Make Your Own Silk Flower Brooches

Flower pin 2Flower pinSometimes you just need a little something extra to spice up your outfit. Here's a simple tutorial for creating your own silk flower brooch. These are so cute and would make a fun little gift too (to soon to be thinking about mother's day yet?).Silk flower broach DIYSupplies: fabric, brooch pin, felt, scissors, needle and thread. 2. Cut a long strip of fabric. Ours was 43 inches long. We used a patterned scissor to add some pretty detail! 3. When cutting your strip, you'll want the width of one end to be double the width of the other end. Ours was 2 inches wide on one end and 4 inches on the other. 4. After you've cut the strip, curve both ends, making the finished product look less messy. 5. Then, beginning with the smaller end, start wrapping it like a cone by pinching one side together tightly and letting the other side loosely form the "petals." 6-7. Continue step five, stitching each wrap along the way. Once you're about 5 inches from the end, begin wrapping and sewing it create a flat base. 8. This step is really important! Stitch all the way through the base and front of the flower a couple of times, securing it from unraveling. 9. Stitch on a circle of felt, covering up all of the stitching on the base. 10. Last, stitch on the brooch pin, and it's ready to wear!Flower pin3We created a single, over sized flower; but you could slightly alter the above measurements to create any size you like. You could even create multiple sized flowers and stitch them all onto a pin, headband or necklace for a bouquet type lookโ€”get creative and have fun with these! xo. emma and elsie

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