Make Your Own Rainbow Disco Ball!

Make your own rainbow disco ball

Until I, Kara, bought my first disco ball, I never realized how much sheer joy they can bring to a room. That cascade of bright dancing lights when the sun hits is pure magic. So much so, that now I am now under the impression that everyone is in need of a disco ball in their home! Sure, you can have a plain silver disco ball (I have two!), but with a little time and DIY prowess you can turn that plain disco ball into a rainbow one that actually reflects colorful balls of light. And look how pretty it is in all its rainbow glory.

Make your own rainbow disco ballI will admit that transforming this 16″ disco ball took quite a bit of time (about 15 hours!), but I think it was totally worth it! However, if you don’t have that amount of time to commit to this project, simply start with a smaller ball for a much quicker project time.

Make your own rainbow disco ballSupplies:
disco ball (size of your choice)
-metallic foil adhesive vinyl (I used this multi pack, gold, and purple for the rainbow of colors)
-X-acto knife

Make your own rainbow disco ballStep One: Begin by cutting 3/8″ strips of vinyl. You can use a rotary cutter and ruler or just freehand it using the grid on the back of the vinyl as a guide.

Make your own rainbow disco ballStep Two: Remove one of the vinyl pieces from the backing and cut into squares. Then simply stick the vinyl square over the silver mirror.

Make your own rainbow disco ballStep Three: Repeat, repeat, repeat! For my large 16″ disco ball, I used one full sheet of each color plus about half of a second sheet for the orange and gold bands. Once you have added all the vinyl, your disco ball is done and ready to shine a rainbow all over your home.

Make your own rainbow disco ballNow for a few helpful hints when undertaking this project. For the middle bands, you can actually just add the intact strips over the mirrors and then come back with an X-acto knife to cut the squares. This makes the process so much quicker, but only really works for the two middle colors as those are less curved and will allow the vinyl to sit flush on the mirrors without bubbling up. And second, if you are looking to cut down on time even more and have access to a vinyl cutter, you can have your vinyl cutter cut out the square shapes and then just add them to the ball like stickers.

Make your own rainbow disco ball

Make your own rainbow disco ballI’m sure by this point you all may think I am crazy to undertake a project of this time commitment for a disco ball, but seeing that rainbow of light across my wall totally made it worth it! Plus, how awesome would it look next to a rainbow confetti tumbler??! xo. Kara

Credits // Author and Photography: Kara Whitten. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

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