Try This: Make Your Own Rug In Any Shape!

Make your own rug in ANY shape! www.abeautifulmess.comAny shape, you say? Yep, don't be scared… make your own rug in any shape! To be fair, it's an altered rug, not a homemade rug, and this is less a DIY tutorial and more just an added oomph to give it a try. 😉 The awesome thing about this project is that you can use nearly any rug with a solid backing: an old piece of carpet or remnant, a bath mat (that's what we used, actually!) or any 'ole cheap rug you find. All you need to complete this project is a rug, a pair of scissors or X-Acto knife and 30 minutes! Ready? Here's what we did:Make your own rug in ANY shape! 1Step 1: Turn your rug over and trace your shape on to the rug with a marker. We chose a dachshund for obvious reasons! Choose your favorite animal or imagery to create your own special custom mat. Just keep the shape as simple as you can.Make your own rug in ANY shape! 2Step 2: Use scissors to cut along your line until your shape is completely cut out. Bath mats are pretty great because they are easy enough to cut with scissors. For a carpet remnant you'll need an X-Acto or box cutting knife and some cardboard to shield the surface beneath your mat as you cut.Make your own rug in ANY shape! 3Step 3: Trim any stray pieces and enjoy!!! 

Make your own rug in ANY shape! 4Here's my new rug hanging out in my kitchen! 🙂 What shape would you choose? I think a big red heart would be my next pick! xo. Elsie

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