Make Your Own Jersey Scarf

Jersey scarf1Jersey scarf2A nice, light weight jersey scarf is an absolute spring essential! We are completely in love with geometric shapes and golden tones currently, so we decided to create a causal scarf with these accents. Here's how you can make your own too:Jersey scarf DIY 1. Supplies: Jersey knit fabric, scissors, fabric paint, cardboard, hot glue gun and wine corks. 2 First, cut the fabric for your scarf. This pattern requires 3 yards length of fabric, so we bought 1 1/2 yards and sewed the two strips together. 3. Next, create your stamps by cutting out cardboard shapes and gluing it to the top of the wine cork. 4. Then, decorate! To make sure your design clusters are in the perfect spot, first put the scarf on how you're planning to wear it and make a small pen mark on where you think would look best to add a design. Continue this process until your scarf is complete!Jersey scarf3You could easily customize this project with any colors or designs that you prefer. Have fun making your own accessories this spring! xo. emma and elsie

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