Make Your Own House Stamp

DIY House Stamp via A Beautiful MessI love making my own prints, especially with stamps! Lately, my home decor ideas have been taking over all my journals so I decided to make a special book just for home dreams. If you want to make house stamps just like mine, download this template- (HOUSE STAMP TEMPLATE)

DIY House Stamp Steps1. Supplies Needed:Speedball Stamp Making Kit, pen, acrylic paint, small paintbrush, wood block, wood glue and a surface to stamp (I chose a plain white journal from Michael's). 2. Trace your wood block (this is what you will be mounting your stamps on) so that you make sure your stamps are smaller than the wooden surface they'll adhere to. 3-4. Draw a design on your carving block and carve it. Your kit will come with different sized carving blades. I always start with the small blade, carving the fine details. Next, use the larger blade to remove any excess area (like I did around the house) use scissors to cut closely around your design. This will help you get a cleaner impression. 5. Use wood glue to adhere your stamp(s) to your wood block. 6. Brush acrylic paint on your stamp. 7. Press your stamp onto your surface. Be sure to press all four edges to get the best possible image. 8. Allow the paint to dry completely before stamping the back cover. 

Home Dreams Journal SpineI painted a quick label on the spine of my new journal.  

DIY House Stamp JournalI love my new journal! This will be a great way for me to organize our ideas and inspirations in the coming season. After that, I think it will make a sweet keepsake to remember this year with. 

Do you want a peek inside? 

Home Decor JournalHome Decor JournalHome Decor JournalHome Decor JournalHere's a look inside my journal. Just wait a couple week and it will be packed full! My mind is exploding with ideas. Have fun stamping! xo. elsie 

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