Make Your Own Leather Headband

Braided headband1We have a huge crush on braided accessories this season! This next project can be made with scrap leather (or vinyl or faux leather). It's a great way to upcycle older pieces from your closet that you don't think you'll wear next winter!

Braided leather headband DIY1. Supplies: Plastic headband, leather, scissors, hot glue. 2. Cut three long, thin strips of leather. They should measure approximately 24 inches by 1/2 an inch. 3. Then, begin braiding it! You can use a clothespin to hold the end of your braid together. 4. Hot glue the braided leather to the headband and trim off any excess leather and glue down the ends. Once it's dry wear it around for a little while to make sure there are no loose spots from the glue. Re-glue any loose areas. Enjoy! 

Braided headband2Braided headband2Ta-Da! Now you can proudly wear your handmade headband! Hope your day is wonderful! elsie + emma

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