo trend may just be one of my favorites EVER!


  • emma, you had mentioned in a previous post about being self conscious of your legs. but I am here to tell you that you have awesome legs!

  • way cute! ive been calling this the mullet skirt: short in the front and long in the back…my sister wants this kind of silhouette for her wedding dress and cringes every time i call it a mullet

  • Must go thrifting for a skirt! This is too cute and seems easy enough for a noob to do ;D

  • what a great idea. I’m not 100% sure that I can pull off this trend, so thrifting one and making my own will be a great and inexpensive way to try it out. 🙂


  • Thanks for this tutorial!! I think I will try it on more than one of those skirts I don’t wear anymore…

  • OOOh this skirt is so pretty! Thanks for this top, I’ll try for sure!

  • I wore a high-low skirted dress for prom and I got to show off my legs but still achieve the “maxi” look to elongate my frame 😀 Awesome choice of post topic!


  • WOW! This skirt is so pretty. You guys surprise me everyday 🙂

  • LOVE! I have been just hiking up my longer skirts in the front to attempt this look, which is pretty lame compared to how cute this came out! So cute!

  • i’m wholeheartedly in love with this trend. I’ll have to try this DIY idea!

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  • I was thinking about doing this a couple days ago! Thanks for the tips! I will try this out today!!


  • I will try it!
    thanks for sharing
    xoxo Luisella

  • Super cute! I would love to try this out on a maxi skirt… High low hem is really cute on long skirts when you’re wearing boots. Love!

  • I love this!! I definitely need to try this.. Check out my Peter Pan collar DIY.

  • I don’t have good sewing skills but I need to try it! I think its very useful cuz you both don’t worry about wind in such skirt and show beautiful legs 😉

  • This is so cute! I’m really no sewer, but might give it a try anyway! x

    Kate {Modette}

  • I must say Emma is looking super hot lately! Dannnnng girl!!
    Love the skirt! It’s so simple, this is one diy I think I can actually do 🙂

  • I’ve been wanting to do a long maxi like this thanks for the tips.

  • Hi Guys!

    I would love to run a shot of yours in Today’s Parent magazine and give you a blog mention!…Please check your in-boxes …may have went into junk by mistake :S!!

  • I love this trend, I might do this to every skirt and dress I own now… Thanks!

  • i just did this tooo and i was going to post the pictures tomorrow on my blog. love how yours turned out!!

  • ooh thanks for the instructions! I think i’ll try it!

  • Your skirt is adorable, and it looks great on you! I’ll definitely try this on some of my skirts. Thanks for the instructions!

  • You’re so adorable in this it makes me want one!
    Catherine Denton

  • Oh my goodness I love the finished product here. I haven’t come across any shorter hi-lo skirts so i’m pretty over moon with this tutorial! Yay! Thanks a million for sharing!

  • great tutorial!
    i love the high-low skirt trend and will try this out as soon as possible!
    thanks for sharing 🙂
    xo, cheyenne

  • This a such a brilliant idea! I’m totally doing this to some of my skirts that need a new look!. Thank you ladies!

  • Oh man this turned out fantastic! I’m loving this trend too, and it’d be great if I could turn some of my skirts into a high-low. Thanks!

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