Make Your Own Leather Headband

Braided headband1We have a huge crush on braided accessories this season! This next project can be made with scrap leather (or vinyl or faux leather). It's a great way to upcycle older pieces from your closet that you don't think you'll wear next winter!

Braided leather headband DIY1. Supplies: Plastic headband, leather, scissors, hot glue. 2. Cut three long, thin strips of leather. They should measure approximately 24 inches by 1/2 an inch. 3. Then, begin braiding it! You can use a clothespin to hold the end of your braid together. 4. Hot glue the braided leather to the headband and trim off any excess leather and glue down the ends. Once it's dry wear it around for a little while to make sure there are no loose spots from the glue. Re-glue any loose areas. Enjoy! 

Braided headband2Braided headband2Ta-Da! Now you can proudly wear your handmade headband! Hope your day is wonderful! elsie + emma

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  • Emma, you look so pretty : )


  • We actually make and sell these in our etsy shop: Deliciously Sew! They are such a fun accessory + the color choices are pretty limitless!

    xo, Meghan

  • This is so cute! I love braided accessories! You are awesome Elsie! I am so doing this soon!

  • As usual, visit this blog is a pleasure
    thank you for so much inspiration!

  • I have no idea how you girls have so much imagination you come up with something so different and original all the time but this is great! 🙂

  • Love the colours of the braided leather, gorgeous.


  • What a great idea! Maybe, one could use some lace or something similar as third part for the braiding.. Really want to try!

  • My niece is going to go crazy if I can manage to make one of those!

  • lovely! nice and simple!

  • Super idea! Great way to up/ recycle as you say.

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  • Cog’s are a turnin ladie’s! I can see a strand of turquoise wove in…hmmm. 🙂

  • SUCH a great idea! It’s always more fun to wear the stuff you make isn’t it? 🙂

  • This is very cute. Thanks for the tutorial. I have a glittery headband that I love.

  • This is great! I just recently took apart an old braided leather belt cut the pieces to the right length, re-braided it, sewed on some elastic and voila, a new headband! Right now it’s brown on one side and Navy blue on the other, but I’ve been thinking about painting it either metallic gold or silver…or maybe both! 🙂

  • Can you two suggest any oine places to order gold leather?!

  • Oh boy, your projects just keep getting cuter and cuter! LOVE this one!

  • Great idea! you guys are a real inspiration!

  • I can’t believe all the great ideas you guys come up with EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!


  • Rachel, yep our sister-in-law, Sarah, does emma’s hair. we definitely recommend going to a stylist for this. It’s called ombre.

  • This is one of your greatest ideas ever!!!! I’ll definitely do that!!! Thanx!!

  • This looks so easy! And adorable 🙂 I forget how easy it is to make headbands…all you really need is a hot glue gun and materials! Wee! Weekend project, here I come!

  • I’m in love with Emma’s hair. Does your sister in law do it? I want to get mine done like that. Any tips on what to ask for?

  • Very cute! I’ve been loving all the braided accessories that are around this season as well. These colours look gorgeous against Emma’s hair.

  • Super cute idea. I will have to try this!

  • When I was 10, my dad gave me an old leather stamping kit. I was lame and got rid of it when I was 15 and ‘too cool for school”. Now I kick myself because I could stamp the leather and then make a headband.

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