Make your own iPhone Case

Iphone cases1Iphone cases2It's no secret that we adore taking lots of pictures with our iPhones. We adore getting new cases; they are the perfect little (functional) accessory. We decided it was high time we created some of our own—especially since we just couldn't pass up these clear cases we found on Ebay for $2 each!Iphone steps1. Supplies: Clear iPhone cases, pretty papers, paint, fabrics, found papers, scissors and paint brushes. 2. If you plan on making your case with papers first create a template that fits your case; including the where the camera goes so you don't cover it. 3. Use your template to cut out a pretty paper, lay this inside your clear case before popping your phone in. 4. Use your template to cut out a cute fabric, lay this inside your clear case before popping your phone in. 5. Use paint chips to create a collage for your case. 6. Paint the inside of your case—you can leave some areas blank so your phone shows through. 7. Create a geometric design out of found papers; such as magazines or pictures. 8. Have fun customizing your case to your style—or gift one to a friend!Iphone cases3What we love about filling the inside of the case with a pretty paper or fabric is you can change out your design as often as you like. You could match your iPhone case to your mood. Or outfit. Or your mister's outfit. What? You think that might be just a little over-the-top. Well… maybe you're right. xo. emma and elsie

  • This is a great idea =) i laos wanted to do a case on my own with personal pictures =)

    go and visit also my diy blog, i would be pleased =)

  • This is such a cute idea! This will definitely be a project once I get my iPhone. 🙂

  • awesome Elsie, I am hoping to meet you some time in the future you see I’m Jeramey’s 2nd cousin.

  • Hi to all, how is the whole thing, I think every one is getting more from this web page.

  • This is a fantastic idea, just might give it a go!

  • Are these hard or rubber cases? (Or does it matter?) Thanks Elsie!!

  • They do look great but paper ones are going to be really tough to maintain.

    There are now the plastic “hardcases” available that you can customise using your own images.

    They have an etsy store with some artist designs too. (coming soon)


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  • Very nice case! Any good design for our iphone case and cover online shop?

  • Very nice cases! Any good design for our case and cover online shop?

  • These are so sweet and the polka dots are just my taste!
    ♡ Lexi
    FASHION:  Glitter Pearls
    WEDDINGS:  Glitter Weddings 

  • so clever! you can even print out your own custom design and throw it in there as well. love it!

  • Oh yea! What a great idea. I’ve just got an i-phone and am looking for a case but can’t find one I like as I’d ideally like something unique and with this idea I can create my own now. I’m off to ebay to look for clear plastic cases…


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  • What a great idea! I’ll be getting the newest iphone this summer and will have to tackle this project.

  • I just posted some cute iPhone cases yesterday, but I might save the $50 and make one of these instead! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  • I really like the lace design. I wonder how hard it would be to cut your own clear case out of acrylic.

  • I don’t have an iPhone either, nor will I, but if I can get a clear case for my phone I’m going to try this for sure!

  • Such a creative idea! Awesome.

  • This is Really Decorative and beautiful attract with any user to use really good idea.


  • Such a fun idea! I am searching for a new case for my iphone but I guess I will just make my own! Thank you!

  • Be carfeul with the material…maybe is bad for your signal…my neighbor is engineer and said me this =) jajaja

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  • OMG I LOVE THIS. I’ve been looking for a pretty case for my Nexus S phone for ages to no avail but I’ve just found clear ones on ebay! Totally doing this. Only problem is what design do I choose? Thanks Elsie & Emma!

  • such a sweet idea and super cheap! thanks for sharing these.

    X, Annie

  • This is cool. I hope there are clear cases for my phone, because I always wanted to make a self designed case for it.

  • that sounds like a great idea, i might have a go at drawing/painting a camera design on the back of mine!

  • Maddie, we’re leaving tomorrow morning. thanks so much for saying hi!!!! 😀 you have a great area! I love Lux. XOXO. elsie

  • Hi Elsie! I am a huge fan of your blog and I know that you are in Arizona right now! I live in AZ and saw your pic on Instagram with the Dine In sign at Pane Bianco! I love that restaurant and live right by there! How long are you staying in Arizona?

  • i still have a “beater phone” but once i get an iphone i’m SO DOING this!
    i like the burlap best.

  • What a great idea! Love it!

    xo Bea

  • Love this, have been doing it all along with my case, I keep switching out the paper/fabric… I had a peacock feather in it for a bit! Was lovely 🙂

    – Margo Isadora

  • Love this, have been doing it all along with my case, I keep switching out the paper/fabric… I had a peacock feather in it for a bit! Was lovely 🙂

    – Margo Isadora

  • Well I could do it but none of my friends or me have iPhone. We are the kids with the old-with-buttons-cellphones! 😀

  • These are adorable thank you for sharing! I can’t wait to try it.

    Amanda Rose

  • I posted something like this on project restyle awhile back! I used my favorite vintage fabric and you won’t believe the compliments I get on mine!

  • So awesome! I was actually just browsing iphone cases earlier today… These are perfect!
    xo Heather

  • Decorative cases are crazy expensive! I did the same for my iPod Touch but with printed paper. Love it. It’s true that paper won’t last long. Gotta try out the fabric notion.

  • These are awesome guys, but first things first….gotta get an iPhone. 🙂


  • Great idea! Making this over the weekend…thanks for sharing!<3

  • I’m glad to see someone else had the same idea – it’s so simple and fun! I posted an iPhone case DIY last summer:

  • Oh, this is so cool! You can update your case whenever you want, however you want.

  • ooh my students will love this i may just order some and do this with them in homeroom!

  • Yep you girls are both geniuses! This is my FAVORITE DIY of yours to date! I love love love this. So simple too..keep up the awesome ideas ladies!!

  • I don’t have and don’t wanna have an iphone, but this is cases look really cute, so if I have one.. I’ll definetely buy such a clear case and put some nice paper in it. Pinky swear!

  • Cute idea! I’ve never thought about decorating clear ones… My phone may be getting a makeover soon (although I don’t have n iPhone)!

  • This is so cool and easy. Thank you for posting. I have a Samsung phone and one bummer about it is that there is such a limited selection of cases. Now I can’t wait to commit to a clear case and customize it myself!

    Faith Wall

  • YES THIS IS SUCH A GOOD IDEA! i love how you can update it whenever! Thanks for a fabulous idea, Elsie!

  • I like this idea a lot. My phone has a curve at the bottom so idk if it would work the same but i can still try it :]

    • This is amazing and fun to do with friends and family and enjoy it

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