Make Your Own Holiday Card

Homemade Holiday Card! (click through for DIY details!)Each year we create a holiday card to send to our business friends. This year I thought a house shaped card would be fun (in honor of our new studio house). Today we're excited to team up with Canon USA and their Crafting Corner to share a fun method for creating a personalized holiday card in the likeness of your home!1
Step 1: Print the house template and two 5×7 inch photos from your year. We created a collage of small memories for the second image. We printed ours on the PIXMA MG7120 on Canon's 8.5×11 semi-gloss photo paper and just cut it down to size as necessary.

Download house template here. (right-click/control + click, then select save link as…, and be sure to print at 100% scale)
2Step 2: Cut out the template and use it to create a cover piece from scrapbook paper and to trim the photos to a house shape.3Step 3: Decorate the front of your card using pieces of scrapbook paper and rubber stamps! Add your own personal greeting. 

To create a paper resemblance of your home, take a cell phone photo and use only the most definable features (doors, windows, roof, pillar) in matching colored papers. It's really fun!4Step 4: Cut 2-4 photos into the house shape and make sure they line up correctly.  

5Step 5: Make a crease on cards about a half inch from the bottom. Add this crease to all of the pages except the last one to make it easier to flip through.6Step 6: Secure the bottom of the card with staples or sewing machine stitches. 

7That's it! Now you have a totally custom holiday card! 

To create these in a larger quantity I recommend doing them in stages. Stage 1- make all the house fronts, Stage 2- print and cut all the photos, Stage 3- Assemble and address!8Use 5×7-inch envelopes to send your cards! 

Holiday Card via abeautifulmess.comHoliday Card via
What about you? Have you already planned your holiday cards? xo. Elsie 

Credits // Author and Photography: Elsie Larson, Project Assistant: Laura Gummerman.

  • These are great. Very creative and unique in a way. I invite everyone to see my Glittery Holiday Crafts:

  • I’d like to print a picture for every day of December as an Advent Calendar present for my boyfriend. I’d also really like to be able to print pictures from me and my Grandpa’s trip to Scotland this summer and give them to him in a photo album.

  • Love the idea. Will be incorporating the internal collage idea in mine.

  • This is absolutely the sweetest little homemade card. It shouts “homemade!” but in an unashamed way. I think the staples look fine. I wouldn’t futz with a sewing machine unless you wanted to spend weeks instead of days putting these together!

  • Somehow I missed this post…but its homey in all the write ways. That was not terribly punny in silledelphia.

  • This is a fun idea and would be easily replicated into an infinite number of different shapes. How lovely.

  • so cute! we made similar house cards for our housewarming invitations! The front flap was a “blanket” that revealed our home all warm underneath. happy holidays ladies! xo

  • This would be so great to receive through the post – it would make anyone’s day to think that someone had taken such trouble. I love it!

  • Another option for attaching them might be a paper fastener in one corner. That way the pictures can fan out, and you wouldn’t loose as much in the seam.
    Just a thought. These cards are really cute.

  • absolutely adorable ladies adorable!
    psst…i am no good with a sewing machine!
    i would be using glue, mod podge, or some serious double sided sticky

  • what a unique card!! I love the idea of a house, it could possibly be even cute with adding, like fake snow to the roof, or a christmas tree. 🙂

    SO cute!

  • Such a fun idea for a holiday card! I have mine ready as I try to prepare holiday stuff (that needs to be sent out) before December (as I wanna enjoy Christmas and not go crazy with all the end of the year fuss). Making my own holiday cards is one of my favorite little holiday traditions. xx

  • This is so neat! I love making personalized cards but adding photos in the shape of the card is not something I had thought about. Hopefully someday I’ll have an actual house to do this with – maybe this year I’ll try making it in the shape of our cat. haha 🙂

  • Haven’t made mine yet but might have to use these designs!

  • A little wreath or garland on the door of the house would make the card more festive!

  • Hi !!!
    I love your blog and this holiday card is just so cool !

    Keep Calm n DIY

  • Oh, my! This card is the cutest! What a fantastic idea -really, really!!! Love it! 🙂

  • This is ADORABLE! I am now very tempted to make my own cards this year 🙂

  • Great idea! I haven’t planned my holiday cards yet but this is a great idea. I love the photos inside. 🙂

  • I agree with Gracie about the pictures. The internal collage is definitely my favorite part. I’d love to receive homemade Christmas cards!

  • Thanks for the idea 🙂
    I like the fact that it’s all attached together like a book 🙂

  • I love making my own holiday gift cards, it makes everything so much more personal 🙂

  • this is such a great idea!!! i usually toss most christmas cards we receive but i think this might be one i would keep around. thanks!

  • This is such a fun idea! I’d like to do this with Christmas stockings!

    The Rambling Fangirl

  • An amazing giveaway this week on the blog. The new book Whispers of Hope by the Christian author Beth Moore.Check it out!!

  • wow. this is so cool! i love the ideas! 🙂

  • HI.. I’d like to apologize for not reading your post all the way! You did mention sewing machine..

    really embarrassed now.. :/

    Still love it!

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE THE IDEA!! Super cute!

    However, don’t you feel the staples look a little out of place? I feel like they don’t add to the “handmade” craft of the card. Maybe walking it through the sewing machine would be better?

    Just a thought 🙂

    Otherwise.. love!

  • This is such a great idea, and yours looks absolutely amazing! x

  • That’s a nice personal way to to send a card. Love Love

  • i love the house template! even just to print out a few pictures with the template to hang around the house! thanks!

  • These are so cute! I haven’t decided what I’m going to do for cards yet. My goal is to have a plan by Thanksgiving. 🙂

  • We love DIY’s with paper, we make srap and this idea is perfect for Christmas!

  • These are absolutely adorable. I hate buying cards. I always think, “I can totally make these.” Thanks for the inspiration.

  • How sweet! What lovely pictures! It’s always fun to receive creative holiday cards! This is darling. 🙂

  • Your cards are so cute! I always make some every year too, featuring a picture of my cat Eddie. People sure seem to enjoy receiving a handmade card.

  • This is so cool! It’s just so adorable. I can’t wait to make this at home!!!

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