Make Your Own Solid Perfume

Gift Idea- Homemade Solid Perfume (click through for tutorial)Hey, guys! It’s Katie here. I don’t know if you’re like me, but I’m always searching for simple ways to give handmade gifts around the holidays. Since there are so many people on my list, I try to make the most of my time and supplies. Obviously, that isn’t always easy since most of us tend to be pretty busy around this time of year, but I’m happy to report that solid perfume is a GREAT option to do just that! 

Make your own solid perfume- suppliesSupplies:
Sweet Almond Oil (or another carrier oil such as jojoba, olive, grapeseed, etc)
-Fragrance oils of your choice (I used Sandalwood, Vanilla, Lavender, and Rose Hip)
Containers to hold your perfume (lockets, Altoids tins, etc. are great options as well)

Step 1Step One: Since this is such an incredibly easy DIY, you can make several batches with different scents for different people if you’d like. The first thing you will want to do is decide how much solid perfume you want to make. Here’s your rule of thumb: equal parts beeswax and carrier oil. My first batch was 2 tbsp of beeswax and 2 tbsp of almond oil. If you find your beeswax/oil mixture to be too thick once you are melting down, you can always add a little more oil as you go.

Solid perfume containersStep Two: Before we take our beeswax/oil mixture to the stove to melt it down, experiment with your scent oils by pouring them into a separate bowl. It’s important to concoct a scent you are happy with BEFORE you add it to the wax. I use about 15-20 drops of oils per 1 tbsp. You can add more or less depending on how strong you’d like your perfume to be. 

This is also a good time to open up your containers and lay them on a surface ready for pouring. You don’t want to be trying to do this while you have a bowl of hot liquid in your hands! That’s a recipe for disaster… not that I know this from my own experience… okay, so I’m lying.

Double boil beeswax to make your own solid perfumeStep Three: Use a double boiler to heat your beeswax and oil on the stove. I read somewhere that you shouldn’t melt down beeswax in a microwave, so if you don’t have a double boiler, you can fill a pot with water and place a heat safe bowl or a smaller pot in the boiling water to melt the beeswax. As you can see, it is VERY fancy.  😉

Be sure to heat your beeswax on low/medium heat and stir as it melts down. Add your fragrance oil into the melted mixture once the beeswax is completely melted.

Pour solid perfume into containersStep Four: Once your beeswax is melted down, pour it into your containers. Mine started to harden before I got the bowl cleaned out, so I just popped it back on the stove and made it all melty again. Let the wax harden for a few hours, and you’re all done!

Make Your Own Solid Perfume (click through for tutorial)Love this gift idea- Make Your Own Solid PerfumeMake Your Own Solid PerfumeThis is a quick and fun way to give handmade this holiday season! Experiment with different scents and customize your perfume for the people you love! xo. Katie

Credits // Author and Photography: Katie Shelton. Photos edited A Beautiful Mess Actions.

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