Make Your Own Stationery Set

Stationery 1I don't know about you, but I'm forever looking for cute stationery! I love giving handmade cards with all my gifts. Here's a quick and simple craft project for creating your own stationery! The best part is, you can create a whole year's supply in one day while using up scraps. Enjoy….

Stationery 2You'll need: A plain white card set, a colored envelope set, coffee and scrap fabric. First, brew a pot of coffee (or black tea) and soak your cards in it. Then let them sit out to dry completely. The coffee will give your note cards a pretty aged look! 

Stationery 3Next, just cut out rectangles of pretty fabric and stitch them into your card with your home sewing machine. If you don't own a sewing machine you can use a few hand stitches with a needle and embroidery thread!  

Stationery 4Stationery 5One last tip- If you enjoy this project, make a second set as a gift for a friend! We packaged them in this super cute wooden basket (from Hobby Lobby) with some pretty stripe fabric! These make a perfect house warming gift!

Have a great day! xoxo. elsie 

  • I am in the process of making some today for my 14th birthday party and so far the have turned out great!I can not wait till the cards dry! I’m going to hot glue on some ribbons to the top left corner of the fabric.

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  • How long would you suggest soaking them in the coffee for?

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  • very sweet and similar to some cards I’ve been making lately with scraps of Liberty print Tana Lawn fabric. Does the soaking in tea/coffee not make the edges go a bit curly though??

  • Hi Elsie. I just love love love your blog. Seriously. Everything you post is beautiful. These are so sweet and a great idea. I featured them on my blog today. Come check it out and grab a button if you want. Have a super weekend!

  • Elsie, you have so many wonderful ideas.. I love this one!
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • Wow! I’d have never thought of putting the paper in coffee, but it looks great! Beautiful cards, thanks for sharing the project and idea, I found you today from Pinterest.
    I’d love for you to come share your ideas at my *Get Creative* party
    Hope to see you there!

  • so cute! love this idea… having some friends over on sat for a DIY get together, this may have to be my choice!!


  • I love this project. Such a great way to use those scraps your not ready to part with. Thanks

  • I have a hard time throwing out any little scrap of good fabric. This is a perfect project for those little scrappies. Thanks for the tip.

  • I’ve done this with photos, but I never thought about doing it with fabric! They are so cute and could be used for any occasion. Gonna make these some day.

  • Great idea!! Its fabulous how clean cut these cards look. What a wonderful D.I.Y gift for your friends!


  • I’ve been looking for a project that could use my small scraps of fabric – this is perfect!

    xo. -brittany

  • i really really love this, my favorite of your DIYs so far!!!

    <3 William and Penny Blog

  • Yes!! I’ve been wanting to write more letters lately. This is such a cute idea! Love.

  • thanks for sharing! you can’t go wrong with fabric sewn on paper…and fun fabric at that! 🙂

  • I am forever looking for stationery that’s not cheesy, and that I like…I think it’s high time I took your advice and made my own! Thanks for the great tutorial 🙂

  • Love this idea! I’ll be making a few this weekend. 🙂

  • I’m stealing this one!! Love it. The designs you made are adorable, too.

  • I make these! Though I usually use fabric glue. Stitching seems to make it look cooler though.

  • Beautiful. And its a lovely idea to give it as a gift. Thanks for sharing 🙂 xx

  • Great idea! These would be wonderful to include as a bonus in packaging for all those Etsy sellers or general small businesses out there!


  • hooooooooo, I just LOVE these!!! Can’t wait to make some!! Thank you for the awesome inspiration!

  • I’m a bit intimidated by sewing machines (I had a few nightmare experiences in secondary school) but even I could manage this!Rx

  • Hi. I really like this idea! I think I’ll go even more lo-fi and use my thicker sketch-book paper to make my own cards as well 🙂

    And, I have to add, that after being on a complete ABM-kick the past few days I finally gathered the courage to wear a bold-colored scarf around my hair today, and it actually looked cute! Always dreamed of that style, just never thought it’d suit me. But you all made me want cute hair deco so bad, I did it! thanks, lovlies 🙂

  • Love this so much! Thank you for another sweet tutorial!
    And speaking of stationery, did you know that American Eagle has stationery by Orla Kiely?!? So amazing.

  • I can actually see myself doing this, I love the idea…need to try and track down down some lovely fabric now!!

    Elsie, I just wondered if you received my email about the Martha Stewart organising magazine. I appreciate you must get loads of emails but it would be great of you had a chance to look it, thank you so much!!

    Esther xx

  • love this! stationary and greetings cards have a huge place in my heart and I am COLLECTING all the time. I need to try this out


  • ah can’t wait to make this for my sisters birthday this weekend! I LOVE the idea about stitching words into the fabric first too!!

  • I love this! I have a ton of left over fabric from projects I’ve done and it’s always nice to be able to use it for something different.

  • always looking for things to do with my old scraps of fabric! thanks!


  • I love kitschy home-made cards and even better when you can send them to just to let someone know you’re thinking of them!

    How long did you soak the paper in the coffee or tea for?


  • This is a great idea! I just bought a bunch of blank cards, too. It’s be super cute to find some fun, simple paper (like stripes) to make liners for the envelopes, too. I always think liners tie the stationary look together marvelously.

  • What a great way of combining fabric and paper! 🙂 It definitely makes the cards look so unique and the coffee / black tea touch is just superb!!! 🙂


  • What a great idea! I have tons of scrap fabric to use up.

    I have new tutorials!

  • what a great idea 🙂 i definitely have some spare fabric lying around to try this 🙂 x

  • Oooh I love this! I’ve always been a fan of paper and fabric combined. As always you rock =)

    – Sarah

  • great idea, i have some old cards that are blank inside but have an undesirable pic on the front. with this idea these cards can be repurposed!

  • love this idea- i’m trying it this weekend! I have so much scrap fabric that has been piling up and waiting patiently to be made into something cute 🙂

  • This is so cute and easy! It never occurred to me to stitch fabric onto paper. These definitely are much easier on your pocketbook too. 🙂

  • I love this! I use Mod Podge to adhere the fabric on my cards. I’m not exactly handy with a needle and thread, so I just stay away completely. 😉

  • These are lovely, and perfect timing as I have been searching for interesting cards to send as I want to get back into writing to friends and family. They would be lovely to receive in the mail, and great for personalising for birthdays etc by sewing words or letters onto the fabric before attaching it to the card.
    A great incentive to get writing!

  • Just a tip – save one machine needle specifically for this type of project, because nothing will blunt them as quick as paper. They look great though!

  • sweet! Now I know what I’m making all my relatives for Christmas this year. Awesome! I have made some cards before with ruffles and they were cute, but I like the simplicity of this even better.
    Sarah M

  • This is really sweet, a great idea! I did something similar with stamps, but I love the coffee staining.

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